The COVID Republic, Part I: “TikTok Is the Glue That Binds Our Police States Together”

Things fall apart, the center cannot hold

A message from the author, Edward Slavsquat:

“Things fall apart, the center cannot hold.”

Things are falling apart rather too quickly, actually. Below is a curated selection of meditations on the Covid Republic. Part I. 


I have a dream that one day Highly Moral middle class westerners will huddle around a Johns Hopkins Death Meter that shows, minute by minute, how many 3rd world children are dying each day from diarrhea (1.2 million a year). Everyone will demand that the global economy comes to a standstill until this unfathomable health crisis is solved forever.


TikTok is the glue that binds our police states together.


Imagine fighting a War on Terror for 20 years, wasting trillions of dollars and filling up swimming pools with blood. Then one day it’s announced that it’s time to fight a new war, a war against an Invisible Enemy. You’re told that the only path to victory is to surrender all of your rights and hide in your home until the government tells you it’s safe to come out. This is the plot of an entirely fictional novel that I’m working on. Does it sound too far-fetched? Feedback is welcome.


It’s a well known fact that US soldiers spent hours choreographing renditions of the Macarena during the Battle of the Bulge


The frothing mob has a great track record throughout American History.


It’s a new epoch. Enlightenment values have been loaded into a howitzer and shot into Outer Space. We are at the mercy of drooling Maoists.


Dick pics might save America.


“The scientific evidence that has underpinned No 10’s response to Covid-19 will not be made public until the pandemic ends, the government chief science adviser has told MPs.” So reports The Times. This is 100% completely normal in a vibrant democracy committed to keeping its empowered citizens healthy and capable of making informed choices. #stayathome is Science.


Here we have a video of a ferry doing “donuts” in the Thames in “support” of UK health workers. Hospitals across the UK are sitting half empty as the country barrels towards social and economic collapse.

The political theater is becoming more and more embarrassing – which is precisely the point. Cheering on absurdity allows for further absurdities.





  1. Jozo Magoc says

    American Gringo in russian exile is a yeast to the Russian society! Get rid of him!

  2. Per says

    at least we get to dance macarena into the soft arms of the police state…

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