The Covid Rouge Drives Another 5 Million Into Joblessness in the US for a Total of 22 Million in 4 Weeks

Virus didn't do this. People did this

Around 5 million more people filed for first-time unemployment claims last week, as the job market in every sector of the economy continues to be devastated by the [insane response to the] coronavirus pandemic.

The staggering weekly number comes as President Donald Trump weighs plans to pull back on the social distancing measures that have shuttered businesses across the country, and reopen parts of the economy as soon as May 1.

State-mandated lockdowns have choked vast portions of the once-booming economy, kicking a total of 22 million people out of work and launching the nation into the worst crisis since the Great Depression.

Still, even that number may not tell the whole story, as state unemployment offices continue to struggle to process the unprecedented number of people rushing to file claims.

“The job losses are historic,” economist Julia Coronado said. “It means that we are going to be in for a double-digit unemployment rate.”

Source: NBC

  1. XRGRSF says

    According to the statistics in Idaho, where I live, the chance of catching CV-19 is greater than 1 in 1,000, and the chance of dying from it is greater than 1 in 26,000.

    At the local hospital, where my wife worked for 20 years, they are laying off nurses, and have made a buy out offer to all nurses over 60. The hospital executives have all taken a pay cut of 15%. The hospital can’t survive with the entire facility in lock down, and no elective procedures being done. If the WooHooFlu panic doesn’t resolve by mid May they will have to either call on the county to cash flow the hospital or go into chapter 11 bankruptcy. It seems that hysteria, and stupidity do indeed have a price.

  2. Al Carbone says

    I don’t care if I starve to death in a dumpster as long as wall st jews get trillions aid to pissrael should be raised to 200 billion a year afreakan resettlement in the US gets another 500 million and 85 year olds with cancer failed kidneys diabetes clogged arteries get to live another 6 months free of covert-19

  3. ke4ram says

    The dumbasses are doing it to themselves. Reading up on masks,,, they do little good ,,, same with gloves,,, Cash supposedly bad because of the virus is far less a problem then plastic. This is at sevral medical oriented and government sites. But no! The cattle believe whatever they’re told. In our area, restaurants do NOT have to close indoor dining,,, simply have to reduce in half their normal seating. So what do they do… All restaurants are closed to indoor seating killing their sales. One way aisle signs in some grocery stores others don’t care,,, One Walmart limits Toilet paper to one while another Walmart down the road doesn’t.

    People are going out of their way to make shopping a horrible experience. Hospitals empty and some laying off, all you have to do is drive by and see for yourself,,, no lines at care clinics anywhere,,, anyone dying is now dying of CV19 regardless of the real cause,,, Media still pushing horrendous lies and not being called out for it,,, millions of people allowing government to eliminate their livelihoods without even spending the time to verify. They deserve what they get… Problem is the rest of us are screwed as well.

    1. Undecider says

      Masks are a sign of enslavement. If people are staying out of hospitals, how can doctors kill 500,000 to one million per year? They may be a good thing.

    2. kpevt12 . says

      Being forced to work from home (at least I still have a job) I have finally had a chance to watch some propaganda media called television … 4 out 6 commercials are brain washing to the fact this scamdemic is real. You have nailed it ke4ram … unfortunately there are about 300,000,000 bobble head sheeple in this country that could care less as long as they get paid not to work and can buy a beer. They are upset the sport season is off … but they do love those “Stay Home “WE” are all in this together” adds …. I am not part of the “WE”nor will I ever belong

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