The Father of Russia’s COVID Vaccine Accuses 80% Russia’s Hospitalized Vaccinated of Being Secretly Unvaccinated

Get the vaccine, end up in hospital anyway, get accused of a felony

Gintsburg (historically also transliterated as Günzburg) heads Russia’s Gamelaya Institute which created the world’s first Covid vax.

About 80% of citizens who say that they were vaccinated with “Sputnik V”, but at the same time fell ill with a new coronavirus infection in a severe form, bought a vaccination certificate. This opinion was expressed by TASS director of the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology of the name N.F. Gamaleya, Alexander Gintsburg.

“If those vaccinated with the alleged Sputnik V get seriously ill, as the data show, these are people who, unfortunately, used the certificates they bought, fake certificates. Among them, 80% are those who bought,” he said.

Gunzburg explained that it is possible to check whether a person was vaccinated with Sputnik V or not using a special analysis for the presence of drug markers: “We see that people lack these markers in 80% of cases.”

He also accuses the unvaccinated of “putting others in mortal danger”

The scientist also suggested that the public cases of buying vaccination certificates that exist today are only part of what actually happens.

“People spend money, and then they get sick and die for their own money. They deceive themselves. They seem to have a psychological change in their ideas. They think that they are really vaccinated, weaken all quarantine restrictions.

And their risk of illness increases dramatically as a result that they have behavioral changes. In addition, they put others in mortal danger.”

Source: TASS

The Gintsburg family fortune derived from profits generated by farming the lucrative state monopoly on the production and sale of distilled spirits and from provisioning the Russian army during the 1840s and 1850s. The capital thus acquired made possible the founding in Saint Petersburg of the I. E. Gintsburg Bank, which was one of the first private banks in Russia, in 1859.

  1. ken says

    Man,,,, They have an answer for everything….. That’s why they continue using the PCR even though they admit it is horribly error prone to the tune of >90%,,, 100% if a cycle count exceeds 40.

    “we have a record breaking 20 megazillion cases and will have to lock you down for your protection!”

    That’s why they manipulate the vaxx data. If you take the vaxx and drop dead on the spot you are unvaccinated and the death is covid! They get the bonus fedbux and you get the cooler.

    In fact you have to survive at least 14 days AFTER the second safe and effective shot to die for them to even ‘consider’ it an adverse event.

    And then they make VAERS so difficult to use most just give up.

    Then how about the Auto/motorcycle accident or get run over by a steam roller and scooped up with shovel they are marked as coved because they ‘tested positive’ with the aforementioned bogus PCR test within the last 28 days!

    If all else fails they have the doctors and hospitals to fall back on. If you come in with a cough,,, or dead and the good doctor calls it covid he will get to pass Go and collect $200 fedbux or whatever the local currency is.

    Ohh Yeah! no fraud here. move on,,, move on.

    It doesn’t matter what country you’re in,,, Most of the 193 countries in the UN are doing pretty much the same agenda.

    All brought to you by Klaus Schwab and his merry fascist billionaires club the WEF. They have robbed us blind and are using the stolen monies to fix elections and bribe government officials. In the US all the way from the president down to the lowly school boards, mayors and commissioners.

  2. Republic of Pineland says

    Sputnik V –

    45 (0·3%) of 16 427 participants in the vaccine group and 23 (0·4%) of 5435 participants in the placebo group had serious adverse events; none were considered associated with vaccination..

    Four deaths were reported during the study (three [<0·1%] of 16 427 participants in the vaccine group and one [<0·1%] of 5435 participants in the placebo group), none of which were considered related to the vaccine.”

    Part of what Ginsburg is saying is accurate, but in his accusations he is leaving out the part that he would almost certainly have to be familiar with, which is that the method of administering Sputnik is designed to attempt to overcome mass natural immunity to Adenovirus’.

    Its entirely possible that in large segments of the population, it was unsuccessful even with the multi-dose regimen.

    So, while you may not identify evidence of both doses, that does not mean that the individual did not actually receive both does and through natural immunity overcome the adenovirus ‘delivery system’..

    “rAd26-S and rAd5-S are administered intramuscularly separately with a 21-day interval, intended to overcome any pre-existing adenovirus immunity in the population.”

    Secondly, the Sputnik vax faces the exact same issue that all other attempted Covid vax – globally – have faced –
    as noted in the unfolded S protein (below) or RBD that the vax is designed to emulate.. It cannot cope with mutations post vax, because the vax is static and seeks to prevent the cellular breaching mechanism, whereas the cellular breaching mechanism (spike) is constantly mutating.

    PubMed Central, Table 1: Front Immunol. 2021; 12: 701501. Published online 2021 Jul 12. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2021.701501 (

    At least some of the people that he is accusing are very likely people who dutifully took the shots indicated, but overcame the adenovirus vehicle through natural immunity, as well as those who faced a mutated spike that the static spike protein mapping was not designed to stop..

    1. J Far says

      Very nice explanation, thank you. It’s funny how one cannot accept at face value anything these people say, including “we can test you for markers to see if you really took our vaccine”.

    2. GMC says

      I also think that Russia was on the right track to herd immunity and this had to be stopped, so the plan to blame the unvaxed had to be implimented, which meant fake data, and spread a stronger virus, all over Russia – one more time. WHO is suggesting that eventually a super virus will appear and no vax will stop it. Their crystal ball has always been – RIGGED.

  3. Raptar Driver says

    It seems that the great Sputnik is no better than pfizer.

  4. Cap960 says

    Funny! People getting vaccinated against the virus still fear the unvaccinated? Are they admitting the vaccine is useless?

    1. Eddy says

      That’s the MILLION DOLLAR question isn’t it ? WHY fear the unvaccinated if you’ve been vaccinated ?? Isn’t the ALLEGED vaccine SUPPOSED to PROTECT you from this virus infection ? So if your vaccinated, you shouldn’t fear any contact with an unvaccinated person because your ALLEGEDLY protected by this ALLEGED vaccine, right ??????

  5. GMC says

    When you get the jab, the nurse who injected you gives you a receipt with the type of vax, the date, and its put into your residence passport that you gave to the nurse when you entered her station. This is the only evidence I have that says I took Sput. Lite. They don t have covid passports in most of Russia, just these reciepts. Moscow and the other big jew towns need to leave the rest of Russia – Alone.

  6. Malatok says

    Is it good for the juice? Then obviously it is poison for you.
    As for Ras Putin…. he has already lost all social credit.

  7. Malatok says

    One mistake and you’re out. Believe nothing from above; EVER!
    Your kakistocracy only wants what’s best for
    you…..nudge..nudge…wink…sputter…. cackle…..$quirt!
    Professor Mattias Desmet on EweTueb “How can so many still buy into the narrative”

    1. geo says

      Thank you!
      From comments:
      For *Mass Formation* to occur, 3 things must 1st be present:
      1) Lack of social bonding (isolation)
      2) Lack of meaning making (alienation)
      3) Free floating anxiety that something is wrong but not knowing what or how to solve it (anxiety)
      When these are present, a SOLUTION narrative  can be presented:
      1) Bring people “together” through shared absurd rituals that show people they belong to a group (mask wearing, 2 meter distancing, self-quarantine)
      2) Give people a sense of purpose (“I am doing my part, I’m flattening the curve, I’m saving grandma, etc.”)
      3) Partially keep the anxiety in check by giving people an “enemy” and a “reason” against which they are fighting (but NOT actually solving the problem).
      …. while at the same time re-inforcing the requirements for mass-formations (isolation, alienation, anxiety):
      The MORE absurd the shared rituals are, the BETTER they work against those who are isolated, alienated, afraid and anxious.
      My SOLUTIONS :
      1) Anxiety: stop following NEWS and Social Media (stop the source of future/fear related anxiety)
      2) Isolation: start physically meeting people in normal setting, doing daily fun stuff, NOT talking about COVID related stuff (also, be physical, outside, not just inside looking at screens)
      3) Alienation: start doing (together with other people) hobbies, work or helping others that gives YOU meaning and purpose (a good feeling, a feeling you belong, feeling you have a purpose)

  8. Mr Reynard says

    So ?? Russia has its own Dr Fauci ??

    1. Micheal Petrovich says

      every country has their own Dr Fauci.

  9. Eric the Red says

    There is really only one key issue in this fight: The vaxx tyrants must prove that unvaxxed are dangerous asymptomatic carriers. Every piece of their tyrannical program depends on it. Since they can’t prove any such thing, it should all come crashing down. The only thing that sustains it is people’s refusal to address this issue head on.

    Everything else is a sideline, and therefore less important. There should be legal action and constant hammering on this one key issue by everyone on our side. Emphasize it and reemphasize it by referring all other arguments back to it. Examine the chain of logic if you don’t believe me, and prove it to yourself.

  10. geo says

    You know who were given the monopoly for distilleries, by the corrupted rulers: the Satanic Tribe.
    People did not use to drink such heavy alcoholic products, they used to have homemade light liquor and wine.
    This novelty created trouble due to addiction and the mad reaction of the intoxicated ones.

  11. Juan says

    marker??????????? beg your pardon??

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