The Average Age of COVID Deaths in England Is 82.4. The Average for All Other Deaths Is 81.5

Data analysed by experts at the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine (CEBM) has revealed that the average age of deaths from the coronavirus is 82.4 years.

Analysis by the Oxford experts at the CEBM was compiled from data provided by the Office for Nation Statistics (ONS).

It shows that the average age of people dying in England and Wales from Covid-19 is 82.4.

This is slightly higher than deaths caused by other illnesses, which has a median age of 81.5.

This comes as it was revealed that 1.5 million cancer procedures were cancelled during the pandemic.

Data from NHS England also revealed yesterday that urgent cancer referrals are down 15 per cent due to the coronavirus “effect” – while NHS waiting lists reached record highs.

The study by the CEBM revealed that around 30,000 people who contracted the coronavirus were already dying from another illness and that just six people per thousand who catch it are likely to die from it.

Cancer has an average of 450 deaths a day, while deaths caused by dementia average at 214 deaths each day.

Heart disease has 174 and suicide has 18.

Looking at the age of patients who are dying, the experts said that around 40 per cent of people who have died from the virus are over the age of 85.

It also found that a further 33 per cent are between 75 and 84.

Local lockdowns are in place across the UK and include all age groups.

It was revealed earlier this week that more restrictions could be enforced in parts of the North and the Midlands in order to curb cases and to ease the burden on the NHS.

Professor Karol Sikora, head of Buckingham University medical school and the medical director of Rutherford Health said we “can’t afford” to worry about the NHS being overwhelmed.

He told the Daily Mail: “Instead we need to get people back to work and get rid of these ridiculous, unenforceable rules.

“They are ineffective and counter-productive, and are causing unimaginable harm.”

Looking at the age of people dying from other conditions, and the data also highlighted that barely one per cent of people dying from dementia are under the age of 44.

The average age of people dying from other causes is 81.5 years.

This reinforces the “Great Barrington Declaration”, which has so far been signed by over 15,000 experts in the medical profession.

‘Stay away from the elderly’

The declaration calls for the end to local restrictions and instead a focus on protecting those who are most at risk.

It also states that younger people “should be immediately allowed to get back to normal life”.

The data shows that those who are most at risk from the virus are the elderly.

Source: The Sun

  1. Code 4 says

    I’m look at that ONS graph and wondering where all the male privilege went 😮

  2. ke4ram says

    Many Covid deaths were borrowed from TB,,, Pnemonia,,, Flu,,, Common Cold aka CoronaVirus,,, air pollution,,, and other respiratory ailments.

    Many more false Covid deaths from Doctors / Hospitals presuming Covid to to get government insurance payouts. Big bucks for killing elderly with ventilators. A twofer as the thousands that died were removed from Medicare / Medicaid rolls.

    Many accident deaths, (cars, motorcycles, drowning, gunshot, drugs, hit by buses, slips, falls, suicides, etc) called Covid because the useless PCR reported positive.

    The excuse using “Cases” as the bogyman they’re locking down again,,, making people stay home,,, loss of more jobs,,, more suicides, drug OD’s,,, death from countless other diseases / conditions not allowed to be treated,,, and most will be counted as Covid deaths.

    Next comes the injections that will cause an array of diseases and death all to be attributed to Covid. Again the elderly in nursery homes will be first to be forced injected and die, blamed on Covid of course, which will frighten the sheep who will be begging for the injections.

    And all this for a virus the CDC admits never isolated to get the genetic sequence. So they made up a genetic sequence for the PCR to find,,, also admitted.

    This will be the greatest democide in human history! And most will volunteer,,, the rest basically at gunpoint.

    1. Mark Trail says

      Let’s not rush to fait accompli just yet. We haven’t been forced into cyborgs! The human factor is still alive despite so many being in trances. Keep on doing your thing and likewise for me and others and we shall overcome.

  3. cechas vodobenikov says

    proof that covid is more deadly than cancer and jumping off 20 story buildings

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