The French Are Making the First Traditional Covid Vaccine That Is Neither mRNA, Viral Vector, or Protein-Based

Dead virus injection like what they've got for polio and the rest

“It also contains two adjuvants, alum and CpG 1018”

Editor’s note: That’s great that it’s a traditional vaccine and all, but still, if you’re not in a risk group, what would be the point?

The Valneva Covid vaccine that the UK cancelled a 100m dose order for last month, works well at priming the immune system to fight coronavirus, phase three trial results suggest.

Blood results from volunteers who received the jab had high levels of neutralising antibodies against the pandemic virus.

It outperformed the AstraZeneca vaccine on this measure in head-to-head tests.

Valneva is seeking regulatory approval for its jab, manufactured in Scotland.

It is an inactivated whole virus vaccine, meaning it contains a dead version of coronavirus that cannot cause disease. This is the same way that flu and polio vaccines are made.

French pharmaceutical company Valneva said the vaccine had a “neutralising antibody seroconversion rate above 95%” and there were no severe cases of Covid seen in the trial despite variants, such as Delta, being in circulation.

Lead investigator Prof Adam Finn, of the University of Bristol, said the results, shared in a press release, were both “impressive and extremely encouraging”.

“These results suggest this vaccine candidate is on track to play an important role in overcoming the pandemic,” he said.

Valneva hopes to initially get the jab approved for those aged between 18 and 55, based on the age range of people in the trial.

The company said it has begun the vaccine approval process with the UK’s health regulator, and is preparing to submit a request with the European Medicines Agency.

Valneva said the UK government had served a notice to the firm, over allegations of a breach of the agreement. The vaccine manufacturer “strenuously” denied any breach.

Prof Penny Ward, a pharmaceutical expert at King’s College London, said: “As we know the UK government is in dispute with Valneva having cancelled the UKs order of up to 100million doses, placed by the Vaccines Taskforce in 2020, in September.

“The results today suggest that this decision might yet be regretted, but because of it Valneva might be able to provide an immediate supply of this vaccine for other countries struggling with the freezer shipping requirements of other, more expensive, vaccines. Good news for Covax and countries still awaiting supplies.”

Source: BBC

Gun to the head, is this the one you take?
  1. Torontonian3 says

    Why do you have to take one? If you believe this information BOY you are not paying attention– they all lie. Use what you came in with– your natural immunity.

  2. ken says

    Red Flag folks!

    I wouldn’t believe any government or pharma drug lords. If they told me the sky was blue I’d go out and check. It isn’t exactly like they have been honest with anything. By now these people have burnt any credibility they ever had.

    Secondly,,, where did they get the virus from since it hasn’t been purified to a single virus and no genome sequence has yet been obtained. Since they have no live virus, how do they have a dead virus. And consider they have not been able to make a conventional vaccination against the corona virus. (common cold) It mutates too fast.

    I would be very surprised if they let you off the hook considering the incredible tyranny and bullshit they been pushing the last 20 months. They will do and say anything to get you lined up for the shot.

    And then there’s the BBC. Really! Now you’re gonna take their word! okaaaaay…..

    Danger Will Robinson!

    1. yuri says

      for you the sky is yellow because govt tells you it is blue–idiot

      1. Field Empty says

        No name-calling. That’s the only rule the comment section has, observe it.

  3. Ron says

    It might be the perfect vaccine but do you need it for a disease with a 99.95+% survival rate? I’ll stick with ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and budesonide (in case of lung inflammation).

  4. Dale says

    Perhaps a less deadly jab for a non-existent pathogen ?

  5. drb says

    They will just go heavier on the graphene oxide…

  6. ian says

    There is no “live virus”, isolated, purified or still in the “host”. Any book on biology, however basic, will tell you that viruses are not alive. They are dead genetic sequences that allegedly exist to invade living cells to make lots of dead copies of themselves. If that makes sense to you then I have a holiday cottage on the moon for sale – interested?

  7. William White says

    On the bandwagon! I want the Scottish one!

  8. Pourquoi ? says

    It’s not advertised in France. I’m discovering this right here right now.

  9. silver9blue says

    If its like for example a polio vaccine then it must of been isolated and its make up known but as yet no one has stated this that I know of.

  10. geo says

    How can be made a so-called vaccine to fight against WHAT EXACTLY???
    you cannot have specific tests for a virus without knowing the components of the virus you are trying to detect. And the components cannot be known without having previously isolated/purified that virus.

    –      none of the seven “human coronaviruses” have actually been isolated
    –      and all the sequences of the primers of their respective PCRs
    –      as well as those of a large number of fragments of their supposed genomes
    are found in different areas of the human genome and in genomes of bacteria and archaea, such as these:

    –    Shwanella marina JCM,
    –    Dialister succinatiphilus,
    –    Lactobacillus porcine,
    –    Lactobacillus manihotivorans,
    –    Leptospira sarikeiensis,
    –    Bizionia echini,
    –    Sanguibacteroides justesenil,
    –    Bacteroides massiliensis,
    –    Lacinutrix venerupis,
    –    Moraxella bovis,
    –    Leptospira saintgironsiae,
    –    Winogradskyella undariae,
    –    Acetobacterium puteale,
    –    Chryseobacterium hispanicum,
    –    Paenibacillius koleovorans,
    –    Tamiana fuccidanivorans,
    –    Fontibacillua panacisegetis,
    –    Ru bacter ruber ,
    –    Skemania piniformis,
    –    Chryseobacterium shigense,
    –    Caloramator peoteoclasticus,
    –    Cellulosilyticum ruminicola,
    –    Nitrosopumilius evryensis
    and a long list of others

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