The Czech Republic Is Mandating Two Masks

"Respirators, nano masks, or two surgical face masks must be worn in shops, public transport, and other public places"

Only 2? Why not 17?

The Czech government will not permit the reopening of all retail shops on Monday as the coronavirus epidemic situation in the country is not stable, Industry and Trade Minister Karel Havlíček tweeted today.

“The pandemic situation is not good, the British mutation of the virus continues to spread. We have therefore decided that we will not open the rest of the closed retail outlets yet. But next week I will reopen the topic and suggest further steps according to the state of the spread of the epidemic,” he wrote.

“In the last few days, there has been a further deterioration in the Czech Republic,” said Blatný following the government’s Friday meeting. People will be able to use nanotraps or layer on two surgical masks.

  • Respirators, nano masks, or two surgical face masks must be worn in shops, public transport, and other public places with a high concentration of people from Monday.
  • Homemade textile masks are no longer considered significant protection.
  • The new rule is due to the worsening epidemiological and the spread of the more infectious British mutation in the Czech Republic.
  • The Health Ministry recommends respirators of the KN95 and FFP2 categories.

The Czech Republic saw another 11,553 coronavirus cases on Thursday, 2,500 more than a week ago, and has recorded over 10,000 new infections a day for the third day in a row. Hospitals are currently overloaded and more than 1,200 COVID-infected are in serious condition in the hospital now, a record high number.

Havlíček proposed the ban on retail sales be lifted as of Monday if staffers wear FFP2 respirators and a distance of 15 square metres per customer was kept in shops.

Havlíček maintained that the risk of coronavirus spread in shops is minimal and mobility would rise by only 5 percent. But he added that he respected the worsening situation in hospitals and the necessity to be cautious.

Shop operators were preparing for the expected re-opening, buying respirators for their employees and ordering information leaflets. The Association of Shopping Centres said increased movement after the re-opening of all shops would be negligible.

The government banned retail sales with some exceptions as of Oct. 22, 2020. The ban was lifted for some three weeks in December. Now, only grocery stores, drugstores, pharmacies, florists, and shops selling essential goods are open in the Czech Republic.

In early February, the government canceled the higher VAT on FFP2s for two months, allowing dealers could reduce their prices. Blatný told reporters that if access to respirators is limited to the govt. is prepared to “deal with the situation with the relevant authorities that are in charge of this.”

Source: Expats CZ

  1. SteveK9 says

    These little dictators are having so much fun.

  2. ken says

    What can you say,,, stupid is as stupid does. We are all now playing a new game…. A game just like Simon Sez,,, called “Fauci Sez”.

    I’m sure “the science” is in here somewhere! You have to feel sorry for people this easy to dupe.

  3. Mark says

    Why aren’t the British the objects of incitements to hatred and fear for developing the ‘British variant’, the way the Chinese are excoriated for supposedly starting the coronavirus? Everyone’s scared shitless of the ‘variants’ now, even though the public-health Kings and Queens who now rule our lives have said they are no more deadly, only more infectious.

    A virus that more than 99% of the infected overcome has come together with a test which generates a high percentage of false positives to usher in the destruction of civilization in a cataclysmic panic attack.

  4. Val says

    CDC double mask ‘study’ a perfect example of politicized junk ‘science’

  5. Jerry Hood says

    There aren’t any mutations in the NATURE, but all are from biolabs, all redoctored SARS& HIV viruses known as Covid!!!
    Molecular microbiologist of world calibre, Soňa Peková, Prague,Czech republic!

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