The Truth About the Iconic Tiananmen “Tank Man” Photo

It was taken more than a day after the protest had ended

To enhance its propaganda value the photo was presented for decades as having been taken on June 4 and showing a man defying tanks on way to disperse the Tiananmen square demonstration:

In fact it was taken the next day, and the tankman is instead blocking a column of tanks from leaving the square:

Also notice a profound lack of evidence of “10,000” corpses of the people supposedly killed in the square in the background.


    Another MSM Big Lie!!

  2. CHUCKMAN says

    “The Truth About the Iconic Tiananmen ‘Tank Man’ Photo
    “It was taken more than a day after the protest had ended”

    The “tank man” video has always been something other than what our press said it was.

    Not only did the tank repeatedly avoid him, it is not clear at all what his purpose was, beyond media melodrama images.

    Now, it turns out that the video was taken the day after events and that the tanks were in fact leaving the Square.

    So, what was this man doing?

    In the video, the lead tank works to avoid the man (a student?) who has impetuously jumped in front of it, clearly and despite the man’s repeated movements back and forth to remain in the tank’s way.

    I could never see a threat there at all, just a showboat protester and a careful tank commander.

    Now, compare the FBI’s use of heavy Abrams tanks at Waco, Texas.

    They ended by incinerating about 80 souls, including women and children, sheltering in a flimsy compound.

    The people in the cult at Waco were indeed unpleasant kooks, but they hardly deserved to die like that.

    1. MyWikiDisQus says

      And yet, we know nothing about the brave man who did this, not his name or motivation.

  3. Veronica says

    I’d be happy to buy this malarkey and happy to see your nonexistent proof to back up these ludicrous claims.
    What, a I don’t even know what, called Anti-Empire is spewing hot, nonsensical air in such a convincing way that I am supposed to buy this random, stinking, anonymous opinion without any facts backing it?
    Try a history book.
    You “don’t know what that guy was even supposed to be doing”?! And your going all stinking conspiracy theory on the date? The easiest fact to confirm? Okay, Jack. Your brilliance is blinding, outrageous, and your NOT “facts” about one of the most iconic images in History wasted 3 mins of my time that I can never get back. You are incredibly lazy to lie about this and you are responsible for giving me vertigo up in here.
    History is your friend. You should educate yourself about that day, not promote your own fascinating bullshit. I promise you, the facts are more interesting than your imaginary take of what happened that day and the reasons for it are loftier than whatever nothingburger you have concocted here.
    Education. Facts. History. Heroes. Will always bulldoze ignorant opinions and conspiracy theories. And outlive them, too. What are you trying to prove? When the facts don’t jive with your agenda?
    Don’t answer that. Just so you know, your opinion about this moment in history means less than nothing and is good for nothing. Congratulations, you did less than nothing. 🤘🏼😂🎉

    1. Tom says

      LOL, so all you have is vague warmed over narratives that we’ve all been fed for years. Even the CBS correspondent and Chinese students said days after that there was no massacre. What do you dispute in the above pictures?

      The fact is the events at Tiananmen Square occurred much differently than the Western media and US government portrayed them. The workers riot resulted in the deaths, lynchings and burning alive of many Chinese troops armed only with batons and trying to clear the square. The workers started the killings. Wake up and smell the coffee. Unplug from the Matrix of media manipulation already.

    2. Tom says

      Don’t take our word for it, Veronica. Let’s turn to CNN’s video footage of the tanks leaving the square.

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