The CDC Announces That COVID Vaccines Bestow Immortality

Awesome. So what justification for virus Stalinism is there left?

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The CDC has announced that 99.5% of “COVID deaths” now occur among the unvaccinated and just 0.5% occur among the vaccinated. (Of the total 210,284 “COVID deaths” in the first six months of 2021, just 1,051 were among the vaccinated.) This despite the vaccinated being considerably older than the unvaccinated (owing to the very high intake among the over-70 cohort).

Mean tongues would say that since virtually all “COVID deaths” occur with multiple comorbidities you can manufacture any vaccinated-to-unvaccinated death ratio you want. Simply don’t put COVID as the main cause of death if the deceased had been vaccinated, but continue to do so for the unvaccinated. (The real test would be comparing the overall mortality of the two populations, adjusted for age of course.)

But hey, let’s not go there. Let’s not question the Vaccine. The Vaccine makes one almost completely impossible to be killed by the virus, and for all we know, grants eternal life, and brings back spring into rusty joints. And that’s great!

So now what possible justification for “COVID” restrictions is there left? Great, there’s an injection that stops THE PLAGUE OF DEATH and that everyone who BeLiEvEs iN ScIeNcE has by now had, so what’s up with travel bans, kids in masks, and half a million daily tests?

Does the vaccine protect the faithful or not?

The Science so loved the world she gave its daughter, the Vaccine, that whoever believes in her shall not perish but have eternal life. And here you have supposed believers in the Science acting like scared little babies who do not truly believe in the protecting power of God’s gift to the faithful. Why did the Vaccine sacrifice in the vein for you??

Great, thanks to the wonderful mRNA cocktails all COVID deaths are now almost entirely  “preventable” and therefore “voluntary”. The virus is now “an IQ test” that is going to decimate the anti-science morons like me while leaving the wonderful, right-thinking, pro-Science community unscathed.

Great, you have your magic potion. Great, now act like it.

  1. Voz 0db says
  2. ken says

    So funny. Quacks being bribed to declare every one dying covid now being bribed to declare only the non vaxxed covid.

    10 years of medical school required! What a bunch of losers.

  3. ED PAULIN says


  4. Weird but true says

    They should have added that people who die of Covid, on average have lived a longer life than the average person.

  5. XSFRGR says

    My father died at 90 before the WooHooFlu BS was fabricated. However, his best friend from the WW 2 Navy days just recently passed at age 97. He had terminal cancer pretty much all over his body, he was on a ventilator, his kidneys had failed, and he was unresponsive. After declaring him dead the hospital was required to test him for CV-19 before turning him over to the funeral home, and guess what….???….. If you guessed that he died of Covid you are correct.

  6. Eddy says

    There can be no doubt whatever. The N.W.O/Globalists believe they can tell the masses anything, and it will be accepted as gospel, check out the belief of 9/11, despite the evidence displaying clearly, to a sound mind, it was an inside job, the masses believe the fairy story concocted by their Government. If the Global cabal can get away with something like that, they know they can get away with anything, then throw in the mantra “it’s for your safety”, then everyone bows down ready to take it up the Khyber pass

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