The Spanish COVID Rouge Gives Up on Plan to Make Tourists Wear Face Diapers on the Beach

Will not be sabotaging tourist workers quite as badly after all

British tourists could be spared having to wear face masks on Costa beaches if they get to Spain this summer after the country’s government bowed to pressure from regional health chiefs.

Plans for tourists to be fined €100 (£85) if they flouted new rules making masks obligatory everywhere had caused uproar in tourist areas such as the Balearic Islands and the Costa del Sol.

Spain’s health minister Carolina Darias announced today that further discussions will now take place to try to find a solution that will appease critics.

Less strict rules will remain in place for now on islands such as Ibiza and Mallorca under which people can take their masks off while sunbathing alone or with their household.  

Balearic Islands health secretary Patricia Gomez confirmed the new policy was being put on hold following a meeting between regional health chiefs and Spain’s health minister Carolina Darias at a meeting in Valladolid.

Further discussion is now expected to take place on the exemptions each region wants to put in place within the framework of national legislation.

Overnight, leading epidemiologists had laid into the Spanish government as the Balearic Islands said it would lead the way into getting Madrid to rethink its new law.

Epidemiologist Alex Arenas, a professor at Rovira i Virgili University in the Catalan city of Tarragona, told local media: ‘Life outdoors, where the risk of contagion is 20 times less, should be encouraged.

‘Spain’s health ministry lost its way months ago and scientifically they are very mediocre.

‘This is what happens when you dismiss scientific advice from the best and only listen to those you want to listen to.

‘Fresh air and social distancing, that’s how you deal with coroanvirus.’

Ignacio Lopez-Goni, a professor of microbiology at the University of Navarra, added: ‘If it’s difficult to explain and understand, it’s difficult to obey.’

Alberto Garcia Salido, an A&E doctor at a specialist children’s unit at a Madrid hospital, said: ‘Forcing people to wear face masks when there is social distancing leads to fatigue and non-compliance.

‘People lose confidence in the decision-makers. I think this new rule is one that will be reversed fairly soon.’

Balearic health secretary Patricia Gomez had said ahead of the meeting the law had to be obeyed if the Spanish government stuck to its guns.

But she added: ‘We consider that in the case of social meetings involving more than one family nucleus face masks should be worn, but when it’s the same family composed of people who live under the same roof, it shouldn’t be necessary.’

Regional civil service minister Mercedes Garrido added: ‘If we’re given the opportunity to make some exemptions, we’ll use it.’

Spanish government spokeswoman Maria Jesus Montero had already indicated parts of the new legislation could be up for discussion.

It is not yet clear if Britons will be allowed to holiday abroad later this year.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said on Monday the door ‘was not shut’ on foreign holidays this summer, but added: ‘It’s just too early to say.’

Source: The Daily Mail


  1. Sally Snyder says

    Here is an article that looks at how 24 of the world’s leaders are attempting to set up a new global health order as part of the post-pandemic world:

    For the past year we have seen just how politics and medicine make poor bedfellows and the signatories of this letter/pandemic treaty want to ensure that politicians remain in control of our health as they set up an endless “protective tyranny”.

    1. Val says

      Well, there are more than 180 countries in the world, so we have 24 counties, 0.13%, who are managed by sociopaths,who feel they have some ‘right’ to tell the entire planet to put their own well-established immune systems aside for a technocratic intrusion which is totally unnecessary and arbitrary. They should be ignored. There is zero actual science behind what they say, and they depend on continual propaganda to extort and penalize people. H.L. Mencken once said: ““People do not expect to find chastity in a whorehouse. Why, then, do they expect to find honesty and humanity in government, a congeries of institutions whose modus operandi consists of lying, cheating, stealing, and if need be, murdering those who resist?”

  2. ken says

    Stupid is as Stupid does. Like many civilizations in the past, this civilization is history. It is now in full retreat, education for example, Reading, writing, language, and arithmetic are all racist.

    Many schools have been out going on two school years. Now many schools in America are wanting to bypass testing in order to advance students. Can you imagine a 6th grader jumping into 8th grade studies! Where before they could barely write their name and handle basic math,,, now unable to do either. And all of it blamed on White supremacy!

    Yeah,,, this entire generation is a loss, all for a fake virus to remake the world into a communist/fascist super state,,, (or should I say stupor state),,, for a few oligarchs with too much money and too little intelligence.

    No education,,, skills lost due to depopulation by injection,,, those surviving left with damaged DNA from a concoction designed to eliminate any intellectual curiosity,,, their only use being servants to the oligarchs.

    Can you imagine living this dystopia.

  3. Ron says

    The picture of the 4 women wearing head masks are Pre-Covid. The people under the masks are Asian. They wear head masks while in the sun/beach because in Asia, dark tanned skin is considered low class (i.e. poor). This is beyond stupid as they get NO natural Vitamin D which will cause a host of health problems. Another example of “programming” to intentionally de-populate.

  4. Sheer Morons says

    « If we’re given the opportunity to make some exemptions, we’ll use it. »

    “If Zog allows us. But we don’t know yet. We’re still waiting for the next order and what next impose on you. Coming soon, stay tuned.”

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