Tennis #1 Told Will Be Banned From Wimbledon If He Doesn’t Publicly Denounce Putin

What's up with Anglo Maoism and Slavic tennis players?

Editor’s note: He’s already on record as being against the war and would have to play without a flag, but that is still not enough dumping on him. If you’re wondering why the Russians have closed rank, this kind of chauvinism against them is why.

Source: Sports Reporter

World No.2 Daniil Medvedev has been told he may have to denounce Russian President Vladimir Putin if he wants to enter England and play Wimbledon.

Medvedev has denounced the war in Ukraine after calling for peace since Putin announced the invasion, which has seen Russia hit with unprecedented sanctions from world leaders.

Now, the UK sports minister has claimed he isn’t comfortable with a Russian athlete flying the Russian flag if they were to win Wimbledon.

This is despite all Russian and Belarusian athletes playing under neutral flags on the WTA and ATP Tour.

“Many countries have agreed that they will not allow representatives from Russia to compete. There are also visa issues as well,” minister Nigel Huddleston said at a select committee in parliament.

“When it comes to individuals, that is more complex.

“Absolutely nobody flying the flag for Russia should be allowed or enabled.”

Hiddleston went on to claim that assurances might have to be made before individual athletes could compete.

“We need some potential assurance that they are not supporters of Putin and we are considering what requirements we may need to try and get some assurances along those lines,” he added.

Huddleston said he was discussing the issue with Wimbledon organisers, the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC).

Medvedev recently denounce the war in Ukraine, on the day he took over as World No.1 from Novak Djokovic.

  1. ken says

    Lunatics everywhere. The US just had a poll showing 35 pct of its lunatics want to save the Ukrainian Nazis even if it means a nuclear Armageddon.

    So why would trying to force athletes to denounce Putin stir up anyone?

    1. Hungary Guy says

      CONvid Fanatic Karens found a New Target after the “anti- VAXXers/ unVAXXed

  2. James says

    This is beyond scary. What we’re now witnessing is a type of Hitlerism, where large numbers of Americans have been programmed to direct their unmitigated rage toward a specific group scapegoated by the government. First it was non-vaxxers/non-maskers, now it’s Russians. The government is basically training Americans to hate and vilify targeted groups. Who’s next?

    1. ken says

      Where were these American morans during all of America’s invasions? Where were they when the US overthrew the government of Ukraine?

      They were all in when the US lied about WMD in Iraq. Now when actual American WMD is found in Ukraine, its crickets.

      Americans all in a uproar about a virus being released in China but no concerns over a few dozen American bio-labs in Ukraine and around the world.

      American’s sacrificed about 5-600,000 lives fighting German nazis in WWII,,, now willing to nuke it out over nazis in Ukraine. Fascism is spreading its garbage over the West.

      The new generations of wuss Americans were indoctrinated in pre-school and elementary schools,,, now forced woke if they want to go to college. Three generations that have been trained to lick the butts of any authority.

      Back in the day when the USSR and US were threatening each other we still managed to keep sports from being politicized. Today everything is politicized.

      Who’s next? Well, the trained monkey see, monkey do Americans will hate anyone their directed by gov to hate so it’s hard to tell.

      1. Eric the Red says

        If you’re implying hypocrisy, then don’t even bother.
        Leftist ideology is not only rife with hypocrisy, it couldn’t exist without it.

    2. Mr Reynard says

      Hitlerism ???? I would rather say Trotskyites Judaism ….

    3. Eric the Red says

      The masses have been groomed by the left to blindly accept each next narrative, regardless of whether it’s for who to love or who to hate. The whole society is marinated in the Cult of the Narrative, because for at least
      40 years the left has had total control of the educational system at all levels.

      1. Andra Saltzberg says

        “the educational system” being the MSM, first & foremost.

  3. Hungary Guy says

    After CON vid HOAX PLANdemic QR- Code System FAIL: RESET No.1:

    Russians and sympathizers+ EU general Populace = un- vaxxed/ anti- vaxxers who need to be ousted from the NWO Economy.

    That SIMPLE

    FJB & Fuck the EU (Leaders)

  4. anonymouse says

    He should be forced to denounce Tony Blair before entering the UK.

  5. Steve Kastl says

    All Western leaders are detached from reality. The unjustified vitriol about Russia and our illegal sanctions will rebound back and further destroy our country, because Talmudic sociopaths control and corrupt our government. Deport all Israelis and Israeli duel citizens before we have a nuclear war. We cannot have Israel in control of our nuclear weapons. They are in control now because they have bought off all our politicians and our politicians will do anything Israel says to stay in power.

  6. Steve Kastl says

    Leave Russia alone. They did the only thing they could by invading Ukraine. We, the USA, would not listen so now we have another USA caused conflict.

    1. BangTheHankers says

      The solipsism afflicting the normie masses prohibits the consideration of ANY perspective other than their own.

      It honestly robs me of speech. The West always seems to be the good guys, and they will interpret the facts to suit thusly. They think life is a Marvel film. NO mention of the puzzling alliance between a Jew president and the explicit Nazi-inspired military force with Nazi insignias.

      Even the Zio-cucks over at r/military are woefully mis-enchanted and similarly cannot comprehend a warfare that is not simply glassing an entire nation for 2 months before you put feet on the ground (and then wonder why the natives don’t appreciate the “liberators” trying to introduce “democracy”).

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