The Coming Biden-Putin Train-Wreck Summit

"It’s going to be a rough ten days for President Biden"

I have my doubts whether the Putin-Biden summit in Geneva will take place later this month, but even if somehow it is pulled off, recent Biden Administration blunders mean the chance anything of substance will be achieved is virtually nil.

The Biden Administration was supposed to signal a return of the “adults” to the room. No more bully Trump telling NATO it’s useless, ripping up international climate treaties, and threatening to remove troops from the Middle East and beyond. US foreign policy would again flourish under the steady, practiced hands of the experts.

Then Biden blurted out in a television interview that President Putin was a killer with no soul. Then US Secretary of State Antony Blinken discovered the hard way that his Chinese counterparts were in no mood to be lectured on an “international rules-based order” that is routinely flouted by Washington.

It’s going to be a rough ten days for President Biden. Just as news breaks that under the Obama/Biden Administration the US was routinely and illegally spying on its European allies, he is preparing to meet those same allies, first at the G7 summit in England on June 11-13 and then at the June 14th NATO meeting in Brussels.

Make no mistake, Joe Biden is up to his eyeballs in this scandal. Ed Snowden Tweeted late last month when news broke that the US teamed up with the Danes to spy on the rest of Europe, that “Biden is well-prepared to answer for this when he soon visits Europe since, of course, he was deeply involved in this scandal the first time around.”

Though Germany’s Merkel and France’s Macron have been loyal US lapdogs, the revelation of how Washington treats its allies has put them in the rare position of having to criticize Washington. “Outrageous” and “unacceptable” are how they responded to the news.

Russia has been routinely accused (without evidence) of malign conduct and interference in internal US affairs, but it turns out that the country actually doing the spying and meddling was the US all along – and against its own allies!

Surely this irony is not lost on Putin.

Biden has bragged in the US media that he would be taking Putin to task for Russia’s treatment of political dissidents like Alexei Navalny. Biden wrote recently in the Washington Post, that when he meets Putin, “I will again underscore the commitment of the United States, Europe and like-minded democracies to stand up for human rights and dignity.”

Perhaps President Putin will remind him of how the Biden Administration continues the slow-motion murder of Julian Assange for the non-crime of being a journalist exposing government misdeeds.

Perhaps Putin will remind Biden of how US political dissidents are being treated, such as the hundreds arrested for what the Democrats and the mainstream media laughably call the “January 6th Insurrection.” Many of these nonviolent and unarmed protesters have been held in solitary confinement with no chance of bail, even though they have no prior arrests or convictions. Most await trial on minor charges that may not even take place until next year.

The Washington foreign policy establishment is hopelessly corrupt. The weaponization of the US dollar to bring the rest of the world to heel is backfiring. Only a serious change in course – toward non-interventionism and non-aggression – can avert a disaster. Time is running out.

Source: Ron Paul Institute 

  1. Dale F says

    I believe the bankers are in the process of managing the fall of an Empire. When they have leveraged their money into China’s economy safety. They will allow the US to become Great Britain 2.0 and Antifi and BLM will rein Supreme. Why else would the US gov. be Printing TRILLIONS of Dollars they will never repay. This money is the Golden Parachute for the escaping Bankers.

    1. ken says

      What are they going to do with all those dollars when the dollar goes the way of the Dodo bird?

      1. tobi999 says

        its quite simple with buddies in South America and Africa and Asia they will enforce privatisatzion and still real infrastructure for useless dollars..

      2. Chacko Kurian says

        They can always wipe their arses with them. ‘Life is cheap but toilet paper expensive.’

  2. ken says

    Notice it’s always those that accuse othes of wrong doing ends up being the ones actually doing it. Never fails…

  3. Hoyeru says

    Im NOT convinced Putin will even stand up for himself.
    Putin has been a major disappointment lately. Why is he even going to that “meeting”, so he can sit there and be lectured by Biden/Blinken as a 10 you school boy?
    There are SO many things he can hit them back with, yet he NEVER DOES:

    1. USA’s weapons used to commit war crimes in Yemen,
    2. Assange,
    3. USA’s invasions of Iraq, USA being illigeally in Syria
    4. etc, etc, etc
    5. I dont know what Putin’s problem is but he is bending backwards to be “pals” with US. Shameful behavior.
    1. Mark says

      Where were you for the speech he just delivered at the St-Petersburg World Economic Forum? Didn’t catch it? I’m not surprised. Allow me:

      “We are hearing threats coming out of US Congress and elsewhere. This is happening in the course of internal political processes within the USA. The people who make these threats are assuming, it would seem, that the power of the USA, its economic, military and political power, is such that this isn’t serious, that they will survive this. That’s what they think.

      But I’ll tell you what the problem is, as a former citizen of the Soviet Union. The problem of empires is that they imagine themselves to be so powerful that they can allow themselves small miscalculations and errors. Some they’ll bribe, some they’ll scare, some they’ll make a deal with, some they’ll give glass beads, some they’ll frighten with warships—and this will fix problems. But the number of problems continues to grow. There comes a moment when they can no longer cope with them. The United States are making sure-footed strides directly along the path of the Soviet Union.”

      While you were busy wringing your hands about the limitless vastness of US power, its scope and unstoppability, you probably missed this as well:

      Those who are heavily invested in US bonds or other dollar currency instruments might want to give that plan another review. The only thing that props it up is international faith that it will not fail, and its own issuers keep chipping away at it by flooding the country and the world with money printed out of thin air. By all means keep an eye on what the rich are doing, but it might be a good time to think about buying actual things of value rather than piles of paper. I suspect there will not be a do-over.

    2. yuri says

      how much does CIA pay you?

  4. Jerry Hood says

    This senile squatter in the Oval( vagina) Office must be everything told,reminded and go for new Huawei rewiring! Watch out for wires sticking out his sleeves!

  5. yuri says

    condition Russian diplomats required for meeting: Psaki required to insert new morphine suppository, fresh diaper for senile vegetable prez each morning

  6. mijj says

    i’m hoping for an entertaining session similar to the Chinese one .. USA is patronizing to Russia, Russia responds by slapping USA down into a quivering mass of jelly.

  7. Geraldo says

    Putin has got nothing to lose, Biden is losing every day. It will be a total anti climax. Biden wants his photo op and to go home pretending he showed that killer who’s boss, meanwhile behind closed doors he will be begging Putin for arms reductions and limitations. Russia is WAY ahead and the US neither has the money nor the skills to catch up.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      There will not be a meeting Joe Dementia & V Putin …
      If it could happen , it will be if you can imagine, like you having a discussion, with a cabbage, Savoy Cabbage of course? I don’t see it …

  8. Mark says

    Washington likes to believe it collects reams of private information on its allies without them apparently being detected because it is so clever and its technology so superior. But a major enabling factor is trust. When the USA says, “Shoot; we don’t spy on our allies, and stuff”, its allies believe it; Jeez, the Canadian government actually buys its Secure Telephone Units (STU) for its government officials, law enforcement and defense straight from the NSA. “Gee whillikers! You mean when I talk on this-here phone, can’t nobody listen in?” Why not just send them a message: “Please spy on me; I love attention”.

    But the USA’s trust quotient took a severe hit when it admitted it had been tapping Angela Merkel’s personal cellphone for years. It still managed to string people along to some extent by suggesting anyone who built anything that looked like firewalls would be shut out of US intelligence information. But what’s that worth, really? Let’s recall the FSB actually called the Americans up and warned them about the radical Tsarnaev brothers, but the Americans said,yeah, whatever, and did nothing, and the Tsarnaevs blew up the Boston Marathon.

    A lot of Europe would like to believe America has not completely taken leave of its senses, and that Biden is going to turn things around and we’ll all be buddies again. But I think things have passed far, far beyond Biden’s control and have taken on a momentum of their own. And if he is his usual addled self at this miracle summit, I don’t imagine America’s European allies will be very reassured.

    The time when a heart-to-heart summit might actually have done some good went by about ten or more years ago. America and Russia now have, really, nothing to talk about; paradoxically, Russia understands America better now than it ever has, and can clearly see that no amount of administration changes will alter American determination to bury Russia. They can get together and tell each other big fat lies, and they might even do that, but nothing constructive will come out of it.

  9. Ronnie says

    Putin………..” Congratulations on your election victory and becoming the President of the United States of America.”

    Biden……….” Do I know you.?”

    Secretary of State Blinking, “ I came I saw and I spoke, a lot…..and………… no one seems to gives a shit.”

  10. Romeo Leblanc says

    Putin will let Biden make a fool of himself, just by letting him talk the American falsehood on human rights.

  11. Earl says

    Biden talking he has plan for Putin, its Putin who has plan for Biden.

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