Terrified of COVID-19? Don’t Worry, Vegetables Can’t Get Respiratory Illnesses

Who knew that when martial law came it would be met with a flood of virtue signaling in favor of obeying it?

A very good friend of mine says:

I feel like something epic needs to be written about all of this, but i’m struggling to think up the words that accurately convey my disappointment in humanity.

It’s just going to get worse. we can’t even begin to imagine what is in store for us. Meanwhile, the herd will beg for more,

The only thing I’ve learned from the dreadful media industry is that it is literally impossible to have an imagination that is imaginative enough to predict the insane shit that governments will do, and the ridiculous bullshit people will believe and agree with.

And now we’ve reached a bullshit level where even the “anti-corporate” alt-media are in lockstep with the official narrative. Peter Hitchens will probably be arrested and guillotined for posing a public health risk.

Everyone I know back in the US has gone full retard. People who were convinced 2 weeks ago that Trump is a Russian agent are now begging the government to control every aspect of their lives

Just can’t even wrap my head around this one…

I couldn’t agree more. It is impossible to convey just how stupid and insulting to common sense and basic human dignity this thing is.

I’m sort of sorry for spending all this time on the Great Western Lockdown these days, but what can I do? This is the big one. The occupation has come home.

The only silver lining perhaps is that at least the world might get some minimal respite from the Empire out of this, but I’m not sure that’s much of a consolation for you out there while you’re dodging curfew patrols.

Support to everyone out there resisting, whether DC restaurants or beachgoers in Australia.

And for all the liberal interventionists and neocons out there: Please do tell me how we need to spread democracy and “liberty” around the world, with bombs if need be, while you print up a certificate from a government website so you can leave your house.

  1. Jozo Magoc says

    Just another,corrupted civilisation is getting ready to be flashed away in another Apocalypse,at the current END OF THE GREAT YEAR/ ANNO MAGNUS!!!

  2. Emmet Sweeney says

    It is truly terrifying to watch how the sheep have acquiesced in their own enslavement. I had hoped that a large segment of the world no longer believed the bullshit steaming out of the mainstream media. My hopes have been rudely crushed.

    1. CHUCKMAN says

      Hardly more terrifying than the destructive stupidities of WWI and WWII and Vietnam and the Neocon Wars.

      An immense amount of resources and effort dedicated solely to killing many, many millions of people and destroying many, many things.

      And, of course, what is the social order which directs all of that activity?

      A pyramidal hierarchy just like ancient Egypt.

      That’s the only way militaries ever function.

      You find no Ayn Rand types ever functioning in a military. Nor any Mozarts or Bachs. They are outliers in terms of their genetic make-up.

      1. Jozo Magoc says

        Chuckman,once you realise that the Snake zionist jews running Ama-ruca,or the United Snakes originate from the Snake cultures of Mesoamerica, you’ll also understand,why these satan servants built PYRAMIDS OF SKULLS & BONES from their global victims and RIP OUT THE PALESTINIAN HEARTS, just as their Snake Aztecs or Toltecs ancestors did !!! What do you think,why they nicknamed themselves as AshkeNazis? Just to claim to be an ASH in Auschwitz type concentration camps, but behaving like true and genuine Nazis!!! See their Transfer Agreement between the Nazis and AskeNazis of 1930’s!!!

      2. Emmet Sweeney says


    2. isaac says

      You do realize that mindlessly repeating alt-media talking points is no less sheepleish than chanting msm mantras, no? In the interim, “America bad, Russia good,” “Lord god emperor Puntin good, Trump bad,” repeat ad infinitum and you will get an A-E, RI gold star – just ask CUCKMAN.

      1. CHUCKMAN says

        I’ve deleted content since the comment it applies to no longer is displayed. You can’t just delete on Disqus.

        1. isaac says

          Slow down on the coffee there CUCKMAN, your moronic binge commenting is beyond annoying, why don’t you go read a book, or get out and about. The world is a big place with lots to offer, hell you might even get laid so that you can ease up on the mental, if not literal, fapping for a bit.
          My comment wasn’t even addressed to you…perhaps you felt that it applied? If I knew you were so thin-skinned I would have just coo-ed you a bit with the soothing rhyme, “America bad, Russia good, Trump bad, Putin great.” Now, now all better dear….

          1. Marko Marjanović says

            It’s nice that you find A-E your go-to-source for Syria as you explained elsewhere but John is a highly esteeemed commenter on here and we don’t allow personal attacks of this sort here. You will desist from such and follow the rules here or you will be banned from commenting. Consider this your last warning.

          2. Jozo Magoc says

            Jew Isaac, calm down,or may get sacrified for the 2nd time and for real! No more goyim animal in your place on that jew mountain-altar, you RED EDOMITE HEIFER!

      2. Jozo Magoc says

        Dear jew Isaac, you do not need express your talmudic belief, neither the Protocols…Your BIG NOSE tells me clearly that all you are after-IS TO SNIFF OUT OUR WALLETS !!!

    3. Jozo Magoc says

      We,the East Europeans don’t give a shit about your zionmedia there,in the ” great” USAtan!!!

      1. James Willy says

        Don’t they force the same lies down your throats there like all zog medias do? Sure are lucky there if that’s the case.

  3. Jozo Magoc says


  4. Savely says

    “my disappointment in humanity” oh, let us apologise Your Excellency Marco… BTW, excellency, stop to beg for money, it is despicable.

    1. Marko Marjanović says

      Please send me your IP so I can spare you further pain of reading this horrible site.

      1. Savely says

        I have never pick your articles, I use it as a source for other worth material that you pick and display on your website. Your website is basically an aggregator for other people’s work.

    2. Per says

      if he did not “beg” for money he would have to pay for the site out off pocket, if you can afford that im glad for you but not everyone is part of the rentier class and can afford whatever they want… Grow up.

      1. Marko Marjanović says

        This is a full-time job, with which I serve 2,000 regular readers who check in at least every other day and 100,000 visitors who read at least one article each month, and I’m insane enough (and bad at fundraising pitches writing enough) to do it for/on $500 dollars per month. Other sites of this size take in tens of thousands of dollars.

        If you know a fool who can do this job, and will do it for such a number please let me know. I’ll hire him and get myself a normal job.

        1. Per says

          im one off those 2000 regulars and i really respect the work and effort you put into your site.
          I know off no one that would take your offer tbh,.-

          1. Marko Marjanović says

            Hey thanks for the kind words, just keep on reading. It’ll be a lot better if I can find an ad network and serve some ads but with the stuff I run nobody wants me (except the most spamy and obnoxious of Indian networks).

            1. Per says

              they come from the heart, and please dont use those indian spam networks!!

      2. Savely says

        I do run my own news website. I were forced to figure out how to “spread the word” and at the same time to be sustainable. He could run a banner under any article. But to make it in any page as huge pop-up is too much.

        1. Marko Marjanović says

          Nobody’s forcing you to come here, in fact I could do without your whining and your entitlement.

        2. Per says

          i do not run a site so i will not argue on that, i still do not see any problems with a site owner “begging” for $ tho..
          That is how things work these days and i see it as positive, the ecelebs and ethots begging on yt i despise tbh..

  5. CHUCKMAN says

    Marko, here is the ultimate one.

    Simply unbelievable.

    Secret efforts to suspend habeas corpus! 1984, here we come.


    1. Jozo Magoc says

      Chuckman, you better get ready for Jew World Order in 2033!!! And read my educational comments!!!

    2. Jozo Magoc says

      Habeas Corpus is a joke in the United Zionist Snakes!

  6. Follows TheWay says

    It’s Bible prophecy. The devolution continues ever since the garden. Mankind is fallen, is fallen. The only way out of this prison matrix is through the strait gate and onto the narrow way. Jesus said few would actually do it, and so it is. America is the great, end-times nation Babylon. Not easy to watch.

    1. Jozo Magoc says

      Read about the Garden,my comment above,why Jew Yoke City is called as ‘ Big Apple’!!!

    2. CHUCKMAN says

      Tell that to the Big Orange Moron with absolutely no morals and to the Big Fat Idiot running the State Department as though it were Al Capone’s gang.

      America, you are ridiculous and dangerous at the same time. A remarkable achievement.

      1. Jozo Magoc says

        That Big Orange Moron is zionist Shabbaz Goy,licking the zionist arses,not only on Saturday Shabbats,but also the years he us in business with them,5x bankrupted by them,and 5x helped by the ziojews on his clay legs,to stand up and make enough to pay them for the rest of his miserable goy life back to them INTERESTS, for he never made any profit for himself, just for the zioAskeNazis!!!

    3. isaac says

      As a life-long skeptic, I was not only a-religious, but shaded to the anti-religious side (I say this carefully, because other than communism, I try to live by the standard that everyone is entitled to his opinion). I started down the rabbit hole back in the early aughts as a result of traveling parts of the world (India, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia) in the aftermath of 9/11.
      I came to see that at the bottom of every rabbit hole was embedded a jew. As a result, I found, not religion, but The Truth in Yashuah The Christ. This epiphany caused me to shift emphasis from seeking duh truth to joining the duh resistance in earnest.
      A-E is my go-to place primarily for keeping up on the Syrian/Iranian/Turkish/Russian/American aspect of the ME “conflict” (which picture is MUCH bigger than Syria, Iran, Turkey, Russia and the jUS combined). The comments on here range from insightful to entertaining to humorous. I get a big kick out of commentators who decry the regurgitation of msm official narrative talking points as they chant, “America bad, Russia good,” and “Putin great, Trump bad,” never realizing that Trump and Putin are two sides of the same coin – one representing NWO West and the other shilling for NWO East.
      The ME “conflict” is but an outcropping of the ongoing real-time Israelite (no, they are not jews) genocide by the edomites/canaanites/sodomites (yes, they are the jews). There is no political solution to this world problem, there is NO HOPE in the two-puppet system. There is only hope in Father Yahweh manifested in Yashuah The Christ. It is clear that most people will never catch on to this Truth (Jeremiah 6:16, 18:15). Thus all the would-be, armchair pundits who offer their tidbits of political wisdom by parroting alt-media talking points, acting their part in the kabuki theater playing all around “US” as “OUR” people are being slaughtered and “blended out” all across the globe.



      1. Jozo Magoc says

        Can means Serpent in the Semitic,Native American languages of the Naguatl( naga-cobra) group.The jews are the Canaanites who migrated in big EXODUS from Mesoamerican Serpent cultures after the apocalypse of Aztlan/ Atlantis in 9,745 BC, a date visible on the famous Lid of Pakal! Date used by zionist attackers in 911 Database, but also by the Roman Catholic lodge in Gudalupe this way: Imaculate Bendita Seas Madre de el Hijo de Dios y Madre Nuestra, with 9,745 letters in Spanish code languagebof the Catholic Lodge! The Serpent jews never went in Exodus from Egypt,but to Egypt,from Mesoamerica, to then egyptian Palestine! They came as Canaanites= Serpentnprople,and set first 5 cities-colonies in then egyptian Palestine! Jeru-shalim was one of them,the Dragon-dusk city, see Ezekiel 16:3, a Canaanite city, symbolising Black hole in Milky Wsy,where our Sun was crucified,but also God’s Son in Jerusalem by the jews! These Canaanites were nicked as Phoenicians,who rose up from their own ashes as their legendary bird,Phoenix! Some of these Canaanite-Serpent people called themselves as Hebrews= Crossers( of the ocean), and later switched to Is-Ra-el name,as newborn,virgin Sun people! Jesus knew their origin,calling them snakes-vipers,descendants of the Devil! These snakes brought the Jabah ZCUBICAL TEMPLE with themselves to Mecca, or the cubical philactery- phila means Womb!

  7. cechas vodobenikov says

    in the USA the label a greedy capitalist an entrepreneur and the describe martial law as a quarantine
    no panic here–all normal

    1. Jozo Magoc says

      The obese goyim,soulless populace there knows no difference, all they need is chips,coke and cocain, to be happy! And sometimes the cheeseburger…

  8. CHUCKMAN says

    Sorry, I think you have fantasies about humanity.

    Nobel individuals standing up for themselves? Perhaps, Marko, you read too much Ayn Rand?

    Humanity is, and always has been, much like a herd.

    The apes we’re descended from lived in tribal groups with sets of rules, just as chimps do today.

    And they’ve even discovered that those chimp tribal groups periodically go off to attack a neighboring chimp tribal group, and do so quite viciously.

    Does that sound familiar?

    1. Grand Nagus Zek says

      99% of humanity is, and always has been, myriad tribes of lizard-brained shaved monkeys who can barely do more than eat, shit, work and sleep; critical thinking etc is beyond them.

      Evolution still has a LONG way to go.

      1. CHUCKMAN says

        Indeed, evolution still has a LONG way to go.

        Evolution is headed, and rather rapidly, towards artificial intelligence and robots.

        They are the ones who will travel to the stars.

        Our herd will be regarded as we do monkeys.

        I believe in the search for other intelligent life in the universe – and absolutely it is there abundantly – the planets that really are advanced are likely robotic and have little or no interest in communicating with us.

        That would explain the lack of signals despite years of effort looking.

        There maybe is only a relatively brief window in time when an evolving species such as ours is capable and interested in communicating.

        For most of humanity’s 200,000 years, we’ve had no ability.

        And perhaps in another century, our successors, the robots, will have no interest.

        The universe appears to have a “destiny” towards self-understanding, given the way evolution works and the way the earth keeps a record of its past through fossils and geology.

        Intelligence is the “arrow of time” in evolution, and robots can before a very long time, far exceed us.

        After all, we’ve been 200,000 years just about right where we are but learning over that period how to do things.

        That effort to learn how to do things will continue, but human capacity will be inadequate to the need. Our successors will carry on, even periodically building more intelligent generations of themselves.

        Regarding other civilizations in the universe, it is of course possible that in the “transition phase” in which we find ourselves, many perhaps destroy themselves with nuclear war and other severe perils.

        Weapons too grave for monkey brains.

        1. Grand Nagus Zek says

          well said!

        2. Jozo Magoc says

          I doubt the star trek ” travels” by us,the monkeys or by our ” superior” robots, because when the men feels like God, the apocalypse hits them hard, and the few who survive,starts all over! And our date is set: 2033 Novus Ordo Seclorum!!!

      2. Alonso Nada says

        not sex?

  9. Jozo Magoc says

    Here is the 2033 dated Novus Ordo Seclorum: the bold,and jew squint-eyed eagle has 32&33 feathers on left& right wing,the years for N.O.S. in 2032-2033! Above the jew looking like eagle is the zionist Magen David from 13 stars surrounded by 20 clouds= 33,for N.O.S. in 2033! The true,Khufu pyramid has 5,793 prophetic inches,whatbis the yearnof 5,793 Anno Magnus, or our year of 2033! From 1776 the zionist jews,originally from Serpent cultures of Mesoamerica, counts last 13 Katuns,ending in 2032-2033!
    The US galactic flag has 9 rows+11 columns of stars = 9/11,plus 6+7 stripes = 33,for N.O.S, in 2033! 9 headed Dragon is Milky Way and her Cygnus constellation of 9 major stars,also knlwn as Northern CROSS, where is dually crucified also our potent Sun of 11 year long cycles! And the 6+7= 13th house of the zodiac, the CygnusX1 black hole,the Swan,but also Yama- goddess of dead! Therefore,our potent Sun crucified in Black hole! The same NUMBER PATTERN used the zionist jew from the Blue Lodge in 911 Database, in the amounts of ZCREW MEMBERS in the 4 ” hijacked planes”: First two,hitting the Twin Towers,had 9+11 ” crew members”, and the last two,had 6+7 crew members! And I do not go into the US Skyscrapers calendar with its multiple of dates,2033 and 5,793A.M.!!!

    1. Jozo Magoc says

      Why is Jew Yoke City called as ‘ Big Apple’? Because Lower Manhattan,is a confluence( Mesopotamia) of two rivers, and a local,zionist copy of Mesopotamia= Dark Rift= Eden/ Paradise in Milky Way, where the biblical Eve got her ” hairy Apple” to Adam to conceive, Abel,and deceased senator,McCain,the murderer!
      Jew Yoke City is thus a copy of galactic VAGINA, also known in Greek as Synagougue,and in Hebrew as Minha= the Minge!!! And the demolished Twin Towers symbolised the galactic WOMB-the Double Centre, meanwhile the ” Federal Gold Vault” on Liberty Street 33,nearby the demolished Twin Towers, symbolises the Black hole in Dark Rift/ Vagina and all the Gold Bullions there the jew,megabankster stole till 2033! There are dozens of a such earthly copies of this Paradise in Milky Way with local legends of GOLD! In Irak,it was gold statue of Marduk in Babylon( Babí lono= female grotto).On Sinai peninsuls,it was Golden Calf! In Mesopotamia of Ganges and Yamuna,it is Golden City of Shiva. The Golden Coricancha was in confluence of rivers Huatamay and Tullumayo,and so on!

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