The Saudi Butcher of Yemen Ready to Bomb Syria

Mohammed bin Salman says all Trump-May-Macron need to do is ask and he'll join their planned attack

The Salafist-jihadi kingdom wants this badly which for a normal person is reason enough to oppose it

Riyadh wants the US to bomb Syria, so much so that MBS has offered to take part himself if that helps:

On Tuesday, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced that Saudi Arabia could take part in military action in Syria. The Crown Prince is wrapping up a three-day visit to Paris.

“If our alliance with our partners requires it, we will be present,” Prince Mohammed said at a news conference with Macron.

Of course as everybody understands, the butcher of Yemen is a PR liability and allowing him to take part would take away much of the shine of the supposedly morally upright attack on Syria. For this reason it is doubtful MBS offer will be tested, albeit with Trump you never know.

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