The Netherlands Says Russian Jets Spent Hours Practicing Mock Attacks on Its Frigate in the Black Sea

The vessel had visited Odessa with HMS Defender and is an escort for British carrier Queen Elizabeth

The Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands has accused Russian fighters of flying dangerously close to the Dutch frigate Evertsen in the Black Sea, creating an unsafe situation.

According to the Dutch Ministry of Defense, the incident “occurred last Thursday, when the warship stayed southeast of Crimea”.

“The planes repeatedly harassed the Evertsen between 3:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. local time,” the Dutch top brass alleged.

“They flew dangerously close by and low [over the frigate], performing feint attacks. The fighters were armed with bombs and air-to-surface missiles intended to strike targets from the air,” the Defense Ministry of the Netherlands claimed. On top of that, the frigate suffered disruptions of its electronic equipment after the flyover, it added.

The Dutch side claims that Russia violated the right to free shipping through its actions, as well as bilateral accords, including the agreement on preventing incidents at sea that is aimed at ruling out unsafe maritime situations. “The Evertsen sailed on the open sea in international waters,” Ship Commander Lieutenant-Captain George Pastoor claimed.

“There was no reason whatsoever for these aggressive actions. Despite this, the mock attacks continued for several hours. It was irresponsible and unsafe behavior at sea,” he alleged.

The frigate Evertsen is part of the British carrier strike group led by the UK Navy’s destroyer Defender.

Russian Navy keeping close watch on Italian warship in Black Sea

The Russian Black Sea Fleet is keeping a close watch on the Italian Navy’s guided missile frigate Virginio Fasan that has entered the Black Sea, Russia’s National Defense Control Center reported on Thursday.

“The Black Sea Fleet’s forces and capabilities have started to track the Italian Navy’s guided missile frigate Virginio Fasan that entered the Black Sea on July 1,” the National Defense Control Center said.

Currently, the Sea Breeze 2021 international military drills are running in the Black Sea with the participation of Ukraine and NATO member states. The largest maneuvers in more than 20 years will last until July 10. According to the data of the US side, the drills involve 32 countries, about 5,000 personnel, 32 warships, 40 aircraft and 18 land-and sea-based special operations groups.

Source: TASS

  1. ken says

    Exactly where is the Netherlands border on the Black Sea? I have looked but don’t see it. For that matter I don’t see the UK or the US border either.

    Now it’s obvious they are pushing Russia’s buttons,,, but why? There are several thousand men on these boats that would die if they pushed the right button. Obviously the West could care less about the lives lost… but over the Crimea that belonged to Russia for hundreds of years. This is bullshit.

    The Ukraine fascists have lost half of their country passing idiotic laws alienating different groups. Since they apparently don’t like these groups then those groups have the right to defend themselves and breakaway which is what they have done.

    Note to the US fascists. You are doing the same to the Caucasians. Tread softly….

  2. SteveK9 says

    Maybe they would like a little cheese with that whine.

  3. SteveK9 says

    Maybe they designed the exercise to give … Russia some pratice?

  4. Sally Mixed says

    Finally I found a site that doesn’t censor comments that are ‘off the CIA’s talking points’, and that doesn’t promote NSA-like puppets such as Corbett, like the Off-guardian do.

  5. GMC says

    Ya sure, We are just spending a hundred thousand bucks , to ” Visit Odecca”. LOL What happens if Russia sinks every war ship in the Black Sea ? Will Nato, EU or the USA send some more into the Chernai More’ ? I don’t think so ! Game over for the Sea route – How about Nato sending their paratroopers into the Donbass or Crimea ? OOps – Game over ! How about the Polsky’s sending their tanks into Belarus or Калининград ? OOps game over ! Oh , next up – the Nukes go flying into Crimea , Donbass. Moscow ? OOps – European capitals – totally Glassed. Game over ! I’m sure the owner of A E could elaborate , much better than I could. oo dah chee

    1. Jerry Hood says

      GMC= Chernoe More…Polsky’s? Nay= Polaks…EU capitals glassed only? Fashington,District of Crimminals shall be ” glassed” First!!!!

      1. GMC says

        Spacibo -Jerry !

  6. Jerry Hood says

    That Virgin Fas( in Hungarian= prick) should go to the bottom of the Black Sea….No one invited them there, and Italia( cattles) is far way from there…It is clear provocations, the USraeli zionazis using anyone involved in North American Terrorist Organisation( NATO)….

    1. Jerry Hood says

      Lost Dutchmen? Nay, they have modern navigation to provoke Mother Russia -to respond by some Kinzhal missiles….Lost Dutchmen on the bottom of the Black Sea? Azov Sea???

      1. Mr Reynard says

        Flying Dutchman ???

  7. john mason says

    If you cant take the heat then don’t antagonize or stir up trouble. Dutch are in the same fold as the UK; a has been power now trying to look important.

  8. Ultrafart the Brave says

    “The fighters were armed with bombs and air-to-surface missiles intended to strike targets from the air,”

    The Dutch feelings have been hurt by the Russians equipping their military jets with the armaments that they were designed to carry, in the Russians’ own back yard.

    Apparently the Dutch feel entitled to the exclusive right to brandish their weapons on another country’s borders.

    Is anyone sensing a pattern of behaviour here? “They cry out in pain as they strike their opponents”.

    1. Raptar Driver says

      I have noticed, that is a very feminine tactic.

    2. Mr Reynard says

      Rumour is that, all the Dutch sailors dropped to their knees & thanked the Lord that it was only a mock attack ? Then went to change their diapers ..

  9. Raptar Driver says

    Never turn down a good opportunity.

  10. Malatok says

    The orange cheese heads like the Britland mob from damp Pirate Rock imagine that planet sheeple is still in the 17th century when these cut-throat pirates and brigands were slaughtering and looting far and wide in their scum laden wooden tubs.

    The gender mutant retards in cheeese ville need to grasp the fact that Mr. Bear will whupp some major a$$, in fact all the mutant retard a$$ that Natostan capo di capo USSA can still get the Chinese to continue funding as the evil anglozionazi empire of filth and its fiat filth IOU Saudi Mercan toilet paper dollah get flushed down the crud caked bowl of its evil history. Cheese heads wake up because your days of orange degeneracy are coming to the end.

  11. Reginald Martin says

    You are in there backyard and complaining while here at home domestic terrorist activities are being conducted daily by special Americans we are close to the end of times and you dummies are messing with them stupid.

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