That Majority of Americans Now Believe COVID Is a Chinese Designer Virus Is Fantastic News for the Lockdown Freaks

The COVID Maos win again

The sickening, anti-human lockdown cult dogma stands in shambles. 50% of deaths in the developed world were in nursing homes, the average age of deaths was in the low 80s, there is no correlation whatsoever to be found between lockdown stringency and COVID outcomes, and it is exceedingly rare to meet anyone in the real world who knew anyone who died of COVID who wasn’t extraordinarily frail already. (There have been plenty of other deaths however and with the saddest, most restricted funerals ever.)

In any other world, what would now be in the cards is a massive reckoning where the Stalinist swine who enacted the murderous and oppressive lockdowns faced the music.

So it comes as great, life-saving, news to the virus Maoists that the majority of Americans now believe COVID-19 was a Chinese bioweapon. 

If the COVID Rouge has robbed everyone alive of one year of their life on the account of a particularly bad flu then that is beyond criminal. But if they locked down the globe over an escaped or released Chinese designer virus then that is infinitely more reasonable.

So now instead of demanding satisfaction for the insane, indefensible, and completely unnecessary Maoism of the lockdowns, the conservatives in the imperial homeland will satisfy themselves with basically accepting all of COVID fearmongering, but with the irrelevant caveat that it was Fauci who invented it and was responsible for it.

They will do so partly because they are dumb (it’s basically their defining characteristic), and partly because they are complicit.

Let us not forget it was Trump who legitimized and empowered Fauci in the first place, and paved the way for Faucism. Let us not forget that every single Republican governor, except Kristi Noem, locked down.

Let us also not forget that swathes of right-wing and conservative media were early on opportunistically drumming up the virus hysteria because it was good for clicks (Zero Hedge comes to mind) or were shrilly demanding lockdowns because they were soiling themselves with fear (Fash the Nation is a good example).

“Conservatives” once again prove that they are nothing but progressives driving the speed limit. Count on them to accept, internalize, and defend the most insane pseudo-left crap but with a six months delay and with an irrelevant caveat or two.

The Washington patricians know their proles well. The shift to pointing the finger at China was already in the works in early February, almost as soon as Biden was sworn in.

In fact, the anti-Chinese content of the accusation was always far too good for the Empire to pass on, but was temporarily resisted so as not to allow Trump to benefit from it.

Give it a few years and heartland conservatives will be proudly enlisting in the US military so they can bring puberty blockers to Afghanistan and the Drag Queen Story Hour to Russia. Hoorah! (And to make China free for the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, of course.)

  1. GMC says

    I told a friend who believes China did the deadly deed, that ” you think a country with 200+ bioweapons labs around the world would do this? And I was kind of referring that China has those labs, but I didn’t come out and say it -and he wrote back yes they would. I wrote — well, China doesn’t have all those labs , but USA does. I received No comment. The Americans are finished folks – over cooked even.

  2. ken says

    The lockdowns were not due to the fictional virus. They were a test to check the obedience level of the world to despots. We passed with honors!

    Since the Sars 2 (covid19) virus is a complete fiction would that not imply all those that died from a unnecessary injection pushed as mandatory be considered democide and all those disabled by debilitating disease would be assault with intent to democide?

    See,,, the virus has to be real or the above hypothetical paragraph loses it hypothetical properties and becomes factual. Then people are accountable! Can’t have that!

    Now you can understand why it is that everything about the plandemic can be considered unnecessary EXCEPT the virus. It has to be real or many go to jail and/or hang for crimes against humanity.

    Which is why most doctors and pundits (even those considered alternative types) will actually come out and say the virus is real or imply the virus is real. Anthing else will get them in deep doodoo. Conspiracy nuts are no problem to ‘them’ as they will be eliminated by the injections.

    So think carefully when the politicians try to push blame around.

    Think that it was/is ‘them’ that instituted the lockdowns,,, not the Chinese.
    Think that it was/is ‘them’ that said it would only be 15 days to flatten the curve,,, not the Chinese.
    Think that it was/is ‘them’ that demanded you to wear the mask,,, not the Chinese.
    Think it was/is ‘them’ that manipulated the number of deaths to scare the shit out of people,,, not the Chinese.
    Think that it was/is ‘them’ that had the PCR test run at 40+ cycles to conjure up all those cases,,, not the Chinese.
    Think that it was/is ‘them’ that come up with the vaxx passports,,, not the Chinese.
    Think it was/is ‘them’ that had people fined, jailed, beaten and maybe killed to enforce their mandates,,, not the Chinese.
    Think it was/is ‘them’ that are cancelling anyone that has a different opinion and hiding the real numbers of deaths and serious side effects of the injection,,, not the Chinese.

    The UK, EU, Australia, New Zealand, Red Kanada and many other politicians still have their respective jurisdictions in lockdown,,, not the Chinese.

    Be warned you are being bullshitted (again). Nothing ‘they’ say will be truth. Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear and double check everything.

    And finally…. Assuming for giggles it’s all real,,, if the best the Chinese could do was to come up with a ‘killer plague’ with a 99.87% rate you don’t die and most don’t know they had it,,, (lol) then who cares and why the hell are you taking their vaccines! I don’t see the Chinese forcing that….

    1. Jerry Hood says

      I see the satanic zionazi jews behind this plan-demia…Start with Shlomo Fauci, Billygoat Gates, and so on..

      1. Mr Reynard says

        You are 100% right !

  3. Jerry Hood says

    USAtan is the father of all lies! So is the China accusation,a big lie! Covid is jew Fauci product from Ft.Detrick! USAtan has rich record using inhumane weapons,from nuclear and chemical, to bioweapons…I pray God to burn this evil country to the ground!

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Jerry, you’re not very good at geography IMO.. As according to CNNNBCCBCBBCABC Fort Detrick location is in Wuhan China ..

  4. Raptar Driver says

    Morons and cretins! The Chinese escape has been groomed as a fail/safe since the beginning.
    How do you cover your lies!
    Well dummies you use more lies!
    Haven’t Americans gotten this yet?

  5. yuri says

    more than half amerikans believe astrology is scientific—“metaphysic for dunces”. Adorno
    1/2 US adults believe in ghosts—mainly atheists

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