The Unboosted to Lose Their EU COVID Travel Passes After February 1

Luckily you didn't have one anyways

Your EU Covid travel pass is valid for 270 days after your second dose or Feb 1, whichever comes second

After receiving the green light from the European Council on December 16, the European Union’s Commission has today announced that it has adopted new rules regarding the EU Vaccination Certificate, making the same valid for a period of 270 days.

In a press release issued today, the EU Commission notes that the uniform acceptance period for vaccination certificates will ensure that the Member States also coordinate travel measures amid COVID-19. [AKA the Brussels technocratic gang is making it more difficult for members to not require boosters.]

It also claims that the validity period has been based on available scientific evidence as well as objective criteria.

“This validity period takes into account the guidance of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, according to which booster doses are recommended at the latest six months after the completion of the first vaccination cycle. The Certificate will remain valid for a grace period of an additional three months beyond those six months to ensure that national vaccination campaigns can adjust and citizens will have access to booster doses,” the Commission explains.

Data revealed by the Commission shows that to date, 807 million EU Digital COVID Certificates have been issued in the EU, while over 60 countries and territories across five continents have joined the system through which these certificates are checked and verified.

According to the Commission, with the new validity period of vaccination certificates, booster doses will be recorded in the certificates. Booster doses of two-dose vaccination series will be recorded as “3/3”, whereas booster doses of single-dose vaccinees will be recovered as “2/1”.

At the same time, those who recovered from COVID-19 and received the first dose of a two-dose vaccine will have it recorded as “2/1” in their certificates.

The certificates will not hold a validity date, but the mobile applications used to verify the EU Digital COVID Certificates will be adjusted in order to check and verify whether 270 days have passed from the last vaccination date or not.

“To allow for sufficient time for technical implementation of the acceptance period and for Member States’ booster vaccination campaigns, these new rules should apply from February 1, 2022,” the Commission notes.

Commenting on the decision to make vaccination certificates valid for only nine months after the last dose, the Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders once again called the Digital COVID Certificate a success story, adding that the same should be adjusted to changing circumstances and new knowledge, in order to remain a “success story.”

“The acceptance period of nine months for vaccination certificates will give citizens and businesses the certainty they need when planning their travels with confidence. It’s now up to the Member States to ensure boosters will be rolled out swiftly to protect our health and ensure safe travelling,” the Commissioner said. [Hilarious stuff. So the Comission sets policy and then it is for national governments only to implement it.]

The EU Commission first unveiled its plans to make COVID-19 vaccination certificates valid for only nine months on November 25. Since then, several countries, including Austria and the Czech Republic, have already imposed such measures.

Now, the rest of the Member States who do not apply such rules on COVID-19 certificates yet are urged to vaccinate their citizens whose vaccination certificates approach the nine-month limit.

Data by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) show that Iceland is the EU/EEA country with the highest percentage of additional COVID-19 vaccine doses administered, as 50.2 per cent of its population have already been vaccinated with a booster dose. Austria comes second, with 39.8 per cent of its population having taken the additional COVID-19 vaccine dose.

Source: Schengen Visa

Deutsche Welle:

The European Commission announced Tuesday that COVID vaccine certificates in the bloc would only be valid for nine months without a booster shot.

The new rule concerns traveling within the European Union, but the Commission said in a statement that it recommends EU countries also apply it on a national level to “provide certainty for travelers and reduce disruptions.”

The rule can be blocked by a qualified majority of EU governments or a simple majority of European Parliament members. However, officials believe it has enough backing.

  1. ken says

    “It also claims that the validity period has been based on available scientific evidence as well as objective criteria.”

    Vaxports are the most egregious attack on personal freedom in human history. In second comes the passport which didn’t appear until the WWI era,,, another temporary rule in an emergency.

    The shots are killers,,, we know it,,, they know it. These new tyrants make Mengele look like he was a playing with a toy chemistry kit.

    Apparently they are unafraid of any possible Nuremberg as it appears People are ignorant and apathetic to the point that even survival of their offspring is meaningless to them as they sacrifice their children to mammon knowing the IFR is 0.0027 or 99.9973 will survive the alleged disease. If they die it’s murder. I don’t know what to call it if they’re injured for life or unable to conceive.

    They all deserve….

    1. Ron says

      Thumbs up 👍 for the hanging video. (hmmm 🤔 that one on the right looks like Fauci.)

    2. Ultrafart the Brave says

      “Vaxports are the most egregious attack on personal freedom in human history.”

      You got that right.

      So egregious, they even wrote a chapter or two about it in the Bible.

      Funny how a professional God-botherer (and Hillsong paedophile and closet Satanist) like Morrison can get away with pushing the Mark of the Beast in broad daylight.

      I suppose that’s one reason they’ve been luring all the kiddies away from Church and Sunday School with boiled lollies and shiny trinkets all these years – the sheep don’t know what’s coming because no-one told them.

    3. Mr Reynard says

      Is that Fauci, Billy Boy Goetz & Joe Dementia swinging above ??

      1. silver9blue says

        No because they grabbed a few of the thousands of homeless pushing supermarket carts around and put masks on them.

  2. Ron says

    Any digital pass system is begging to be forged. Imagine if some enterprising hackers deleted or added records. I wonder if the dreaded Oh-micron virus can infect computers. Wouldn’t that be catastrophic?!

  3. Mr Reynard says

    EU border guard asking you ?
    “Ihre Impfung Aussweiss.. Schweinehund” !!

    1. raymond lambert says

      And the answere may be (via translator) Ich brauche keinen! Ich vertrete einen religiösen Stamm auf einer Mission aus den besetzten palästinensischen Ländern.

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