Tax-Feeding Parasite and COVID Freak Simonyan Wants Censorship for Russians

Editor’s note: What is it called when your salary is paid from the money extorted from Russian taxpayers and then you argue these citizens shouldn’t have free speech?

Machine translated from Russian.

The editor-in-chief of the TV channel Russia Today Margarita Simonyan during the TV program with the participation of Vladimir Solovyov spoke in favor of introducing strict censorship in Russia.

“We had two periods in our history when there was almost no censorship. This is from 1905 to 1917-1 and during perestroika with the subsequent “beloved” nineties,” Simonyan said.

She added that both times it ended in the collapse of the country.

Simonyan stressed that in her opinion, a large state cannot exist without control over information.

“Those who forced us to write in the Constitution that censorship is prohibited understand this very well,” the editor-in-chief of RT said.

She called for a change in information policy and cultural policy.

Simonyan summed up that now is the time to reconsider everything, starting with the phrase “censorship is prohibited in the Constitution.”


“Simonyan was only 25 when appointed editor-in-chief of RT in 2005, but had been working in journalism since she was 18.”

Yupp, totally meritocratic and non-shady.

Kick this gross Armenian out of Russia


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