The Failure of Trump’s Pseudo-Engagement With North Korea Is Now Complete

All because Trump isn't a member of the reality-based community

The failure of Trump’s pseudo-engagement with North Korea is now complete:

North Korea declared Tuesday on the global stage that it will no longer adhere to its moratorium on nuclear and missile tests, citing “brutal and inhumane” sanctionsled by the United States on its regime.

“We found no reason to be unilaterally bound any longer by the commitment that the other party fails to honour,” Ju Yong-chol, a counsellor at North Korea’s mission to the United Nations in Geneva, reportedly said during the U.N.-backed Conference on Disarmament.

The Trump administration’s unwillingness to offer North Korea meaningful sanctions relief over the last year and a half made it very likely that North Korea would resume the testing that they voluntarily halted in 2018.

The North Korean government has been as clear as it could be for months that the U.S. had to change its approach by the end of 2019 in order to continue negotiations. The administration blew off this warning, and now they will have to live with the consequences of their neglect.

Trump’s mishandling of North Korea has brought us to this point. There was a small window of opportunity to lock in North Korea’s testing moratorium as part of an arms control agreement, and that window now appears to be closed. If the administration had pursued genuine engagement with a realistic set of demands, U.S.-North Korean talks might have produced a modest but worthwhile agreement.

Unfortunately, the president isn’t interested in real diplomacy, and as usual he preferred stagecraft to statecraft. Between the president’s vanity and his advisers’ fanaticism, this administration was never going to make any progress with North Korea.

There is a crisis coming with North Korea, because as soon as North Korea resumes testing Trump will falsely accuse them of “violating” a non-existent agreement and tensions will spike again. This could have been avoided if the Trump administration had been willing to settle for something much less than North Korea’s capitulation and disarmament, but thanks to Bolton and Pompeo the president squandered that chance at Hanoi.

Trump’s phony diplomacy was never going to succeed because he expected North Korea to give up everything in exchange for nothing, and he has dangerously personalized the issue to such a degree that he is likely to take the end of the testing moratorium as a slight.

Trump’s approach to North Korea was flawed from the start, because he mistakenly believed that sanctions pressure was responsible for bringing North Korea to the table. The president and his advisers could not admit even to themselves that it was North Korea’s successful nuclear and missile tests that had brought the U.S. to the table. That mistake then encouraged the administration to refuse any sanctions relief even in exchange for limited North Korean concessions, and that gave the North Koreans no incentive to continue with the talks.

Trump imagined that he was compelling Kim to surrender when every temporary gain was something that Kim did for his own reasons. Now the temporary gain of the testing moratorium is about to vanish, and the Trump administration is still busy lying to everyone that Kim agreed to denuclearization at Singapore. A policy so divorced from reality could never achieve anything. Now we see once again what happens when hard-liners’ maximalist demands are allowed to define negotiations.

Source: The American Conservative

  1. Jozo Magoc says

    The american goyim still in sleepy mode from crack and zionpropaganda, does not know that the zionist paedophile Swamp Trump betrayed them right with his very first step into Oval( vagina) Office…Betrayed all election promises to these goyim,many still worshipping that paedo from Lolita Express!!! These goyim are the most stupid ones in the entire world! In fact,the american goy is NOT a real human being! Just a cattle beast!!!

    1. Jozo Magoc says

      There is in the US National Geographic Magazine,February 1989, pages 140-185, US SKYSCRAPERS CALENDARS( Maya a d Hebrew) in 24 US Skyscrapers architecture,tied to Trump and 911 oficial zionist Database!!! And Trump with his masonic NUMBERS( 117,68,etc.) 911 was done by zionists,and Trump plays there a huge cover up role!!

  2. CHUCKMAN says

    Nothing else he’s done so clearly shows up Trump for what he actually is, a loud mouth with no real skills and not a lot of brains.

  3. Mary E says

    The unbelievable ignorance of the US people running foreign policy, including their puppet Traitor Tot trump, have demonstrated year after year that they are not the people that should be running the show for the US…far from it. They not only lie to the world, but deceive the people they represent …North Korea is doing the right thing by keeping itself safe, staying with their nuke program and improving upon it – otherwise, the US would overrun them in a heartbeat….

  4. Trap Is Not Gay says

    That’s great, though.

    The true resistance is in preparation: Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.

    Depending on the chaos to come, you may add: Iraq, Syria, Venezuela, Turkey and Jordan (?).

    Also in every country the real Right-winger patriots are growing stronger, not the Jew-owned fake “Cuckservative” that stands for nothing.

    1. Canosin says

      except the Turkish goatf****** I fully agree…..

  5. Natural_Texan says

    Are Trump’s and Washington’s moves in the Koreas failures?

    What if they wanted a more recalcitrant or belligerent-seeming North Korea? and what if the plan was to reinforce the distrust and fear between the North and South? and between Americans and the people of N. Korea?

    If so, it looks like Trump is a big winner..

    1. Canosin says

      seems there’s a mental knot in your assessment……kind of a 5d chess no one else can understand…..except you and the big Trumpet……

      1. Natural_Texan says


    2. Mary E says

      Only in his own mind is trump a winner….the rest of the world sees him as a total INSANE LOSER..and of course, clown..

    3. CHUCKMAN says

      Plan? Trump and Associates?

      You must be kidding.

    4. thomas malthaus says

      If anything, the gulf between Americans and South Koreans is wider and deeper.

      As to relations between North Korea and South Korea, I don’t think they’ve soured. Messrs. Moon and Kim are having discussions, but until US influence departs, I wouldn’t expect major progress toward an armistice.

      1. Natural_Texan says

        Some Positive thinking.. good on you.

        1. thomas malthaus says

          Not positive thinking for its own sake. Consider the status quo.
          As to my sentence in the above post, most Americans would probably prefer their troops out of South Korea. South Koreans would prefer them gone. I wouldn’t anticipate a political, verbal spat going conventional. . . or nuclear.

          The rationale might be consistent to that of Afghanistan. Aside from minerals, no North Korea mass oil aquifer exists. We been there nearly 20 years.

          Seventy-plus years on the Korean Peninsula is quite enough.

          Positive thinking is in the eyes of the beholder.

          1. Canosin says

            well responded

  6. Jozo Magoc says

    People,dón’t be blind: US National Geographic Magazine,February 1989,pages 140-185, reveals the Maya and Hebrew lunar calendar in 24 US Skyscrapers architecture( in NUMBERS), where the zionist paedophile,SWAMP TRUMP plays the KEY& CENTRAL ROLE, with numbers like 117 and 68 !!! This calendar is in white on BLUE( ZIONIST) BACKROUND,pages 156- 157, closely tied and related to the oficial zionist 911 Database(= al Kaida)!!! 911 was done for Novus Ordo Seclorum in 2033( = 5,793 A.M.)!!!

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