The Russians Have Either Biden or Zelensky Completely Duped

The question is only which one

Biden and Zelensky are irritated and annoyed with each other these days. Zelensky is accusing Biden of needlessly panicking and of spreading panic (possibly to bluff him into Minsk compliance). Biden’s handlers meanwhile feel that Zelensky is sticking his head into the sand and refusing to see reality staring him in the face.

So whether you think the Russian redeployment westward is a feint or disguised preparation for the real thing it has worked incredibly well. If it’s a feint it’s one that Biden has bought hook, line and sinker and that has left him deluded. If it’s a masked buildup for a live offensive then the masking has worked splendidly on Zelensky, leaving him paralyzed and in denial.

The fact that the White House alarm over the prospect of a Russian military move is causing a rift with Zelensky tells me that the US fear is genuine. The Americans have no reason to irritate Zelensky to this counterproductive extent in a propaganda op. They could be wrong, but they do seem sincere (if a little overenthusiastic).

So far the Russian buildup has had the positive effects for Moscow of:

— causing a rift between the Biden and Zelensky administrations

— of forcing the US and UK to admit that Russia would enjoy a free hand in Ukraine militarily

— of highlighting differences within NATO

This has come at the price of:

— some 30 maneuver battalions with support elements not being able to train because their equipment has been shipped to the self-deployment range of the Ukrainian border

— a stock market decline (but that will likely be reversed if no offensive materializes)

— a blow to the ruble (will likely be reversed)

If this is a feint then making the West and Kiev fear invasion could serve to make them appreciate just how lucky they are that Russia for the moment still doesn’t want greater bloodshed. The shock of it could theoretically cause them to do some soul-searching but in reality within months the likely narrative that would win out was that “Putin was deterred” by sanctions threat, Javelins, “insurgency fears”, and so on.

The Americans are, in a typical fashion, exaggerating how far into the preparations the Russians are which is hurting their overall case. (Possibly those talking to the media are embellishing what the CIA has actually told them.) Unlike what they claim an invasion is not “imminent”. At the current pace, the Russians would still need a few more weeks of shifting material. Even then an offensive doesn’t become imminent until troops are sent to fall on the prepositioned equipment and start making the 200-kilometer trek from the depots to the border.

At the same time, if the Russians really are considering expanding the war and launching an overwhelming counterstroke then Zelensky has very good psychological reasons to be in denial. If the Russians are coming then he is the person who provoked the destruction of Ukraine. He won an overwhelming election victory on a peace-leaning platform then almost immediately raced off to the right. If only he had kept his election promise of giving a peaceful resolution an honest shake we wouldn’t be in this situation now. It is a helluva thing for anyone to admit he has blundered, especially when the repercussions are this great.

A bigger man than Zelensky would struggle to admit that because of his own cleverness a hammer may be falling down on him and everyone around him any time now. Something similar happened to Stalin who couldn’t face the reality that the unexpected (and fluke) fall of France had made the 1939 pact with Hitler a blunder of mythical proportions and opted to deny the reality of what was now surely coming — a showdown years before he expected it and at least a year earlier than he could prepare for — opting to make himself blind to it rather than admit and adjust.

Also between Langley and Kiev it has to be said the latter has the poorer record of correctly predicting imminent Russian offensives in Ukraine. This is the first time the CIA has sounded such alarm, so if they are wrong it will be the first time, whereas Kiev has done it repeatedly over the years.

Last October Medvedev wrote an article on Ukraine saying Kiev was led by mercenary opportunists all too happy to sell Ukraine’s sovereignty and interest to foreigners whose interest in Ukraine starts and ends with having an Anti-Russia on Russia’s border. Medvedev’s prescription on what to do about this is to wait:

“Then the eternal and main question arises: what to do in this situation? Nothing. Wait for the emergence of a sane leadership in Ukraine, which is aimed not at a total confrontation with Russia on the brink of war … but at building equal and mutually beneficial relations with Russia. Russia knows how to wait. We are a patient people.”

However, if Ukraine very clearly isn’t a democracy, if politicians get elected on one platform and pursue another, if the opposition is being hounded by treason charges, house arrests, US sanctions, and the closures of their media, if the Russia-friendlies are working under such constraints and in such an unfair competition then what exactly is there to wait for? Waiting seems more like a code word for resigning oneself to the occupation of Ukraine by Anti-Russia. Is everyone in Kremlin as “patient” as Medvedev?

  1. London says

    You find sameness in Stalin and Zelenski – not surprising because all Stalin’s women were genetically the same as Zelenski as the masters of both (the oligarchs of London and NY, and Churchill/Roosevelt) and those around them (Govt offices in Kiev empty Saturdays vs Kaganovic and 90+% of the Soviets) … those who surround Biden and Trump and the EU are the same (including the CIA) … and so many more … they have all gentiles utterly duped. Their character is very different.

    1. Mork vom Ork says

      London, spare us that shit, ok.

      1. TZVI says

        NANU NANU ;), love the handle BTW.

        Zelenski made a deal to stay in power, shafting his peace willing base, so far a typical politician.

        Instead of offering some autonomy to LPR and DPR regions, they passed laws that make it near impossible to implement the Minsk accords…even Italy grants some autonomy to Sicily, it really no big deal on the ground as the overall power rests in the central government.

        1. Jerôme says

          Shabattai Tzvi, Zelensky( Greenhorn) is khazarian jew like yourself!

          1. Howard T. Lewis III says

            Check out the top of every agency, pharmaceutical company and U.S. Patent holders for 5G/biowarfare and the COVID. All Ashkenazi. They nailed Lieber for 6 felony financial offenses earlier this month. He is the 5G guy. Easy to do. Next they send him to hell for genocide with Fauci, Zelenski, et al in tow.

      2. Jerôme says

        Satanic jews, in simple language!

        1. Hostage (Raptar) Driver says

          Synagogue of Satan.

    2. D FERGi says

      The Link above contains a Virus.

    3. D FERGi says

      The Link above contains a Virus.

    4. Howard T. Lewis III says

      London, you are a legend in your own mind….How boring.

  2. Val says

    This speculative article is devoid of actualities, relative to what is REALLY going on NOW. To wit: 1/28/22

    Russia, Ukraine Agree to Uphold Donbas Ceasefire in “Tough” Negotiation That Excluded Biden and the US

    “On Wednesday, several high-ranking officials from Russia and Ukraine met in Paris, France to discuss the tense situation that has developed over the former Russian territory, holding what Moscow described as a “tough” negotiation. After a nerve-wracking eight-hour back and forth, the two sides agreed to put aside their differences and uphold a previously agreed upon ceasefire in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region. German and French officials were also present as arbiters for the seemingly highly-productive meeting. The quartet of countries had come together in 2014 and 2015 during the Donbas war to hammer out the original peace treaty, so they came together once again, attempting to find a workable solution for all parties that does not result in catastrophic conflict. The talks were held at the Elysee, the residence of French President Emmanuel Macron. In a statement, the Elysee said that the envoys “support unconditional respect for the ceasefire and full adherence to the ceasefire strengthening measures of July 22, 2020, regardless of differences on other issues relating to the implementation of the Minsk agreements.” After the meeting, Russian delegate Dmitry Kozak explained that “despite all the differences in interpretations [between Russia and Ukraine], we agreed that the ceasefire must be maintained by all the parties in line with the accords.” The four countries are set to resume talks in two weeks in Berlin, Germany. Until then, the prospect of war kicking off hot has gone ice cold, thanks to the unconditional nature of the peace agreement. Too bad, Warhawks. You’re gonna have to wait. Noticeably absent from the negotiations was the US, which has been essentially provoking conflict between the two countries and sending weapons to Ukraine covertly – despite having no legitimate national interest in the conflict. In fact, NATO doesn’t even want Ukraine to join the alliance. The country is viewed as corrupt and thought of as a burden if it were to join”. […]” | 

  3. Val says

    See also this pertinent material from June 2020: “Davos: Closed vs Open System Ideologies Clash Again” Matthew Ehret

    Extract: “Where one system promotes the trojan horse seeds of its own annihilation, the other promotes the seeds of fruitful new epochs of continual growth and discoveries both on the surface of the earth and also beyond, Matthew Ehret writes. […] While the Great Reset Architects are thoroughly committed to closed operating systems which demand computer models be imposed onto the world guiding a zero-growth policy towards total equilibrium and “entropy”, the multipolar alliance led by Xi and Putin are committed to “open system” thinking. […] Where the closed system/unipolar model demands the submission of governments to a totalitarian system of controls of “experts” who are “uniquely qualified” to control the diminishing rates of return of fixed resources, the open system/multipolar model demands a respect for sovereign nations and a focus upon the creation of new resources via scientific and technological progress. Where one is premised on a zero-sum game of win-lose behavior (aka: the survival of the fittest), the other is premised upon a non-zero-sum game of win-win cooperation. When confronted with ‘resource scarcity’ and ‘population growth’, closed system thinkers adopt a Malthusian view that population growth must be culled to adhere to mathematical models of “carrying capacity” in some imagined stated of “natural equilibrium” which said models demand must exist. (cont’d) […]’ |


     Feb 2021: “Putin Delivers Anti-Globalist Davos Speech. Macron Delivers Pro-Globalist Davos Speech” The Duran  [20:46]

     “The Duran: Episode 874 – Putin delivers anti-globalist Davos speech. Macron delivers pro-globalist Davos speech. Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris discuss.” […]” | Note: Two sides of one technocratic coin …. neither can find balance, with each other or alone. It’s part of the Galaxy Game, here.

    1. TZVI says


      “Russian troops began to massively leave the border areas with Ukraine.
      Подробнее на:

      Now if they leave the heavy equipment behind, to hedge bets, that will allow rapid deployment quickly, in case Ukraine decides to attack the LPR and DPR, or some other major provocation comes…AFAIK the ships and submarines are still out at sea.

      So for now it has the appearance of de-escalation, let’s see what is done by Hawkish NATO members.

  4. Juan says

    Stalin invaded Poland (got a bigger chunk than Germany), attacked Finland, the baltics, etc. after the non aggression pact, and we are supposed to believe he was IN NO WAY preparing to attack main Europe as “Icebreaker” told us. Sure, he was a victim all the time. Good “uncle Joe”, give him a posthumous Peace Price.

  5. Dave says

    I’m shocked! Who would think stuffing the whitehouse with satanic, Khazarian goblins (like Blinken) would trick the goyim of America into war with Christian Russia or any nation involved in Israel’s regional hegemony?

    1. Howard T. Lewis III says

      Ahem….City of London/British Empire hegemony.

  6. Eyes of Horus says

    It’s Biden for sure. Biden is a soaking wet sock puppet who is totally clueless and believes anything he’s told

    1. Howard T. Lewis III says

      He is also dead. Compare images of Creepy Joe 1995-2005 and images from 2020-2022. TWO or three different guys wearing rubber masks. Blue vs. hazel eyes.

  7. Howard T. Lewis III says

    Don’t argue over cat turds. Zelenski and Creepy Joe are parasitic swine. Imprison or render unto the devil.

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