The Communists Are Russia’s Party Making a Stand Again Coerced Vaccinations

Machine translated from Russian.

Among Russians planning to vote for the Communist Party in the elections to the State Duma, every second person does not plan to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. This is evidenced by the data of the SuperJob poll (RBC has it).

The study involved 2,500 respondents over 18 years old from 476 settlements in Russia. The survey was conducted on 4-9 August.

According to the results of the study, among the supporters of “United Russia” 55% were vaccinated, another 28% are planning to be vaccinated. In second place in terms of the number of people vaccinated against coronavirus are those voting for Yabloko (49%), in third place are supporters of the New People party (48%). So far, only 44% of the supporters of the Just Russians have been vaccinated, but the number of those planning to be vaccinated is as high as that of the ruling party.

Among Russians who support the Liberal Democratic Party, 42% have taken the shot, another 22% are planning to do so. Among the supporters of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the least number of those already vaccinated (31%), the number of those planning to be vaccinated is also one of the lowest (18%). It is smaller only among those who do not plan to go to the polls (16%). At the same time, among those who do not want to vote, the number of those already vaccinated is greater than among supporting communists (38%).

When assessing the survey, it is important to understand that its data reflect not an objective attitude towards vaccination itself, but an attitude towards the methods of compulsion to vaccination used by the authorities, political analyst Alexander Pozhalov believes. According to these data, it would be incorrect to talk about the number of “vaccinophobes”, because it is not clear from the survey what exactly the respondent is against – vaccination as such, in principle, against being vaccinated with a separate vaccine, against being vaccinated taking into account his personal circumstances, or against being forced to vaccinate, he added. Also, for the majority of the respondents, the answers “got vaccinated” or “are going to get vaccinated” look like socially approved ones, which could have influenced the choice of the respondents.

The study cites the average comment of the supporters of the communists about the reasons for refusing vaccination: “Let those who like the increase in the retirement age and the annual increase in housing and communal services tariffs be vaccinated.” From it, the authors of the survey concluded that the supporters of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation “demonstrate protest behavior.”

Those who are completely disillusioned with the current government vote for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, party press secretary Alexander Yushchenko told RBC. “Even if the vaccine is good, people no longer believe,” he said. “[Vaccination] is being pushed so intrusively and insolently that people start to reject, so people who are disappointed in the current situation throw out their disbelief in refusing to get vaccinated.”

According to Pozhalov, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation would like to accumulate the votes of the generally protesting hesitant voter, therefore, in particular, it spoke out so strongly against compulsory vaccination. At the congress of the Communist Party in June, party leader Gennady Zyuganov said that discrimination against people who have not been vaccinated against coronavirus is unacceptable, and vaccination should be voluntary.

The deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Valery Rashkin, held several actions against compulsory vaccinations against COVID-19.

Representatives of other parties criticized the position of the communists on this issue. Dmitry Gusev, the head of the central apparatus of the Fair Russia – For the Truth party, accused the Communist Party of using a policy of double standards. “Now, when the Communist Party and its leaders are taking an anti-state position and are fighting against vaccination in general, I would like to ask the Communists:“ When did you deceive the people or both then and now? ” – he reminded. – You introduced in the country [in 1998. – RBC ] the possibility of compulsory vaccination. How can you say otherwise today? ”

At the same time, the results of the poll may serve as a warning signal for the Liberal Democratic Party, political analyst Pozhalov believes. Although the leader of the party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, from the very beginning established himself as an active advocate of quarantine measures, in the midst of controversy about vaccination, he even announced imminent criminal liability for unvaccinated people, the LDPR is in second place after the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in terms of the number of open opponents of vaccinations. According to Pozhalov, there is a long-standing competition between the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the Liberal Democratic Party for a general protest voter.

Earlier, the Communist Party and A Just Russia – For the Truth refused to sign an agreement with United Russia on safe elections. In the document, the parties were asked to “undertake voluntary and conscious obligations to organize the electoral process in compliance with all established norms and to minimize mass events.” The protection of the health and safety of citizens was identified as the main goals. This agreement was supported in addition to the ruling party LDPR, Rodina, Civic Platform, New People, the Party of Growth, the Party of Pensioners, Green Alternative and the Greens.

Source: RBC

  1. ken says

    A few questions….

    Riddle me this. Why is the jab so important when the deaths from the plague are comparable to the flu? (probably is the flu,,, or common cold)

    Riddle me this. If the efficacy rate is 95% then how can a vaxxed person get the alleged disease from the unvaxxed or vaxxed?

    Riddle me this. According to the CDC, WHO and manufacturers the jab cannot prevent the infection nor stop transmission. What is the purpose then for getting it?

    Riddle me this. Most getting ill from the alleged disease are the vaxxed. What good did it do for them to get vaxxed?

    Riddle me this. The PCR cannot diagnose infections. Cannot distinguish between the flu or other viruses. Has been dropped by the CDC. Why do health ‘experts’ still use it to do what the CDC says it cannot do?

    Riddle me this. The jabs have killed a reported 35-50,000 and injured/maimed a few million. Why would any sane person risk this for an alleged disease with a 99.87% recovery in healthy people.

    Riddle me this. The jab is known to cause miscarriages in over 80% of pregnant women. So, Why are they jabbing them?

    Riddle me this. The FDA approved Corminaty,,, a jab not available. The original experimental jab under a EUA is still being used. Why then are corporations and government insinuating the experimental jab is now mandatory now that a unavailable jab has been approved?

    Riddle me this. Why aren’t the drug lords of this killer jab in prison?

    1. Maiasta says

      “Why would any sane person risk this…?”

    2. Ron says

      The jab and the associated controversy is intentional. Covid is a psy-ops. The main agenda is “private” Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC). They will push this thorugh which will mean “totalitarianism” for all. The medical surveillance and tracking (via vaccine passports) is the technology the masses require to be coerced into using CBDC’s. Everyone…..see through the smokescreen. Covid is a scam.

    3. Ultrafart the Brave says

      “Riddle me this. Why aren’t the drug lords of this killer jab in prison?”

      Because they’re all in it together – politicians, judges, police, beauracrats, media, tech barons, big pharma, globalists – and if they go down, they’ll all go down together.

      And that’s something that just won’t be allowed to happen.

  2. Maiasta says

    This is such great news. The radical Left finally doing what it is supposed to do, and fighting the elites.

    There is also a spreading awareness about some of the specific contents of these faux vaccines, as the recent news from Japan suggests. Here is an overview of the work by Spanish scientists showing the presence of highly toxic graphene oxide nanoparticles in these shots:

    Graphene Oxide & the Experimental mRNA Injections

    Let us circulate news like this as much as we can.

    1. Ultrafart the Brave says

      “Here is an overview of the work by Spanish scientists showing the presence of highly toxic graphene oxide nanoparticles…”

      From various reports now coming out, it seems that the “hydrogel” mentioned in “vaccine” contents is in fact Graphene Oxide.

      So whenever you see or hear “hydrogel” mentioned in discussion of the “vaccines”, that’s (apparently) what it is – Graphene Oxide.

      This also helps to explain why the Spanish researchers found Graphene Oxide in every single one of the Western sourced Corona Chan “vaccines”, not just the mRNA ones.

      1. Maiasta says

        Yes, that’s exactly what the hydrogel is here – graphene oxide nanotubes which, as the article says, amplify the EMF radiation signals, so long as the nanotubes happen to be in the 1.2 nm size (as numerous commercially available versions are).

        Do you still comment on the Unz site, or have you been purged?

        1. Ultrafart the Brave says

          Unz Review remains a permissive and open venue for discussing contemporary issues, so I make a point to regularly check in there. Mr. Unz has been more forgiving than (for instance) The Saker on some subjects.

          I have to give Mr. Unz credit for tolerating a wide range of contributors with differing ideologies and beliefs and even hostility toward his own views, while freely providing the platform and resources to make it possible.

  3. Mr Reynard says

    OMG !!!
    Stalin’s making a come back ??

  4. James says

    Of course the Communists are electing to avoid quaxxines–they’re smart enough to realize it’s a death sentence if they take them. The entire purposes of the quaxx campaign is to implement global Communism; the commissars won’t be able to rule if they’re sick and dying from the clot shots.

  5. Tzvi says


    What Would Yuri Do?

  6. Jerry Hood says

    The communists should be all vaxxed by the Western ” vaccines” for Covid, more than thrice! With the Rus.Putin billionaire oligarchs!!!

  7. yuri says

    Krasni avangard—even in Moscow where the idiot liberals congregate the communist party has elected more local politicians in the past 2 elections…in USA fake dimocracy where both “parties” devoid of principles (except money)as Ostrogorski observed—while all European political formations possess principles…as he wrote, “of all peoples in an advanced stage of economic civilization amerikans are least accessible to long views, always and everywhere in a hurry to get rich they give no thought to remote consequences they see only present advantages…amerikans do not remember. amerikans do not feel: amerikans live in a materialist dream:
    since anglos cannot think dialectically or “link phenomena” as Many have written I will.
    “only in USA has nationalism carried with it the christian meaning of the sacred: the revelation of amerika serves to blight and ultimately to preclude the possibility of fundamental social change”. Sacvan Bercovitch (2012)
    The same position is taken by Juan Linz–liberal
    Philip Slater—parsonian
    Jonathon Elster—analytical Marxist
    Hannah Arrendt
    Martin Heidegger who described Americanism as “putrefaction”
    Richard Sennet —Marxian/Freudian
    Christopher Lasch—The Culture of Narcissim
    Alexander Kojeve–admired by right wing Hegelians in USA, left wing Hegelians in Europe
    Alan Bloom (“the amerikan world view is nihilism with a happy ending”) described by Lasch as a “conservative
    “amerikans do not converse (Tocqueville), amerikans entertain each other. amerikans do not exchange ideas—they exchange images. the problem with amerikans is not Orwellian–it is huxleyan: ameikans love their oppression”. Neil Postman

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