The ‘Bountygate’ Narrative Collapses as Trump Hires Afghan War Skeptic

Can Will Ruger help end America's longest war?

On Conflicts of Interest #8, Will and Kyle discuss CENTCOM commander Frank McKenzie’s recent statement on the New York Times’s “Russian bounties” story, saying he’d seen no evidence to support the assertion. 

Negotiating teams from the Afghan government and the Taliban have met in Qatar for long-awaited peace talks, just as President Donald Trump nominated William Ruger, an Afghan war skeptic, for the ambassador position.

The Venezuelan government has charged an American citizen for terrorism and arms trafficking, accusing him of plotting sabotage on energy facilities, but citing little evidence.

US officials are increasingly concerned that they could face war crimes charges linked to US arms sales to Saudi Arabia, who has used American weapons to commit atrocities in Yemen for more than five years.


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  1. Mary E says

    US officials and military concerned that they will be charged with war crimes!
    Of course they will! The war against Yemen is cruel and illegal, ie; against international law. Why would they NOT be charged for those and many others?!

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