The Flu Has Dropped Off From the Face of the Earth. Even So More US Children Died of It in 2020 Than From COVID

In fact, 2020 has seen 2,000 (7 percent) fewer child deaths than recent years

110 deaths of children under 15 in the US since January 1st “involved COVID”. 154 “involved influenza”, 460 “involved pneumonia”.

The black death? Not so much. Not only was COVID involved in substantially fewer U-15 deaths, but influenza deaths still outnumbered COVID deaths despite the fact that since March 2020 the flu has dropped off from the face of the Earth.

Ie in just the first three months of 2020 more children died with flu (and it wasn’t even a bad flu year) than did with COVID in the entire year.

For the U-15s COVID is only one-sixth as dangerous as the flu, and a mild flu strain in an unremarkable flu year at that.

In fact despite the COVID black death, overall 2,000 fewer children died in 2020 than in prior years, for a very statistically significant 7 percent drop.

Between January and mid-November, about 2,500 fewer children in the U.S. died last year compared with the average of the three years prior—a drop of about 9%. However, demographers caution that the 2020 tally is almost certainly undercounted due to lags in reporting. As the death records get updated in the coming weeks, the second half of 2020 will likely start to look more like the first half of the year, which clocked a 7% drop. That would put the yearly deficit at about 2,000 deaths below the 2017 to 2019 average.

For children trading in the flu for the pantsy COVID has been a massive win.

Or better put, it would have been a massive win but for the reaction of their parents to sacrifice them to their idiotic fear and virtue-signaling:

The problem, though, is that, in future years, we may see child mortality increase on a global scale due to the pandemic lockdowns of 2020 (and, perhaps, 2021). For instance, water safety advocates say that declined enrollment in swim programs coupled with a surge in demand for private pools could lead to more drownings. Also, delays in vaccinations for things like measles, fueled by school closures and suspended immunization campaigns in dozens of countries, could cause outbreaks of serious but otherwise preventable diseases. And reduced access to prenatal care during the shutdown could negatively affect fetal health.

On top of those concerns, stressors such as income losses, social isolation and ongoing health problems also could have lasting effects. “One cannot rule out the fact that the economic and social consequences of the pandemic on women of reproductive ages and their children had a detrimental impact on their health,” says Barbieri, whose preliminary research suggests that child mortality around the time of the 2008 economic recession increased among the poorest segments of the population.

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  1. ken says

    They wouldn’t be relabeling flu as covid would they? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaa Not our caring loving tyrants like Coumo, Newsom and Wolfie. Gee,,, what excellent examples of humanity. Soon Biden and Queen bee will be ‘inaugurated’ and show us how much they love and care for us.

    Anyone think articles showing the con will work to make the Covid Commie Politicians (CCP) cease and desist are missing the entire point of the green cult scam.

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