The Uninjected — The Niggers of the New Technocratic Order

Macron's "health" passport will apply to hospitals and children aged 12, tests are no longer free

From August the French “health” pass will be required for hospitals. From October on it will also be required for children aged 12 and above. From September PCR testing will no longer be offered for free. Instead, there will be a €49 charge each time. The state is clear that the test no longer being free is precisely to make it more difficult to remain unvaccinated:

From autumn it will cost €49 for all people in France to get a PCR test without a prescription.

President Emmanuel Macron announced the new measure in a televised address last night (July 12).

The government hopes that introducing fees for tests which are not needed for medical reasons will encourage more people in France to get vaccinated.

The “health” pass is not only a requirement for patrons of eg cafes, museums and long-distance trains but also their employees. Employees who do not get vaccinated will have to spend €49 every three days on PCR testing, or their employers are obligated to suspend them without pay or pay heavy fines themselves. After 2 months of suspension, the employee can be fired.

An “interesting” situation indeed. The unvaccinated and their children will be made to jump through time-intensive hoops and spend €49 every time before they enter a hospital. But they will of course continue to be taxed to support these hospitals that they don’t have equal access to.

This is not about shielding hospitals from a respiratory virus. First of all, statistically speaking a visitor is far more likely to catch a virus in a hospital than bring it there, which is why it has historically never been done. Secondly, if tests for COVID, then why not for any number of other contagious diseases? Thirdly, vaccination does not eliminate infections or transmissions, so why not require a PCR-negative from the vaccinated as well? And finally, why not keep them free of charge?

Apartheid, segregation, dhimmitude… call it what you want, but it’s clear the unvaccinated French are the niggers, the tax cattle (rayah), the untouchables in Macron’s New Technocratic Order —— invited to continue funding the system, but not offered even the meager rights and benefits the rest of the plebians enjoy.

The National Assembly has just put online a – provisional – version of the text voted by the deputies, which you can consult here (PDF file) . Here are the main lines of the bill as adopted by the elected officials of the Palais-Bourbon:

  • The extension of the health pass is validated in cafes, restaurants, long-distance public transport but also in hospitals – except for emergency consultations.
  • 12-17 people are exempt from a health pass until September 30, 2021.
  • Employees of the establishments concerned may have their employment contract suspended without remuneration if they do not present the health pass, they risk dismissal after two months.

This is only the start too. If the caste system continues the children of the unvaccinated will be subjected to various forms of pressure and harassment when parents are not present: 

School principals will be able to have access to the “viorological status” and “vaccination” of the pupils, to “facilitate access to the vaccination campaigns organized in the establishments” and to organize “teaching conditions making it possible to prevent the risks of spread of the virus”.

It is also not difficult to see how in a situation where a “social worker” is deciding whether to kidnap children from a family their unvaccinated status could count against them.


  1. Terje M says

    This is also another opportunity to juke the stats. An consequence of the €49 charge for a ‘test’ is that from September no one, injected or not, will line up to voluntary take it. So no more ‘pandemic’ caused by huge numbers of false positive results – among the injected. By force testing the uninjected, the gov’t will ensure that all the positive results are concentrated there.

    1. Field Empty says

      Great point. I’ll have to cite you in the next one.

  2. mijj says

    > “The unvaccinated and their children will be made to jump through time-intensive hoops and spend €49 every time before they enter a hospital. “

    .. how long before the Authorities realise that their logic dictates that a €49 payment is required for permission to *leave* the hospital too.

    1. ken says

      Which should tell you to avoid any medical center, hospital, doctor as much as possible.

    2. Mark says

      How long before the media starts steering the public in the direction that “the unvaccinated are the reason you’re still wearing a mask, and can’t go back to normal”. They’ve actually started that already. How long before they start telling everybody where you work and live? Think they wouldn’t?

  3. ken says

    This beggars the question. “Why is this shot sooooooo important….. to them?”

    I don’t know, BUT, I can say without a doubt it has nothing to do with our health and lives for sure. With tens of thousands dead and by now millions suffering who knows what horrendous disease,,, they are still pushing this kill shot.

    With a 99.9% recovery rate and medicine (Ivermectim and others) available (but made illegal) to cure whatever disease it is,,, it is definitely not a pandemic,,, not even a epidemic, not problematic at all.

    Without the fraudulent PCR tests there would be no cases, Cases, CASES! And have you heard,,, Kill Gates just purchased a company that produces these fake tests. I live in Florida where they say the cases are plentiful, but driving by testing places I see few to none which tells me their faking these numbers as well.

    Most recently doctors have found the kill shot causes blood clots in capillaries so small it takes a special test to determine them called a D-Dimer test. Capillaries carry the blood between the Arteries to the Veins feeding and oxygenating the cells in the brain, heart, lungs and spinal cord,,, everywhere. You should see the difference between healthy red blood cells and blood cells after the kill shot.

    So even if you think you are doing good these shots are likely killing you slowly. In the lungs your heart will be working double time trying to get the blood through the lungs and you will end up with a heart attack. In the brain you will just slowly slip away until death. Dozens of different ways you will horribly die. The more horrible the more they like it. They feed on our misery. Understand that NONE of these deaths will be associated with the killer vaxx. In other words the heart attack will be noted on the death certificate, not the vaxx that caused it.

    Whoever took these kill shots and survived (for now) will be seriously sorry.

    1. Oilman says

      “So even if you think you are doing good these shots are likely killing you slowly.”

      The Canadian doctor that made the discovery also stated that a majority (over 60%) of those with the rna vaccine will die within 2 1/2 years. Sure enough, the medical college (aka the government) wants him out for the crime of reporting actual medical facts.

      Scary stuff.

    2. Johnny Savvy says

      Hello! Where in Florida? I am on FMB-no mask or jab for me EVER!
      Tomorrow is Freedom Day and Ivermectin Day
      spread the word!
      Tyrants must be Vanquished!

    3. Coram Nobis says


  4. Oilman says

    Every moves done by Macron is based on an old political trick to make the people believe that they are winning when in fact, they lost. Bring up new rules that go to the extreme, let’s call it 5, and then, once the population is in the streets protesting, drop down to level 2. The people are happy thinking they won when in fact, they lost 2 steps.

    That is the base of any politician out there. When they want something from you, that’s what they do to get it done. People are trained to think in such a way that a little gain is huge when in fact they actually lost.

    People need to continue to be in the streets until ALL of Macron’s new rules are done with…not just a few allowing him to push in what he wanted anyway.

    1. Jerry Hood says

      You are right!

  5. tobi999 says

    why does the government want all people to take the vaccines? well if there is a group that took it and one that took it not, this groups can be used as reference groups to show bad and side effects of the vaccine cleary….by forcing the vaccine up on all you later have no reference group to compaire with….people will not die fast…it will kill them slowly and reduce their lifetime…thats all….but they have to force it up on all otherwise the difference between those that took it and thoe who didn’t will be tooooo clearly for all to see

  6. Mark says

    If a person is forced out of employment because of a refusal to take an experimental vaccine because he/she is not confident in government assurances that it is safe when they cannot know that and the producer of the ‘vaccines’ cannot be sued, that person should be able to go on unemployment benefits indefinitely on medical grounds. See how the government likes the load it says the hospitals could not handle dumped on the social safety net instead.

    Israel is the first country to introduce ‘booster’ shots, a third injection for those whose antibodies are already waning, but according to Reuters, Pfizer has already approached the appropriate authorities in the United States for a similar authorization. The request – and I am quoting – is “based on evidence of greater risk of reinfection six months after inoculation and due to the spread of the highly-contagious Delta variant”.

    I’m quoting again, here: “Pfizer Chief Scientific Officer Mikael Dolsten said the recently-reported dip in the vaccine’s effectiveness in Israel was mostly due to infections in people who had been vaccinated in January or February…”The Pfizer vaccine is highly effective against the Delta variant”, Dolsten said in an interview, according to Reuters. But after six months, he said, “there likely is the risk of reinfection as antobodies, as predicted, wane.”

    As predicted. Did you see that anywhere? I didn’t – what I saw was a lot of guff about how vaccination immunity kicks natural immunity’s ass. Natural immunity is good for years, if not for life.

    You know and I know that the gamers can keep this going for as long as they like, introducing new ‘variants’ at will which specifically attack those who believe they do not need vaccination for whatever reason, precisely as the ‘Delta variant’ was said to be particularly dangerous for children after adults speculated children probably did not need to be vaccinated because they were in the lowest-risk group. They will not likely try to lower the vaccination threshold below 12 because your immune system is not really mature and stable until you are about 18 anyway, and children presently under 12 will have a weaker system due to lack of exposure, which is in turn due to lockdowns.

    Look; a child could figure it out. Despite its touted kick-ass performance and effectiveness, the Pfizer folks have already built in an ‘effectiveness window’ of about six months, after which you’ll need another shot to ‘keep your immunity strong’. They can adjust that window at any time simply by introducing a ‘new variant which is stronger and trickier’, and your ‘vaccine passport’ is going to become like a driver’s license that you need to renew regularly, or you can’t drive. A whole new administrative department will likely be created simply to stay on top of everyone’s vaxx status. COVID is going to be endemic, they’ve already said that, and constantly mutating so you will need shot after shot after shot. When your natural immune system is pooched because of the gene-tampering, you will likely need shots to protect from things your immune system would have easily fought off in the good old days.

    I know it’s hard to imagine such a deception could take place in a free country. And the truth is that it probably could not. But you don’t live in a free country anymore. You live in a public-health dictatorship.

  7. kkk says

    Rope is crying for fascist Macron

  8. Jerry Hood says

    You cannot sue the Big Pharma, but you CAN sue the employer who fires you! Give him written notice that you,or your relatives will sue him/ her once you are damaged by the ” vaccine”! The pigs will mostly back off!!!!

  9. GenX says

    Not impressed with Spike’s stupid reasoning because these freaks have no right to violate my human rights. Typical idiocy from the compromised Libertarian party.

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