The New COVID Fines Could Destroy Your Life

"A £4,000 fine would be a staggering 16-week salary for someone in the bottom fifth of earnings"

Bad veggies! (Australia)

Individuals who break the new coronavirus self-isolation regulations face fines of £1,000. Worse, if an ‘authorised person’ considers you were ‘reckless’ in coming into contact with someone, the fine becomes a crushing £4,000. The rules apply to anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19, or who has come into close contact with someone who has tested positive.

In any year, £1,000 or £4,000 fines are enough to break most UK households financially. But this is a year of rising unemployment, salary cuts and businesses running at half-mast. ONS data show that average disposable income (after tax and benefits) was £30,800 per year before lockdown. For the poorest fifth of Brits, this was just £13,100. Even prior to the current recession – the deepest in modern times – disposable income was falling by more than four per cent each year.

Some will believe these new fines are appropriate to deter people from breaking self-isolation and endangering others. Can’t afford it? Don’t break the rules. I’m sure that YouGov could find a sizeable chunk of people who think the fines don’t go far enough. But there are serious issues here of proportionality and fairness.

The police have never before had the power to issue such large fines to individuals, and there are good reasons for this. Normally, fixed-penalty notices are £100 or £200. For example, driving distracted could land you a £100 on-the-spot fine. The fine can only be higher (increasing to up to £5,000) if it is issued by a court. To keep fines within people’s means, some are linked to salary, typically limited to 50 or 75 per cent of a weekly wage. But a £4,000 fine would be a staggering 16-week salary for someone in the bottom fifth of earnings.

There is simply no equivalent in modern Britain to the self-isolation fines. They have more in common with the ‘Weregild’ and ‘blood money’ of the Dark Ages than any modern-day fixed-penalty notice. ‘Recklessly’ leaving self-isolation and potentially transmitting the virus will cost you about the same as murdering a ‘non-prospering Welshman’ would have in the 9th century. Welcome to neo-feudal justice.

‘These fines have been set in order to put the fear of God into people… £1,000 is enough to ruin most households’ income for a year’, Stephen Jackson, solicitor at Jackson Osborne, tells me. Jackson set up Law or Fiction, a website which helps citizens to understand their legal rights during the lockdown.

‘The real issue’, he says, ‘is that the level of these fines is simply unaffordable for the vast majority. How many people have £4,000 in their bank account ready to pay within 28 days? A court will have to decide whether to imprison them for failure to pay or whether to issue a further notice for payment over a longer period of time. It’s disproportionate.’

So what counts as ‘reckless’ according to the regulations? It appears to be entirely for the ‘authorised person’ to decide. And who is the ‘authorised person’? It could be a police officer, a public-health officer, or it could be anyone designated by the local authority. As Jackson points out in his explanation of the regulations, it could be a traffic warden re-deployed as a Covid marshal.

Does this person with a clipboard care about the balance of harms at play here? He or she will individually wield the power to ruin someone financially. Will the ‘authorised person’ have a target number of fines to issue, as other officials sometimes do? At a time when some local authorities are on the brink of bankruptcy, fixed-penalty notices could be quite an earner.

We can always hope that these ‘authorised persons’ will exercise sensible discretion and compassion. But the behaviour of the authorities has not always been edifying during the pandemic so far. In an environment in which ministers have asked the British public to snitch on their neighbours and police have already fined businesses for the tiniest breaches of the curfew laws, it looks as if there is a desire to flex these punitive muscles.

Last week marked the 20th anniversary of the Human Rights Act. In the same week, these new self-isolation regulations came into force. Arguably, they could go against Article 5 of the Human Rights Act, which is supposed to protect an individual’s freedom from unreasonable detention. The act does contain an exemption for those capable of spreading an infectious disease. But given the unreliability of Covid-19 tests, and the fact that Covid is not a serious disease for the vast majority of people, this exemption seems pretty unreasonable in this case.

We know that PCR tests are incredibly sensitive, and given Covid’s low prevalence in the population at this stage of the pandemic, a significant number of results could be false positives. As Jackson says, ‘How can people be detained in their homes with no exercise and access to medical services’ on the basis of such a test? ‘These fines have no relation to culpability or harm’, he argues. People are being deprived of their liberty based on a test result that may be wrong, and there is no right to ask for a second test to confirm the result.

We need to be clear about this. It’s not self-isolation if it’s enforced on pain of a £1,000 or £4,000 fine – it is incarceration.

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  1. voza0db says

    Don’t waste time on “street protests”… During the lovely nights go fuck some copigs houses! That will teach them not to side with the TERRORISTS in office.

  2. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

    Maybe Bre Kidman would let them use guillotines as a sign of devotion.

  3. Inferior says

    Well with all that being said, i don’t see any uprising at all. So brace yourself for worse because they would do to you whatever they please.

    1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      And we’ll return the favor…

  4. Padraigin Eagle says

    COVERT Swines: Fake disease, mind control propaganda if you please, take care that you don’t sneeze, 666 feet apart and on your knees, none dead nor dying, and plenty of asheep sheared and chopped, can you smell the barbecuing/braaing, ‘incarceration’, 100 percent correct, prison plane, martial law up and down the lane, the only ‘virus’ is fear, that potentially fatal disturbance that clear thinking and ability to discern does infect, the muzzle core to the enslavement puzzle, the mark of the beast on the face and in the hand (‘cell’ smart phone), soon to be be vaccine inserted by Dr Gates and Mel the man!

    https://www. lewrockwell. com/2020/08/gary-d-barnett/the-voluntary-end-of-america-due-to-a-coronavirus-hoax/

    https://www. lewrockwell. com/2020/08/gary-d-barnett/the-coronavirus-response-is-pure-state-terrorism-based-on-propaganda/

  5. Undecider says

    And then at some point, the people will have had enough.

    1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      They need to do that before they die in a genocide…

    2. voza0db says

      It seems that “some point” is very far away!

  6. Иван says

    At least angloland never pretended to be a free country.

    1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      Democracies are never free countries, which is why American was founded as a constitutional republic instead of a democracy, which it was never meant to be.

      1. Иван says

        Depends on your definition of a democracy. The conventional, Greek definition of ‘people rule’ is a republic. But if you think of democracy as chaotic mob rule, than it’s a different story.
        Main problem with democratic republic is wealth-power. Democratic republics often corrupted or simply purchased by wealthy parasites.

        1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

          Democratic republic is an oxymoron.

          1. Иван says

            Agreed. Just highlighting conventional definition of a republic.

  7. ke4ram says

    “We know that PCR tests are incredibly sensitive,…”

    Wrong, their incredibly useless for diagnoses. The average cycles used in a PCR is 37. The higher the cycles the higher the positives. The average they use today is 45 which will spit out about a 99%positive rate. This then is used by the insane politicians as fuel for even harsher edicts. Notice the death rate not increasing by near as much as the Fake Cases.

    What will it take to get the face diaper morons to realize they’re marks being conned? Especially dumbshit Australians! Dictator Andrews need to decorate a lamp pole.

    This is NOT a Covid 19 Pandemic… it is a PCR Test Scamdemic.

    1. Иван says

      COVID is a WHO force volume designation of disease caused by entire strain of corona viruses ranging from deadly bio-weapons to simple flu. Obviously you going to get many positives if you test for everything corona-like. Name of a deadly pathogen they stored in BSL4 lab is nCov
      Renaming it and forcing the new name on to the public with use of propaganda is similar to tagging Daesh terrorist group as ‘ISIS’ It is done to lead people who wish to do their own research onto false trail.

    2. Bob avlon says

      The women who invented the PCR test has come out and said it can detect any small strain of influenza which is counted as positive covd19. good one Batman.

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