The Herald: The Boosted and the Double-Jabbed More Likely to Get COVID Than the Uninjected

And the double-jabbed more likely to die and be hospitalized. Negative efficiency finally in the MSM

DOUBLE-JABBED Scots are now more likely to be admitted to hospital with Covid than the unvaccinated amid an increase in elderly people falling ill due to waning immunity.

It comes amid “weird” data showing that case rates have been lower in unvaccinated individuals than the single, double, or even triple-jabbed since Omicron became the dominant variant in Scotland.

The counterintuitive data from Public Health Scotland (PHS) contradicts previous pandemic trends which have consistently shown infection, hospitalisation and death rates to be highest among the unvaccinated.

However, one expert stressed that the patterns probably reflect factors such as Omicron initially transmitting in more affluent communities. [Of course they’ll make a million excuses.]

“It does appear weird until you start breaking things down,” said Professor Rowland Kao, chair of veterinary epidemiology and data science at Edinburgh University.

According to the latest PHS report, the Covid death rate has been consistently higher since December 4 in the double-jabbed compared to the unvaccinated – but much lower in the triple-jabbed.

The report defines a Covid death as “an individual who has tested positive by PCR for SARS-CoV-2 [the coronavirus which causes Covid] at any time point and has Covid-19 listed as an underlying or contributory cause of death on the death certificate”.

In the final week of December, the death rate was 7.06 per 100,000 among the double-jabbed compared to 4.79 per 100,000 in the unvaccinated, and 0.21 per 100,000 in the triple-vaccinated.

In the week ending January 7, the hospitalisation rate was also twice as high in the double-jabbed compared to the unvaccinated – 130 admissions per 100,000 versus 59 per 100,000 – but fell to just 15 per 100,000 in the triple-jabbed.

The admissions data does not differentiate between patients in hospital ‘because of’ Covid and those who tested positive while being treated for other ailments, but PHS said the high hospitalisation rate for double-vaccinated individuals is being driven by increasing admissions among over-70s who are not yet boosted and whose immunity is waning.

It added: “In other age groups the rates remain lower for those with two doses compared to those with one dose or unvaccinated.

“This group of individuals aged 70-plus who have had two doses of vaccine but have not yet had a booster may include some very vulnerable individuals.”

The number of over-70s being admitted to hospital with Covid has surged from 131 in the week ending December 14 to 370 in the week ending January 4.

While uptake has been strong, around 38,500 adults over 70 in Scotland are still due boosters.

The report also shows that during the three weeks to January 7, Covid case rates were consistently lowest in the unvaccinated population.

Preliminary data for last week – which is age-standardised to adjust for the fact that younger people are more likely than older adults to be unvaccinated – shows a Covid case rate of 11 per 1000 in the unvaccinated group compared to 15 per 1000 for those who had received a booster or third dose, and 25 per 1000 for the double-vaccinated cohort.

People are defined as being triple-jabbed if they test positive for Covid more than 14 days after their booster, ruling out explanations such as people contracting the virus in crowded queues at vaccine hubs in the run up to Christmas.


Source: The Herald 

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    What is it going to be, Marjanovic? Is “anti”Empire going to call a CIA stooge a “hero”, exposing its (blatantly obvious to anyone with a brain) true allegiance, or is it going to demote him to the outer darkness? What is it going to be?

    1. EstibenDelMar says

      even out-of-work clocks give the correct time twice. You know the world is not black or white. Bolsonaro can well walk both sides and when he does a “correct” thing i reckon its fair to praise him. He is probably not being truthful about his position on the vax or maybe, just like osama bin laden or noriega in panama, the cia stooges are done with their masters.

      1. Maiasta says

        He certainly is being truthful about his position on the vaccine. Unfortunately, he is opposed by Brazil’s Supreme Court, which is full of vaccine-fanatical pimps, who are well accustomed to flagrantly violating the country’s constitution.

  2. Rebel Forever says

    Don’t ya just love that shit-eatin grin of the monster-nerd Gates!

  3. ken says

    What part of “Does not prevent infection or transmission” do the morons not understand? This is straight from the CDC, WHO and manufacturers.

    Then idiots like Biden spout that you won’t catch the covid if you are injected. Other morons claim it’s the injected that’s spreading the fake disease when the majority are injected. Even in 6th grade biology, when they used to teach basic stuff rather than anal sex, we learned that one had to be sick to spread the disease.This Asymptomatic BS is a load of crap. Even typhoid Mary had symptoms if you bother to read the history.

    Studies have proven that children completely free from vaccines are far more healthy than the poor multi jabbed bastards. These shots have caused much misery and yet they keep pushing them. Autism used to be extremely rare,,, now commonplace.

    In the workspace I noticed right away the jabbed missed far more work than the unjabbed from this or that illness but the employer just wanted them to get even more shots, boosters etc.

    From kindergarten through university we are taught that vaccines are needed. This brain washing is causing many diseases and much crippling. The brain washed won’t even believe VAERS,,, a system maintained by CDC. All of a sudden it’s all ‘misinformation’ when it fully shows the covid injections are extremely dangerous. Now the lunatics are lining their children up for the shots and boosters.

    Once again, what part of “DOES NOT PREVENT INFECTION OR TRANSMISSION” do they not understand!

    Its mind boggling!!!!

  4. EstibenDelMar says

    just posted the original article of the herald on my FB and it got fact checked cause of lack of “context” according to fact checkers.

  5. Mark says

    As written this is merely an argument for timed shots stretching to infinity, probably at six-month intervals. The article claims the death rate is higher in the double-jabbed than in the unvaccinated…but MUCH LOWER in those who have received a third ‘booster’ shot. The money is not in a smash-and-grab campaign to vaccinate the world with two shots. The steady income is in imposing a neverending mandate for regular ‘maintenance’ injections, and always was.

    1. Mark says

      And as soon as the report says “tested positive by PCR” you might as well disregard all subsequent information, because the PCR is not a test and its ‘results’ are not credible. Public-health quacks were supposed to stop using it as a ‘gold standard’ as of December 31st, but it looks like they are going to go with the argument that they don’t have a suitable replacement. It’s just so useful for stoking panic.

  6. Mr Reynard says

    I wonder ?? Will he smile like that ?? With a rope around his neck & standing on a trap ??

  7. anonymous says

    This article like so many of this type, is less than useless (as if it supports any counter narrative)… by PHS’s own admission the ‘stats’ are based on a metric that is itself an absurdity… to wit: a covid positive test within 28 days of dying by totally unrelated causes… because most of these deaths will be the already seriously ill, people dying from ‘vaccine’ side effects and of course general winter respiratory illness..

    the propagandists caveat being that the, ahem, ‘boosted’ are doing well (for the time being)….

    so run along and get your booster you imbeciles… the more perspicacious amongst us will wait for some solid factual data, not a collection of meaningless flawed statistics..

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