Taser-Wielding NYPD Punk Cop Punches Bystander During ‘Social-Distancing Bust’

Welcome to lockdown, pleb!

The NYPD’s enforcement of social distancing over the weekend included a tense fracas in the East Village that ended with three arrests, an officer sidelined and an internal probe, officials said Sunday.

Cops were breaking up a group near the corner of East Ninth Street and Avenue D around 5:30 p.m. Saturday, when Shakiem Brunsom and Ashley Serrano allegedly refused to move along and resisted cops’ efforts to cuff them, according to police.

A small crowd of onlookers gathered a few feet away during the tussle, to the apparent ire of one cop in particular, identified by police sources as Officer Francisco Garcia.

The rest was caught on a now-viral video shot by a bystander.

“Move the fuck back right now!” a Taser-wielding [roid-raging] Garcia yells as he breaks away from the melee to engage the bystanders. “What you flexing for? Don’t flex!”

Garcia then holsters his Taser — only to grab one onlooker from the crowd, identified by cops as Donni Wright.

Garcia wrestles the 33-year-old to the sidewalk, repeatedly slapping his head and punching him, as another cop moves in to help cuff him, the video shows.


The NYPD said [lied] Garcia felt threatened when Wright struck a fighting stance — a move not caught in the clip — and that the cop suffered an unspecified injury [self-injury] in the brawl [non-brawl].

Wright was hit with [trumped up] charges including assault of a police officer, menacing and resisting arrest.

Brunsom, 31, and Serrano, 22, also face resisting arrest raps, with the former also charged with pot possession and the latter hit with criminal possession of a weapon charges for a stun gun she allegedly was carrying.

“It started out as a social distancing enforcement,” Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said in a joint Sunday press briefing with Mayor Bill de Blasio. “I am aware of the video that’s out there.”

Garcia, meanwhile, has been placed on modified duty, pending a probe by the department’s Internal Affairs Bureau, noted the top cop.

“That’s where we stand right now,” he said.

Source: NY Post

  1. NWOD says

    The American Pig: brutal, sadistic, violent, uneducated, corrupt, and immune from consequences.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    The “blue line” is inherently corrupt and any officer who adheres to it is a criminal and tyrant.

  2. Steven Rowe says

    see why you morons in NYC not welcome or let stay at 2st home in new England or camp grounds ,, you start by removing those retarded morons you elected ,,then stop acting like loud azzhole

  3. Archie1954 says

    Unfortunately the US police as a whole are unprofessional and poorly trained. They would rather use brute force even in non threatening situations than reasonable persuasion. Just pray that martial law is never proclaimed, as US streets will be flooded in blood!

  4. Richard Wahd says

    Dear Francisco,

    a – put a garbage bag around your head
    b – draw your weapon
    c – stick it in your mouth
    d – squeeze the trigger
    BTW – thanks for using the garbage liner/bag – we’ll appreciate the quick clean up

  5. pingpong696969 says

    Yes. if future generations want to know, we are a civil society. Can we all get along

  6. Cretins Bezoar says

    Same sht goes on without the virus…cops will be cops, it’s the way their wired.

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