The Masses Are Stealing Hospital Masks and Heading to the ER for the Common Cold

Hospitals are being corona hype

Governments have the masses so hyped up about COVID-19 that masks are being stolen from hospitals and many are heading to the emergency room for colds.

So the government-created hysteria is making it even more difficult for crony-connected bureaucratic hospitals that have an incentive right now to cry crisis!

Joshua Bennett  emails:

I thought you might find interesting a text from a friend of mine here in Fairbanks, from his daughter, who is a nurse here.

“ ***** said its madness at the hospital.  They are out of masks, IV bags, gloves and many consumables. She is going to stay in town with another nurse as they have had a lot of patients.  Many are coming in with colds demanding service. She said crazy there. “

“She said she hoped there wouldn’t be any real tragedy as they are out of a lot of stuff. People are coming in and stealing masks. They are going to put guards at the doors.”

She also said, “ I’m thinking of starting to stay with a single coworker so I don’t come home and infect the kids. Not to mention, people are being belligerent. Demanding to be tested because they have a runny nose. Like, stay home.

They’re infecting all of US, and then stealing the few masks and gloves from the hospital so we’re even less protected. We’ve had to start locking up our PPE and posting security guards at the entrances. When I’m at work I get my temp tested twice a shift.”

The last thing my friend said was that his wife was making masks for their daughter.

Source: Target Liberty

  1. Per says
    check her tineye link…
    manufacturing propaganda 1o1

  2. Aurum Cimex says

    It really is impossible to under estimate the intelligence of a mass of people. They watch a few minutes of MSM, don’t use any logic to assess if the propaganda is true, or even possible, then beg the government to save them and when that doesn’t happen start killing each other for scraps. That is why the elite gets away with all that they do of course.

    1. tim says

      Elete you mean Jews

  3. Jozo Magoc says

    If they had eliminated the AIPAC jews when they left their meeting,there wouldn’t be a one case of Covid-19 in the US!!!

  4. ke4ram says

    and they are counted as having CV

    1. Jozo Magoc says

      No,but they are getting circumcised, and afterwards,they will claim in hospitals a special,” God chosen” treatments!

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