The Middle East May Yet Destroy Trump

Fools rush in...

President Trump will easily be acquitted in the senate trial.  This may occur this week and there will probably be no witnesses called.  That will be an additional victory for him and will add to the effect of his trade deal victories and the general state of the US economy.  These factors should point to a solid victory in November for him and the GOP in Congress.

Ah!  Not so fast the cognoscenti may cry out.  Not so fast.  The Middle East is a graveyard of dreams:

1. Iraq. Street demonstrations in Iraq against a US alliance are growing more intense. There may well have been a million people in Muqtada al-Sadr’s extravaganza. Shia fury over the death of Soleimani is quite real. [More like the Iraqi anger over their troops.] Trump’s belief that in a contest of the will he will prevail over the Iraqi Shia is a delusion, a delusion born of his narcissistic personality and his unwillingness to listen to people who do not share his delusions.  A hostile Iraqi government and street mobs would make life unbearable for US forces there.

2  Syria. The handful of American troops east and north of the Euphrates “guarding” Syrian oil from the Syrian government are in a precarious position with the Shia Iraqis at their backs across the border and a hostile array of SAA, Turks, jihadis and potentially Russians to their front and on their flanks.

3. Palestine. The “Deal of the Century” is approaching announcement. From what is known of its contours, the deal will kill any remaining prospects for Palestinian statehood and will relegate all Palestinians (both Israeli citizens and the merely occupied) to the status of helots forever. Look it up. In return, the deal will offer the helotry substantial bribes in economic aid money. Trump evidently continues to believe that Palestinians are untermenschen. He believes they will sell their freedom. The Palestinian Authority has already rejected this deal. IMO their reaction to the imposition of this regime is likely to be another intifada.

Some combination of the disasters that may emerge from these ME factors might well turn Trump’s base against him and this result would be entirely of his own making. 

Source: Sic Semper Tyrannis

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  2. Jozo Magoc says

    Pisses me off the Rus.Putin cowardice with zionist thugs!!

  3. CHUCKMAN says

    One almost hopes, but of course any trouble for him in the Middle East means a lot misery and pain for many innocent people.

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