The Purges Have Begun

"This is no longer about scientific confusion. This is starting to look like an old-fashioned political purge"

How this began: The virus was here (the US) already for months from 2019 and life went on normally.

Once the consciousness seeped in and the politicians panicked, we moved quickly from travel restrictions to lockdowns to mask mandates to domestic capacity restrictions to vaccine mandates. Somewhere along the way, we learned to classify people by profession, stigmatize the sick, then finally to demonize the noncompliant. It’s been 20 months of intensified controls, driven by political leaders from both parties, with precious little dissent from media organs.

The pace has been furiously fast but somehow just slow enough that people and media personalities adjust to the new, the cycle proceeds, last week’s shock becomes this week’s normal, and then politicians scramble to create the next big intervention, covering previous failures with new nostrums, all while ignoring or censoring opposing views.

Even hard-won scientific knowledge of 100 years – for example natural immunity – has been memory holed. We reference Orwell often because there is a dystopian feel to it all, describable best by reference to stories we only imagined through the help of books and movies. Hunger Games, Matrix, V for Vendetta, Equilibrium – they all come to mind.

The policies have been bad enough but the political polarization has been the real poison. In history, we’ve seen where this leads. New and random mandates from political leaders become loyalty tests. Compliant people are viewed as enlightened and obedient. The noncompliant are regarded as stupid and probably politically threatening. They are purgeable.

In this particular case, the mainstream media has argued for months that noncompliance correlates very closely with Trump support, which everyone knows is a civic sin of the highest order even though he won the presidency 5 years ago. This realization was an invitation to the Biden administration to ramp up its mandates, finding any and every means to get the federal bureaucracies to penetrate the policy walls to the states that exist under the Constitution.

They easily found the agency Occupational Safety and Health Administration, twisted a few words, and like magic discovered a basis on which to override state-based limits on vaccine mandates. It’s using medicine as a means of political punishment.

One tip-off of the political agenda here is that the data associations of the unvaxed by Trump support only work with 50 data points, meaning state boundaries, as Justin Hart has pointed out. Expand that out by county-level data with 3,000-plus data points and the correlation almost entirely disappears. Further, if you look at vaccination by race and income, you find very low compliance among voters usually associated with Democratic support. So the war on the “red states” being waged by the federal government today is really just about consolidating political support, state by state.

Regardless, the effects of the mandates are real and devastating for millions of people. People are losing their jobs because they are unwilling to go along. And all of this occurs in the midst of a chronic labor shortage: bosses are being told by the government to dismiss people from their jobs just when their companies are struggling for resources.

There are many reasons to refuse these mandates. The people with previous infections know that they have better immunities than they could get with a vaccine, and they want that to count even as the CDC refuses. This is particularly true of health care workers.

Others prefer the risk of Covid to the risks (and they exist) of the vaccine side effects. Others simply resist the demand that they pump their bodies with a medicine developed with tax dollars for which the private companies bear no liability at all. It feels like an invasion of the body that should never be tolerated by a free people. Some people still imagine themselves to be free to choose.

Their punishment for this is to lose their jobs.

The biggest impact will most immediately be felt in the state of New York. The governor – a new person named Kathleen Courtney Hochul to replace the previous bad guy – is all behind the Biden order. In particular, she is imposing this on health-care workers. As many as 70,000 people will lose their jobs as health-care workers even as hospitals are complaining about staffing shortages.

She has issued an executive order that contemplates forcing people who are enlisted in the National Guard to be deployed as scabs to replace the people who will be fired from their jobs. It’s hard to imagine how all of this will work. It comes very close to being a form of conscription in the health sector, replacing a voluntary system with a compulsory system. It’s not going to work out well for the patient.

The most shocking aspect of this is that it targets the very workers who put themselves on the line in the early days of the panic. The world cheered in the spring of 2020. New Yorkers stood outside their windows and sang songs as the staffing shifts took place. They banged pans in appreciation. Here were all kinds of nurses, technicians, and doctors who put themselves in harm’s way at a time when people were unsure of the risk profile of the disease itself.

And they gained natural immunity through exposure. They know what that means because they are all trained in virology. They know that nothing beats acquired immunity via exposure. Especially with a coronavirus with a changing profile, a vaccine cannot compare. That is precisely what 100% of the studies have shown since that time. And yet here we have governments imposing the shot on people who took the risk, gained the immunities, and now refuse to take another and potentially more deadly risk from the vaccine that operates not like vaccines of old.

A correspondent writes as follows:

“My wife is a triple board certified doctor in the Bronx. She worked at the hospital that had the highest Covid death rate in all of NYC. She went down hard w/Covid in April 2020 and missed two months of work. She recovered and went back. For 15 years she served the poor – underprivileged patients on welfare in the Bronx –  none of them had private insurance. She resigned on Friday and I could not be more proud of her.   She is not bowing to this tyranny. She tested her antibodies several times and they remain high. Please keep up this fight. Many many nurses took the vax against their will because they could not afford to miss a paycheck. These mandates must fail.”

As if things could not get more preposterous and terrifying, Governor Hochul channelled God himself to say that this vaccine is not only a healing sacramental but also morally obligatory for any true believer, a line to demarcate saints and sinners.

This is no longer about scientific confusion. This is starting to look like an old-fashioned political purge, whether justified by fake science or theology. It is happening at many levels of society. In Massachusetts, dozens of state troopers are resigning.

Health care workers in North Carolina are resigning. It’s happening in Nebraska, California, and many other areas of the country, and hospitals and many other industries are worried. Even Navy Seals are being told that they won’t be deployed if they don’t get the jab.

It is not lost on the Biden administration – this tactic seems to have been hatched in the summer – that this is harming their political enemies, not exclusively but predominantly. Apparently, no one really cares.

In academia, the problems are heating up. Todd Zywicki of George Mason University School of Law sued over the mandate – he proved that he had natural immunity – and won an individual concession from the school but the policy remained unchanged. He is just one person but there are thousands of others, most of whom are quiet about their plight. They don’t have lawyers. They are considering just giving in. They wonder what the point of resistance really is.

Among them are serious scientists who wake up daily wondering why we live in a world in which the denial of science has become required doctrine, and why they are being forced to choose between their principles and their income and profession. It’s a grim time, one we never imagined we would face in the modern world much less the US.

The party in power wants to remain in power forever, which is a story as old as time. The virus is the excuse of the day. The trouble is that they have been wrong in so many ways with so many victims that the whole scenario is unspeakable. We’ve been here before and the ultimate solution comes down to a choice between two paths for the ruling regime: admit the wrongdoing or purge those who believe things they should not.

It would appear that the latter position is the prevailing one. The vaccine mandate has become the tool of choice. Submit or see your job melt away. This is where we are today. And remember: we are not talking about smallpox. Nor are we talking about private companies exercising discretion. We are dealing here with a virus with a 99.8% survival rate and a vaccine that was oversold and has so far underdelivered.

Where is the human conscience in all of this? Does it even exist among the ruling class machine? What happened to the old and settled concern for civil liberties, scientific inquiry and truth, minority rights, and bodily integrity?

The political purge of institutions is part of a larger drive for purity in our society. Some have called it the new Puritanism. The moniker fits. It’s all about separating the clean from the unclean, defined by whatever the priority of the moment happens to be (biological, moral, political). What began as a push for a pathogen-free nation moved to become the stigmatization of the sick and then a push for universal vaccination, even though none of it makes sense: the jab does not protect well against either infection or spread.

The symbolic act of medicinal compliance easily becomes a physical sign of political compliance: the ID card. That then becomes the basis of the reductio ad absurdum, the political purge – an intensification of the mask mandate to become a needle mandate as a means of ferreting out dissidents.

Thus does this mandate fulfill the illiberalism of our current moment in civic life, and serve only to consolidate political power in the end. Pure is never pure enough, which is why Biden now says he demands 98% vaccination rates and even small children at near-zero risk are being roped in. All of this will be as ineffective in achieving its aims as the rest of the virus control strategies.

Over time, it only fuels public anger and builds a resistance force, and gives rise to new institutions determined to preserve and practice the precious right of human freedom.

Source: The Brownstone Institue

  1. ken says

    If they are dumping the nurses after making them hero’s no one is safe. Likely teachers are next although (IMO) they actually deserve being dumped considering the low quality product they are producing.

    Does anyone actually believe a governor in these disunited States has the authority to fire 20,000 nurses from private businesses?

    I’m sorry,,, no where in the federal constitution is there a health clause or any clause denying our rights and privileges s citizens.

    Since the constitution IS the highest law in the land then all these tyrants are operating under color of law. That is,,, they say they are lawful but they really are not. In federal statutes this is punishable by fines and/or death. 18 US Code 242. Read it,,, you will see it describes exactly what they are doing.

    These lunatics need removed from office and from society just like their brethren in WWII were in 1947 at Nuremberg.

    They claim laws passed give them the authority…. False! Hell,they seem to think any law passed is law until the Supremo’s vacate it. Not!!!

    Article 6 US constitution:
    “This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding.”

    So any law,,, any treaty,,, must be made pursuant to the constitution. The emergency laws they passed that they say makes their executive orders as law is flat out illegal and is color of law. And just because the Supremo’s haven’t vacated them doesn’t change it one bit. It simply implies they are in collusion.

    None of this will matter until we make it matter. Any governor writing executive orders as law are in direct violation the constitution and need immediately removed. The States police,,, the national guard, the standing army all have the authority by their required oaths to remove these harlots.

    If they don’t or won’t it then falls upon the unorganized militia…. us. They will claim you are breaking the law but you’re not. The constitution gives the militia specific powers to put down a insurrection. (Article 1 Section 8) It does not differentiate between a peoples insurrection or an insurrection by government traitors.

    1. Art says

      The CT governor is trying a new game. He’s forcing all the state workers to comply or lose pensions, and health benefits and seniority and of course paychecks. On the other hand, slight of hand at that, he is “allowing” nurses and only nurses to have a religious based exemption. Why if he or his medical henchmen actually believed there was a contagious deadly virus would they allow any exemptions? I suspect he thinks this will keep enough nurses in the game.

      If you’re familiar with the Milgram experiment you’ll see where this is going. During the Third Reich it was the nurses who did most of the killing through various means. All sweet people who were just following orders.

      I do think we have ethical health care workers, but Milgram showed how it’s hard to discern who and how many will commit atrocious crimes against humanity it subjected to the right controls/incentives.

      1. ken says

        Art,,, they’re keeping everyone confused and bickering. He has zero authority to do any of it.

        Problem is, no one is calling him on it an any serious way. That silence is their authority!

        The entire emergency legislation is unconstitutional. Nowhere in the constitution is there a emergency clause which nullifies the constitution. What they are doing is color of law.

        Think about it. They work for months writing a constitution that can be nullified in seconds by some clown that declares an emergency! It’s all bs.

        No,,, they got us intimidated but we are going to have to get over that if we want to keep our country.

  2. Helga Weber says

    Biden does not know what he is doing, it is the handlers that give the orders.
    Unfortunately we are all so used to our comforts, that we do not lift our butts.
    We think we can sit it out…..

  3. nnn says

    Zionist mafia runs the show

  4. Mr Reynard says

    The Purges Have Begun ?? Nahh.. Only when you can see them swinging from Lamp Posts on Pennsylvania Av , then you can say, the purges have begun …

    1. Raptar Driver says

      Agreed, what we need is a counter purge.

  5. Michele Baillie says

    Very similar to the fanaticism that resulted in the purges in Russia in 1917, isn’t it? ….it’s the same group of people too….take a look at U.S. Army Captain Montgomery Schuyler’s Report identifying who the people were…(who later went on to murder tens of millions of Russians.
    (they were financed by Jacob Schiff- a Banker in New York)

  6. john223 says

    It seems like these Democrat Politicians are NOT human beings. Looking at the image of K. Harris and J. Biden make me sick for they really are selected by the Banksters and Wallstreet. I am not fan of dumb Trump fan, but he did not believe in the scamdemic that is why he got kicked out. Well he got a taste of the same bankster medicine, for he was annointed POTUS by the banksters media six years ago. Now even the Catholic Pope is part of the scamdemic, unbelievable. This scamdemic is the saddest part of the history of mankind, since the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Well you don’t have to agree with me and it’s your God Given Right to disagree.The world wide world are bombarded by fear of a disease that is not as deadly as the flu. Perhaps a common cold. Now I believe why is Bill Gates got knighted by the Queen of Evil England.
    Because if anyone here really do a Sherlock Holmes of all the evils in the world, from Sikes/Picot, Balfour Declaration to WW 1 to WW2 to the present scamdemic. climate change scam and to future Carbon foot print ARE all centered to the evil Royal Family of England. But you only see them smiling and waving in front pages of famous magazines.

    1. Leisure Larry says

      Dem politicians front for the Jewish Establishment.
      The communist assault has always been a Jewish race war against Whites.

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