The Day that Trump Panicked, and Wrecked His Presidency

"Trump didn’t act like Trump. Trump lost his nerve. We suffer to varying degrees his inability to be true to himself last March to this very day. The problem was that Trump panicked."

And paved the way for a Democrat win in November assisted by an unprecedented election-by-mail and largest ever ballot harvesting campaign in history

“While my advisers tell me that the response to this new virus will be different in all fifty states because of something about “states’ rights” in the Constitution, my billions of supporters in the U.S. and around the world can be sure that I won’t abandon them. I will not sit back and watch liberal governors destroy this beautiful economy my policies have created.

No great nation remains great by destroying businesses and jobs. So mark my words that if any governors in any of our 50 states locks down, those Governors will soon have a regular visitor with a big, beautiful 747 widebody to deal with: me. I will campaign endlessly in states that take away businesses, jobs and freedom from their people. Better yet, I’ll embarrass loser Governors so clueless as to fight a virus with economic desperation. So let this serve as a warning: while it turns out my power over the states isn’t absolute, it will soon seem like it is.”

Imagine if then-President Donald Trump had uttered those words last March. The world would arguably be a much different place today.

For background, readers familiar with Ronald Reagan’s political history are also familiar with a saying that was routinely uttered by the people most ideologically close to the 40th president: “Let Reagan be Reagan” they would say. Don’t try to change him, don’t try to make him what he isn’t, he’s best when he’s himself.

This is important with Donald Trump in mind. Since his election loss last fall there have been all manner of opinion pieces about how Trump would still be president if he’d laid off Twitter, if he’d sat back and let Joe Biden talk himself out of the job in the first debate, if he’d not picked so many fights with other Republicans, if he were more conservative, less conservative, if he’d gone silent with the media so that Biden could have once again talked himself out of the job….

Of course, missed by all of these counterfactuals was that if Trump had instincts of the restraint and moderation kind, then he wouldn’t have been president in the first place. Only someone wildly audacious, only someone utterly bereft of self-awareness, only someone incapable of not being on the routine offensive would have ever had the nerve to run for president. And win. Trump had to be Trump, for good and bad.

Arguably the bigger problem for Trump was when he went against type. In particular, when advisors convinced him to not be himself. The view here is that Trump’s failure to be himself cost him the White House, and also brought the American people much suffering. In truth, the two are related.

To see why, it’s useful to travel back in time to the days and weeks before the lockdowns. President Trump said the new coronavirus was “no big deal,” but so had Vogue editor Anna Wintour. New York Mayor de Blasio was still taking the subway to encourage the citzens. He was telling them to see movies too. The New York Times was preaching caution against overreaction and the taking of civil liberties. The cross-ideology consensus was, relax.

Some will say both sides had it right when they were preaching caution. Figure that the reflexively alarmist New York Times has regularly reported the actual facts inside stories with alarmist headlines and alarmist slants. As such, careful readers of the Times have long known that the hospitalization rate for those infected with the virus is below 1 percent, that U.S.-based coronavirus-related deaths have very much associated with already very ill, very old people in nursing homes, and that in a broad sense death from the virus has really been death with the virus in consideration of the CDC-provided fact that somewhere north of 90 percent of those who died with the virus had other serious, life-threatening illnesses they were dealing with.

Back to Trump, imagine if he’d stuck to his guns and remained his normal, obstreperous self. If so, Trump arguably would have forced a shift in response that would have truly saved the U.S. and the world from needless heartache, tragedy, starvation, and presumably all three. Think about it.

If Trump had been dismissively Trump about the hysterically foolish notion of lockdowns, his contrarian ways would have given Republican governors across the country the political cover to similarly hold firm. It’s safe to say his actions would have empowered a few Democratic governors to similarly avoid economic desperation as a virus-mitigation strategy.

Just as important, what the U.S. does is closely watched by the rest of the world. If Trump makes plain that the U.S. won’t choose economic contraction to fight the virus, it’s not unreasonable to speculate that Trump would have similarly provided political cover for world leaders eager to not do what was so abjectly foolish.

At which point it’s a safe bet that the U.S. and global economies still contract a little in the GDP sense. They would have mainly because GDP is informed by consumption, and it’s well-documented that Americans had already adjusted their living, dining and travel habits well ahead of the tragic and wholly superfluous lockdowns. In other words, Americans didn’t need a law to be more cautious.

What’s important about this is that the voluntary reduction in spending by Americans would have served as rocket-fuel for a quick economic recovery that would have revealed itself rather quickly as open businesses bolstered by increased access to capital born of savings adjusted to a new reality. Translated for those who need it, a natural pullback from concerned Americans would have produced the resources necessary for a naturally speedy rebound.

Alas, Trump didn’t act like Trump. Positioned to be himself, and in the process scoring monumental victories of the political, economic, and statesmen variety, Trump lost his nerve. We suffer to varying degrees his inability to be true to himself last March to this very day. The problem was that Trump panicked.

Source: AIER

  1. Juan says

    First. As in “there’s nothing to add to this beautifu article”.

    1. Yolbolsun says

      Election and voter fraud

      1. RJ1918 says

        ‘RUMP THE TRAITOR ala debt now cleared to wilbur ross.

  2. Voz 0db says

    When it comes to Health and Responsibility to his own Organism mutTrump is JUST LIKE any other regular degenerate uman animal:

    Ignorant, Irresponsible, Idiot.

    So no wonder he got played so well by the scoundrels that WORK for Bill Gates and other Billionaires!

    1. Amy says

      It takes one idiot to recognise another.

      1. Timmy75 says

        Which is why Voz 0db did it so effortlessly and seamlessly, no doubt.

  3. dennis morrisseau says

    Yes. Precisely. A circle jerk circle of fearful wusses [and con artists] surrounded him screaming….and he panicked

    1. Thom1111 says

      Trump never panicked…i feel he knew early on that this was all bogus. He merely went into expedient mode in order to ride it out and manage it later. He knew evil forces were at work.

      1. S H says

        Manage it later? You mean he tucked tail and ran…

      2. ME ME says

        LOL Yeah the Pedo BF of Pedo King Epstein has no idea about the evil dealings of his masters. One of the worst examples of a “christian” man treated as some messiah LOL how pathetic

  4. yuri says

    trump didn’t drain the swamp; he was another swamp creature

    1. Auggie says

      He was in on it and his sheep think he and Pence are coming back to save them. Only one party in this serfdom sheep but don’t forget to send Trump some campaign money.

  5. Albert Nogala says

    And he ignored all of the work that the amazing Sidney Powell did, with support from Rudy and Patrick and General Flynn, he caved, he let them steal the election without a whimper. So much for protecting us from enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.
    Of course if he won the election they probalby had plans to JFK him, there is so much power and money at stake, and these people are so despicable, I wouldn’t put anything past them.

    1. ME ME says

      L”Ol Another dubmass.

  6. eckbach says

    This story makes it seem that Trump Lost the election. He did Not.
    Trump got 2 legitimate votes for every legitimate Biden vote.
    The unmentionable force wanted him out and so he was.
    The “virus” had nothing to do with his “loss.”

    1. S H says

      Unmentionable only by cowards. The so called silent majority who is in control of nothing and can’t say anything and soon will be without a country since they won’t fight for their rights.

    2. Curmudgeon says

      The “virus” was the cover for the “need” to loosen restrictions on absentee/mail-in voting. Given that the Courts refused to uphold the US Constitution where it comes to the Legislative Branch making the rules, not the Executive Branch, the fix was in at every level. The “virus” was the cause.

  7. Carla Pressman says

    Cool story bro….but Trump won the election.

    1. S H says

      Really? He won? Yet he was chased out of DC and his followers rounded up and prosecuted. For someone who was elected, he has so little power. A dog is in more control of this country…his followers can’t even stage a coup to put him in his rightful place in power.

      1. Curmudgeon says

        Winning an election doesn’t guarantee office. Just ask Viktor Yanukovych.

      2. Timmy75 says

        “A dog is in more control of this country…his followers can’t even stage a coup to put him in his rightful place in power” Oh, so you’re running for office, are you?

  8. Jimmy Scott says

    Trump turned hois back on the people who brought him to the dance and pandered to every group of non whites we are pretending are Americans. Trump deserved to have the election stolen from him for betraying the people who put him in the White House.

    White people need to elect an implicitly pro white leadership. Only vote for white people who defend white people openly. No more dog whistles.

    1. ME ME says

      LOL STFU you fascist retard. What do you define as american, because the characteristic you fiends have is of parasites, warmongers, and bloody fiends. Explains why your zio masters loved using you so much. You’re naturally evil. LOL Dumbass, do you even known where you’re from after all those generations of inbreeding?

      1. Timmy75 says

        Wow. Pulled off a “two-fer” there, no less. State-of-the-art projection, AND (a drum roll, please) repeating your Occupy Democrat talking points without missing a beat! (me, patting you on the head and giving you a cookie).

  9. Joe says

    You miss the point entirely.
    Monumental voter fraud is a fraud.
    Plain & simple.
    Regardless speculation it was his demeanor? This article reeks.

    1. ME ME says

      LOL who cares, you fascist tards cheer for it and clap when it happens to other countries forced by your hand. Taste your own pill and swallow it. Zios knew they let you inbreeding retards overpopulate to much.

      1. Curmudgeon says

        If you had any clue about fascism, you would understand the number of real fascists in the US could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Fascism is opposed to usury. Fascism actually forces employers to pay employees fairly and improve working conditions. Most Americans are fully vested in what passes for their current version of “freedom” – capitalism. Today’s finance capitalism is the flip side of the communist shekel. It’s all about defining the commune.

        1. Timmy75 says

          He overly uses “fascist” because he got sick of being laughed at for calling everyone he dislikes “racist”.

  10. Steve says

    Trump was Trump. He was bribed to throw the election, he took the bribe money, likely billions of dollars, and left America and the world in the ditch. The writer of this article is just giving him cover.

    1. Yolbolsun says

      not seeing your delusion


    the shadow men threated him and his family
    but sometimes you make that stand in the face of death
    that is called being a hero
    he didnt do that..

  12. Gunny HiWay says

    Corona HOAX.
    Shove your vaccine.
    Shoot commies instead.

  13. Edmund Roache says

    Trump wasn’t all that. He allowed deep state to run his administration. He backed down when he should have declared an emergency after the stolen election. Trump has strong connections to the New World Order, his daughter was engaged to Nataniel Rothchild from the most evil family on earth, Jared owned a building 666 fifth ave., Trump uses secret society hand signals. We have been had!

    1. Dannyboy Mantua says

      The Empire is toast. State governments will have to work together regionally and ignore the Fed and whatever puppet they install.

    2. Larry says


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