The NYT: Vaccine “Risk-Benefit Analysis” for Pregnant Women, Those Unlikely to Become Seriously Ill “Not Clear Cut”

The regime outlet admits: An unkown vaccine risk versus a known miniscule virus risk

The NYT publishes four articles from doctors under a “Four Ways to Fix the Vaccine Rollout” banner. One of them “Don’t Pressure the Vaccine-Hesitant” by doctors Peter Doshi and Jennifer Block admits there is no evidence vaccination makes sense for the vast majority of the world population:

For those unlikely to become seriously ill with Covid, the vaccines’ risk-benefit analysis is not clear cut. Nor is it obvious for groups that were excluded from the trials, such as pregnant women and immunocompromised individuals. Then there are the millions of people who have already been infected and acquired immunity.

Between those who are unlikely to become seriously ill (80 percent of the population), those not included in the trials (children, pregnant women, the elderly to a large extent) and those who have already been infected (or came into contact with it but proved resistant) you’re talking about nearly everyone.

For almost everyone it’s a mild, flu-like disease. Why take an unnecessary vaccine based on never before tried technology?

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  1. ken says

    True for any real virus with a extremely low kill rate. But when you have an alleged virus they had to beg, borrow, kill,,, lie, cheat, steal,,, relabel, and mislabel just to get a kill rate at all,,, you know it’s a scam. Yeah,,, Right,,, Sure, the flu has disappeared!

    Then when they use a test (PCR) in a manner where even the inventor of the test stated it should not be used,,, it’s a scam.

    Then when they say masks will reduce contagion you absolutely, positively, most assuredly know it’s a scam. Even your local MD is lying out his/her ass when going along with this. That alone should be an indicator of their qualifications. For them it’s the bribes governments are offering.

    The really sad part is while some are demanding proof that lock downs work, proof that distancing works, proof that the mislabeled vaccines work,,, while amazingly stating the virus exists even though the CDC and WHO admit it’s never been properly isolated and no complete genome of the “actual virus causing the symptoms” has been completed.

    Which lead to the obvious question,,, how did they design the vaccine. And how can they call it a vaccine when it does not meet the legal criteria laid out for vaccines. It only takes a hour or so to establish all this is true. Is your life worth you not wanting to verify this? There is a doctor in South Florida that would tell you it’s a scam but the poor soul died three days after taking the shot. Many, up to 80%, are having reactions to this shot. Again, Is your life worth it?

    If they get away with this then they will be able to push the supposed mutations or maybe another fake virus to accomplish this or any other agenda.

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