The State of Israel Has a Very Serious Antisemitism Problem

Tramples over the rights of a minority religious sect — the Jews

As Zionist organizations around the world weaponize antisemitism and use it as a tool to bring down politicians and other public figures with whom they disagree, the state of Israel is engaged in what is perhaps the worst example of antisemitism in the world today.

A rebellion against the Almighty

According to Halakhah, strict Jewish law, the Jewish people have been in exile as a result of a heavenly decree for sinning against the Almighty. According to the Talmud, the central text of Rabbinic Judaism and the primary source of Jewish law – exiled Jews took three vows they must observe while in exile:

  1. Not to rebel against the nations
  2. To avoid a mass return to the Holy Land
  3. To avoid any actions that will hasten the end of the exile

Orthodox Jews, therefore, consider Zionism to be a rebellion against the Almighty and a severe violation of Jewish law. As early as the year 1900, some of the best-known Rabbis from Jewish communities around the world published a book they called “Or Layesharim,” or
“Light Unto the Righteous.” Published in Warsaw, it is a collection of letters condemning Zionism. From then on, even and to this very day, their opposition and total condemnation of Zionism continues.

During the Nazi occupation of Europe and as a result of the Holocaust, Ultra-Orthodox communities in Europe were wiped out. Those who survived moved to the U.S., the UK and other places, including the Holy Land where they picked up their struggle against Zionism, rejecting the state of Israel. The most vocal and well known among these was Rabbi Joel Yoel Teitelbaum better known as the Satmar Rebbe. Teitelbaum managed to build and lead an enormous anti-Zionist Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community.

Dr. Yaakov De Haan

The Ultra-Orthodox community uses education and protests in its struggle against Zionism and has never once taken up arms or even threatened to do so. Israel, on the other hand, utilizes all of the power it possesses, including enormous amounts of violence, against this community.

On the night of July 1, 1924, a Zionist terror gang commanded by Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, (who later became the president of the state of Israel), shot and killed Dr. Yaakov De Haan in cold blood. Dr. De Haan was a Dutch-Jewish journalist and lawyer who moved to Palestine and settled in Jerusalem in order to live the life of an observant Ultra-Orthodox Jew. He was deeply involved in the struggle against Zionism and gained the respect of both the Jewish and Arab communities in the Holy Land.

Dr. De Hann circa 1920 donning traditional Arab attire just a few years before his assassination

Yaakov De Haan was working in close contact with elements of the British government to get the Balfour Declaration rescinded. Furthermore, he succeeded in bringing the communities of Jews and Arabs who were native to Jerusalem together in an effort to push back against Zionism. The Zionists, whose efforts to take over Palestine redoubled after the British occupation in 1917, worked to undermine the Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis and established their own official Rabbinate and religious Jewish institutions that were loyal to their cause but were never recognized by the original Ultra-Orthodox community.

Recognizing that Dr. De Haan was a serious threat to the Zionist takeover in Palestine, and particularly worried about the collaboration between Jewish and Arab leaders against them, the Zionist militia assassinated De Haan. The first victim of political assassination executed by the Zionists in Palestine was Jewish.

Forced Draft

Opposed to the Jewish state and prevented by their faith from bearing arms, the Ultra-Orthodox community wanted no part in the Israeli Army. When the state of Israel was established, an agreement was reached between the government and the leaders of this community that their young men and women would receive a deferment which meant that in practice, unless they wished to do so, they were exempt from serving in the army. Israel’s military, for all intents and purposes, could not be less religiously observant and any observant Jew who enters is almost guaranteed to come out secular.

In recent years, there have been attempts to change the draft law in Israel in an effort to force the Ultra-Orthodox community to serve. The army calls on Israeli boys and girls to come to an initial interview and selection process at the age of 16. Then, there is a second interview at around 17, and at 18, the boys and girls are drafted. Due to changes in the draft law, the initial agreement no longer stands. Now, every Ultra-Orthodox boy and girl over the age of 16 is considered a deserter because they refuse to enlist.

Israeli police clash with ultra-Orthodox men protesting the arrest of a person who refused military service, March 2018

Israel does not recognize conscientious objectors, so in instances where the boy or girl does go to the first interview to try to get an exemption, the process is painful and punitive and often ends in arrest. This, in return, brings the community together in mass protests which leads to even more arrests. The Israeli police treat this community with a cruelty that is hard to understand. The entire process, including the arrests, the interrogations, and the treatment they endure while they are processed by the system, is a clear violation of their human and religious rights and is tantamount to torture.

Police Violence

While little or no information regarding Israeli police violence is reported in the media, inside or outside of Israel, the community has documented evidence and has even taken legal action against the police. As the following video clips show, one can hardly imagine that any other country would get away with treating Jews in this manner:

When Zionist organizations accuse people who reject Zionism and Israel of antisemitism, they should be made to view these images of real antisemitism.

Source: MintPress News

  1. Jozo Magoc says

    The AshkeNazi zionist jews are claiming to be an ” ash” in Auschwitz, but are the only surviving Nazis in this world.The Agreement Transfer beyween Nazi Germans znd Nazi jews is irrefutable! With swastika and zionist Magen Davis swastika on the Deutsche Mark is also irrefutable!

  2. ravenise says

    So the orthodox Jews occupying Palestine are protesting themselves and their own occupation?

  3. Robert Mcconnell says

    Israel is the true Nazi state, the Israeli police are the gestapo and the Israeli people are totally brainwashed. One visit was enough for me, ugh! What a shithole.

  4. David Chu says

    What this article post is trying to do, among a few objectives, is to demonstrate or prove that the Zionist Jews are “bad”, the “ultra-orthodox Jews” are “good”. Some of the comments below reflect this hidden intention.

    Just who are these “good ultra-orthodox Jews” that lived in Palestine with the Palestinians before the state of Israel came into being (and now in the Israeli state)? They are the Sephardic Jews, the so-called Semitic Jews from the Bible, i.e., the non-Khazarian Jews.

    Let me quote the following from the late Tex Marrs about what the late Sephardic Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Chief Rabbi in Israel said (

    Another authoritative Jewish religious leader, the late Sephardic Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Chief Rabbi in Israel, further elaborated on this topic in a series of radio sermons he gave in 2010. Yosef, spiritual leader of the ultraconservative Shas political party, a faction which helped Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s rise to power, said that in the coming world, Gentiles may be likened to “donkeys and beasts of burden.” The main reason for the very existence of Gentiles, the Rabbi explained, is that they are to serve as slaves for the Jews. That, he said, is their “sole purpose.”

    Quoted in The Jerusalem Post, Rabbi Yosef went on to say that, “without this purpose, the non-Jew, the goy, has no place in the world. That is why they were created.”

    The “good news” for Gentiles, according to Yosef, is that because of their value as slaves to Israel, the Gentile servants will be blessed by God with a long life so that their usefulness to Jewish people will be amplified.

    Rabbi Yosef compared the life and value of a Gentile to that of a donkey. Each has monetary value but only due to their usefulness in doing labor for their Jewish effendi (masters).

    Yosef’s teachings are supported by the Babylonian Talmud,and even the premier religious colleges in Israel—such as the talmudic college, Merkaz Hárav, in Jerusalem emphasize that compared to Jews, Gentiles are of a lower spiritual caste, having the status of animals rather than humans.

    1. Robert Mcconnell says

      Just supports my theory that the jews are the dumbest people on the planet. You believe shit like that, you must be retarded.

  5. All_has_An _END_. says

    This article is misleading , the Ultra Orthodox Jews that are against Zionism refuse to move to Israel and they are called :Neturei Karta

    1. Lloyd Cross says

      Not raely it shows how Zionist’s Jews or otherwise, Treat their own, with Blatent Antisemitism.

  6. Rowdy-Yates says

    Exiled Jews took three vows they must observe while in exile:

    Not to rebel against the nations
    To avoid a mass return to the Holy Land
    To avoid any actions that will hasten the end of the exile

    I had no idea about the 3 vows that the Jews took. The article does not state when they came up with these 3 vows but under Emperor Julian the apostate (361 AD) He wanted the Temple of Jerusalem rebuilt in order to bring back the pagan faiths since animal sacrifice was central to Judaism as it was for the Pagan Roman faith, and at that time the Jews were enthusiastic of rebuilding the 3rd version of the Temple.

    But when they attempted to build the temple this took place:

    Despite such auspicious beginnings, work on the Temple probably lasted only a few days. Numerous reports, both pagan and Christian, attribute the work stoppage to a fire and, perhaps, an earthquake. The Roman historian Ammianus Marcellinus reported that “terrifying balls of flame kept bursting forth near the foundations of the Temple,” burning some of the workers to death and putting a stop to the enterprise. (10) Gregory of Nazianzus wrote of “a furious blast of wind” and “a flame [that] issued forth from the sacred place.”
    (11) Ephraem noted that there were winds, earthquakes and lightning, and that a “fire came forth.” (12) These Christian descriptions of the event may have drawn on a biblical passage, the revolt against Moses by Korah, whom God punished by means of earthquake and fire (Numbers 16); but there probably was, at least, a fire. In any event, with Julian’s death, the attempt to rebuild the Temple ended.

  7. thomas malthaus says

    I’m shocked John C. Carleton hasn’t responded.
    I’m glad this site got around to pointing out distinctions with this article.

    1. Pablo Rivera says

      That coach potato got banned not because racism or hate, but because spam about a shitty website of his own.

      1. All_has_An _END_. says

        Glad that Low IQ is banned

  8. Garry Compton says

    So I guess some Orthodox jews , got around , being a real orthodox Jew and abiding by the 3 laws, by saying they are now a – Modern Orthodox Jew – eh? As Kushner and others have . Ashkenazi’s are born again jews .

  9. CHUCKMAN says

    Once you start making ancient religious texts the basis for modern geopolitical matters, an avalanche of pure crap is sure to follow.

    Just like the good Christian Doctors of Medieval times arguing over how many angels are accommodated on the head of a pin and filling books with their arguments.

    The real powers-that-be in Israel have very little to do with these texts and beliefs. Many of them, like Israel’s founder, are even atheists.

    But the emotional power of the texts for many makes a good manipulative tool.

    The US government too in effect has done this. Israel really represents a highly privileged American imperial colony in the Middle East, but the religious mumbo-jumbo is exploited as much as possible for support and sympathy.

    Just look at every major American politician going to the wailing wall, wearing a yarmulke, and touching it reverently in photo-ops.

    There’s a regular parade, including many truly irreligious men like Trump.


    1. tapatio says

      Jews have done the same things for thousands of years. I have found two possible ways of viewing their behaviors…………..

      1) Abraham was the original Capo di Capos of the Jewish Mafia. The problem with this thinking is that it’s unnatural for ANY cult-ure to maintain behaviors over such a long period. Cultures evolve/devolve.

      2) Abraham was the original anti-Christ (as in ‘messiah’, not necessarily Jesus) and Jake Rothschild is his direct heir. I’ve spent the last few years trying to poke holes in this reasoning and, frighteningly, can’t.

      1. Alberto Campos says

        tapatio! man, you’re alive and well!, good to know (‘cause I haven’t seen you for some time).
        Now tell us: how can nazis dare to discuss Jewry?

        1. tapatio says
  10. Leland Roth says

    Ps the article reinforces the Holohoax as well…

    [The Missing Holocaust
    “I’ve checked out Churchill’s Second World War and the statement 
    is quite correct” not a single mention of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a 
    ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war. 

    This is astonishing.  How can it be explained? 

    Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; the six 
    volumes of Churchill’s Second World War total 4,448 pages; and 
    de Gaulle’s three-volume Mémoires de guerre is 2,054 pages.  In this 
    mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including 
    the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find 
    no mention either of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, 
    or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war.”]

    1. Marko Marjanović says

      If you’re looking for Holocaust denial you’re on a wrong website.

      1. Leland Roth says

        No I am not…& u KNOW IT!

  11. tapatio says

    Talmudism and Zionism have always been the enemies of the ultra-orthodox Jews. There has been an ultra-orthodox community in Palestine, living peacefully with Christians and Muslims, for hundreds of years.

    Today, however, the ultra-orthodox and other civilized Jews are in the MINORITY of those self-identifying as “Jew”/”Jewish”.

    According to both ‘pro’ and ‘anti’ Zionist Jewish sources, between 65% and 85% of all Jewish people in the world actively support/perpetrate the crimes and evils of Zionism and Talmudism.

  12. David Chu says

    It’s kind of funny and a bit hypocritical.

    These so-called “orthodox or ultra-orthodox” Jews are living in Occupied Palestine because of the goals and objectives of ZIONISM that established the modern terrorist state of “Israel”!

    I don’t know the percentages that these “orthodox or ultra-orthodox” Jews comprise of the total, but I do know that during the last Israeli massacre of the Palestinians, a solid 96% of the Jews living in Occupied Palestine (aka “Israel”) were in complete agreement with the Israeli military’s genocidal operations against the undefended Palestinians.

    A group of Jews that are definitely discriminated by the dominant Khazarian Jews (95%) are the Sephardic Jews (5%) who have some DNA claim to be “Semitic”. Read the great short book, “The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel” by Jack Bernstein which you can google online for a PDF copy, for more information about this discrimination aspect of “Israel”.

    1. tapatio says

      Most of the ultra-orthodox Jewish families in Palestine have been there for hundreds of years. They have lived peacefully beside Christians and Muslims for that time…………until the Zionist invasion.

      Contrary to Mr Chu’s claim, the ultra-orthodox are NOT “…….living in Occupied Palestine because of the goals and objectives of ZIONISM…”.

      The ultra-orthodox Jews remain in Palestine IN SPITE OF Zionism.

      1. David Chu says

        Contrary to Mr Chu’s claim, the ultra-orthodox are NOT “…….living in Occupied Palestine because of the goals and objectives of ZIONISM…”.

        So, tell me where exactly are they living in today?

        1. tapatio says

          The ultra-orthodox are NOT LIVING IN PALESTINE BECAUSE OF THE ZIONIST OCCUPATION. The ultra-orthodox community has been there for hundreds of years and tries very, very hard to AVOID ZIONISTS.

          The implication of your phrasing was that the ultra-orthodox lived in Palestine BECAUSE of the ZioNazis.

          They live in Palestine IN SPITE OF the ZioNazis.

          1. David Chu says

            Really, there is a state called “Palestine” as this point in time? I am not talking about the West Bank, the Gaza Strip of which none of these “ultra-orthodox” are currently living in, no?

            I never said I refuted your assertion that there were Jews living in Palestine before the Israeli state was implemented. Of course, there were Jews living peacefuly with the Palestinians BEFORE the Israeli state came into being. Whether they were/are “ultra-orthodox” is another matter entirely.

            You are arguing semantics for some reason . . .

            1. tapatio says

              You are using hasbarat propaganda. A Chinese Jew?

              Palestine has existed from 66 BCE through today. A Jew kingdom, built on genocide and theft (3000 years ago as today) existed for about 600 years.

              From 351 BCE, when the Assyrians defeated the Jews, until 1948 CE, NO JEW HELD ONE SQUARE CM OF LAND AS SOVEREIGN TERRITORY.

              DNA from 12,000 to 23,500 year old burials matches that of today’s Christians and Muslims of Palestine. That can’t be said of the European Caucasian invaders of Palestine.

              The EUROPEAN ultra-orthodox Jews residing in Palestine were discussed in census data of the late 1870s, noting that they were not native but were supported by charity from Europe and, thus, were not a burden on the communities.

              BTW, the STATE of PALESTINE is recognized by the United Nations and quite a few countries. That recognition passed the General Assembly by a vote of 130ish to 9 (the nine were the yid entity, the US, and states that are entirely controlled by the US. even the UK abstained from the shame of voting “no”).

              All that has been covered in many, many resolutions of the Security Council and General Assembly. If you want to pick nits, try learning a bit first.

        2. Canosin says

          that’s bs…..a very stupid question

  13. Trap Is Not Gay says

    This site is proving to be another Alex Jones-like psyop.

    1) Rejects “anti-Semitism”

    2) Talks about “West vs East” – not Jews

    3) News about Israel


    Enough for me, bye!

    1. tapatio says

      Good bye and good riddance.

    2. Marko Marjanović says

      Bye bye!

      1. Trap Is Not Gay says



        1. David Chu says

          With an avatar like yours, it is a bit suspect!

          Now, there is no need to leave! Fight with your points of view, substantiated of course with facts.

          Alex Jones is a definitely known shill for Israel and all things Jewish, especially since his wife in Jewish. Plus, he loves the attention and, more importantly, the huge amount money generated from his “talk television”!

          1. tapatio says

            That avatar is, undoubtedly, the damp dream of “Trap Is Not Gay”.

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