The Double-Jabbed Contract and Spread COVID as Easily as the Uninjected

Vaccine passports are logically untenable

A good vaxxer besieged by unvaxxed demons

The US launched a massive medical experiment in dispensing hundreds of millions of “emergency use authorization” vaccines and then decided not to study it and not track breakthrough infections.

Luckily for those actually interested in studying what has been unleashed the similar Israeli experiment has been observed much more closely by their health authorities which — albeit biased in their presentation — have been quite forthcoming with the data.

Digging into the data dumps astute local observers have noticed that the unvaccinated and the vaccinated are contributing nearly the exact proportion of “cases” you would expect from their relative sizes across all age groups.

The unvaccinated do tend to contribute slightly more cases. For example, the unvaccinated 20-29 year olds make up 21% of the age cohort but 24% of their age group cases.

However one must understand that because of various “health pass” requirements the unvaccinated are forced to undergo testing much more frequently than the vaccinated. This must logically result in the discovery of a fair number of asymptomatic and mild cases that would have gone unnoticed or unrecorded in the vaccinated population.

If tested at the same rates, the small difference would diminish and possibly disappear altogether.

Except in the 90+ age group, the differences are small. The 90+ age group is likely very small in itself so just a few tests one way or the other can skew the result by a lot. Meaning the seemingly large difference is possibly nonetheless not statistically significant

Compiled by A. Rafet K. from:

But if the vaccinated contract COVID just as easily as the vaccinated, the caveat could be that that is disproportionally the fault of the unvaccinated. Perhaps the vaccinated contract COVID just as readily, but they disproportionally get it from the unvaccinated?

Turns out no, that is not the case.

In actuality the infected vaccinated (something of an oxymoron innit?) carry the same levels of virus and have the same capacity of passing it on:

Experts had hoped two doses of vaccine would significantly reduce the viral load carried by people who became infected, lowering the risk of them passing on Covid.

Previous studies showed that vaccinated people who contracted the alpha variant had far lower viral loads than the unvaccinated, while Boris Johnson backed vaccine passports in the hope they would lower transmission in hotspot venues such as nightclubs.

The NHS Covid app was also changed so double-jabbed people no longer need to self-isolate if pinged.

However, the new study by the University of Oxford shows that the delta variant wipes out the viral load reduction.

Instead, even the fully jabbed carry high levels of the virus if they become infected and are also more likely to be symptomatic than vaccinated people who pick up an alpha infection.

The picture painted by injection fanatics that has the responsible vaccinated contracting the (in most age groups extremely mild) virus from the selfish unvaccinated does not hold up.

Owing to their much greater numbers most vaccinated get it from other vaccinated, and most of the unvaccinated also get it from the vaccinated. That is assuming person-to-person is the main driver of this thing which still isn’t one hundred percent certain.

  1. Sally Snyder says

    Here is an interesting admission about the COVID-19 vaccines and the risk of severe disease among the vaccinated from the Director of the CDC, Rochelle Walensky:

    There has not yet been sufficient time to study the impact of booster shots on human health.

  2. ken says

    Gee, I hate to keep harping that the virus is a figment of Fruadci’s imagination but articles keep appearing that the virus is real.

    Could someone please point me to the documentation proving this virus other than lord Fraudci and his merry gang at the CDC says so or we found it floating around and in a petri dish of biological garbage.

    According to CDC the genome is inslico meaning it was computer generated. If we are to believe something computer generated is real then I guess Jabba the hutt is real as well!

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      “Gee, I hate to keep harping that the virus is a figment of Fruadci’s imagination but articles keep appearing that the virus is real.”

      I’m starting to come around to your point of view on this.

      Creepy Bill’s Mini-Me Fauci was certainly paying big bucks for his American, European & Chinese subcontractors to develop something in their biolabs distributed around the world.

      But whatever the PCR Tests are supposedly “detecting” is basically a bunch of steaming BS – little more than a fake test to produce “breakouts” on demand. And all of our governments know this, so there is no question that they are complicit.

      Christine Massey – 90 FOI Requests Reveal Corona Chan “Virus” Has Never Been Isolated by Anyone, Anywhere

      [ ]
      [ ]
      [ ]

      [ ]
      [ ]

      [ ]
      [ ]

      Meanwhile, the fight is turning kinetic in Australia. It will very likely get ugly, with the psycho State and Federal governments clearly capable of anything in their desperation. Expect the Australian governments to pull stunts like killing the Internet & cutting off communications and shutting down power supplies, as well as using the police and army to beat down and incarcerate the disobedient lemmings.

      Australian Truckies Closing Down the Country 31 August 2021 to Stop Corona Chan Insanity
      [ ]
      [ ]
      [ ]

      Pray for Australia, and for the world.

    2. osa says

      I wonder what the people around the world will do when millions start dying in a year or two from the bio-weapon disguised as a vaccine?
      But, then will be already too late.

      1. ken says

        I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen but they sure as heck got something lined out for us.

  3. Steve Kastl says

    Thee is no Hippocratic oath in the USA anymore. ‘Do no harm’ is now ‘who cares?’

    1. Richseeto says

      Instead, it is who gives a fake?

    2. ken says

      Sure there is. You just spelled it wrong. Should be “hypocrite oath”

    3. Eddy says

      Seriously Steve, there has been no Hippocratic oath now for many years, just as there is no more Honor or truth.

  4. GMC says

    What ‘s worse is the criminal monopoly on everything in America. You can buy Russian vodka or caviar, Mexican tequila or dope, Canadian pharmaceuticals, Chinese Pharmaceuticals, a German BMW, but you can’t buy the covid vaxine of your choice. This alone should raise a Huge Red Flag against the depopulation agenda.

  5. Bob says

    I’ll tell you why it’s easy to predict you will always see the same percentage of ‘cases’ in both the jabbed and unjabbed.

    They both are derived from the faulty, fraudulent pcr test, which is designed to deliver a certain level of positives, not detect viruses.

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      “They both are derived from the faulty, fraudulent pcr test, which is designed to deliver a certain level of positives, not detect viruses.”


      Meanwhile, the only ones who actually get sick with the “deadly Delta variant”, go to hospital and die are “vaccinated”.

      Go figure.

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