The Syrian War Drags On

Foreign powers impede a conclusion to the conflict

On FPF #374, I discuss the Syrian War. The war crawls on as regional and global powers via to assert their influence in Syria. I update the ongoing battles in Syria and the geopolitical conflicts prolonging the war. The UK recently seized an Iranian oil tanker and alleged the ship was breaking European sanctions against Assad.


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John Rourke
John Rourke
23 days ago

War in Syria is good for business at taxpayers expense..and keeps the Region in Chaos.

Richard Hollembeak
Richard Hollembeak
20 days ago
Reply to  John Rourke

And who is in control of the oil wells ?

Mary E
20 days ago

Who do you think?? The invaders are guarding them and have seized the oil drilling equipment of Syria too,,,,,of course it is the US: The ultimate

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