‘The Statistics Are Just Plain Lies’: Dr. Ted Noel Torches Fabricated COVID Death Tally

A retired physician tears into the COVID doomsday cult

Dr. Ted Noel is a physician who worked for 32 years in clinical medicine. Like so many of his colleagues in the medical field, Noel has taken to YouTube to denounce the truly unprecedented and mindless policies adopted worldwide, allegedly in a bid to “contain” Covid-19. Specifically addressing the situation in the United States, the doctor notes that choosing “stay at home” hashtags over herd immunity will accomplish little aside from making this health crisis worse.

Furthermore, the figures being used to terrify Americans into compliance are complete baloney:

It seems that if you are anywhere near Covid-19 and you die in the hospital, they’re counting your death as a Covid-19 death. When in fact, you may have Covid-19 coincidental to your congestive heart failure, or your chronic lung disease, or your chronic coronary disease, or run the list. There’s a long list of diseases of the elderly that ultimately lead to death. I’m sorry, but the statistics are just plain lies. That’s what they are.

Watch the full video:


  1. Robert says

    Fine talk, much in line with similar interventions by German and French researchers. I did find rather strange, however, that Ted Noel summarizes with a single, late episode the not always so accidental extermination by disease of the native people of North America, which deserves and probably has received the attention of numerous books of history.

  2. Per says

    “HUGE! MN Senator and Dr. Reveals HHS Document Coaching Him on How to Overcount COVID-19 Cases — WITH COPY OF DOCUMENT”
    Not the most trustworthy site i know, but they do have the doc in article..

  3. nick1111 says

    So, the wall street Zionists can steal all your money

    1. Mary E says

      Well, that is one way of looking at it….as it is quite true….the other thing is that this is the perfect foil/distraction for the recession in progress (that was forecast two years ago)…
      The American people are the victims here – not of the virus but of the neocon mascarade..
      There is wisdom in the old adage : ‘Question Authority’

  4. Charles Homer says

    As shown in this article, to this point in time, there is only one accurate measure of how deadly the COVID-19 pandemic will eventually end up becoming:


    The data is suggesting that politicians are manufacturing numbers to maximize fear.

    1. Maxwell says

      The reason for this declared “pandemic” is the following- first think back on how many “official” pandemics there were from say 1960-2005. Now how many “declared” pandemics have there been since that time.

      Understand this recent timeline and what has changed.

      In 2005 the WHO, the organization that “decides” what is and what is not a pandemic, changed the way it was funded. It went from a member funded global health agency to one where private interests now contributed the majority of it’s funds. This meant in particular that large pharmaceutical companies and investors connected to them now became the primary donors to the WHO- Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP’s). As a part of this these entities now demanded a seat at the table of the executive committees who are the ones responsible for “officially” declaring that there is a global pandemic.

      In 2007 the WHO changed it’s specific definition as to what qualifies as a global pandemic.

      The old definition was “a pandemic is an infection of global proportions and with a high mortality”- that definition was changed in 2007 to the more general and vague “a pandemic is an infection of global proportions.” This relaxing of the definition allowed for a more liberal interpretation of pandemic. Why this is so vital to understand is that once a pandemic is “officially” declared mechanisms in place and done through the WHO kick into gear designed to deal with this “global pandemic.” And who decides the direction and manner of these mechanisms? The executive committee which is now loaded with various representatives of those large pharmaceutical interests.

      One of THE main outcomes in these PPP’s is that the large amounts of funding that goes to combat these now seasonal “global pandemics” gets funneled directly into the coffers of the big business interests who decide what is a pandemic and how it should be dealt with- meaning funding that goes towards research and development that will now directly benefit those companies who “donate” to the WHO- primarily Big Pharma.

      “When a donor gives money, for example, the pharmaceutical industry, these representatives request to be present on the expert committees of the different [WHO] programs. There is a serious conflict of interest. It happened with the H1N1 epidemic, potential vaccine and drug manufacturers, like Tamiflú, were sitting on the committee that was deciding whether to launch an epidemic or not, obviously [the pharmaceutical companies] pushed for the epidemic to start and give a global alarm because they were going to have an impressive market. ”

      – German Velásquez, the creator of the Health Economics and Drug Financing Unit of the World Health Organization and former Director of its Secretariat for Public Health, Innovation and Intellectual Property

    2. Ron Ronery says

      It’s not suggested. They ARE MANUFACTURING NUMBERS and FEAR. Just drive around your cities hospitals and spend some time observing the traffic/activity. It is practically zero and far less than a normal day. If there are so many ill and dead, there would be more traffic than usual correct?

      1. itchyvet says

        The REAL question is : Why are they so focused on propagating this fear ?

        1. Ron Ronery says

          A loaded question that opens up many possibilities. For fun, I will mention 3 that effect the common man. 1) universal vaccination followed by heath certificates to track movement (Gates Foundation). 2) Finance Capital Elite creating environment to consolidate Industry. More will be owned by the 1% as everyone else is bleeding without economic activity. Sectors like transportation, power, mortgage lending, food etc..will be bought for a fraction of their worth. 3) Demonize China, hinder it’s growth and to stop countries from joining programs like Belt and Road, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank etc..which offer an alternative to the current Western uni-polar finance model; which amounts to terrorisms to those unwilling to be a vassal to the West.

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