Taliban: US Has Accepted Full Withdrawal From Afghanistan

US side accepts that under final settlement when it is made it will gradually withdraw in full and never interfere militarily again

US negotiations with the Taliban have been making substantial progress in recent months, and there seem to be high hopes that a meeting next week in Doha would be a breakthrough moment. Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen suggested the deal is already effectively made.

Shaheen announced on Twitter Tuesday that the US had pledged to accept a full military withdrawal from Afghanistan, and furthermore to never again interfere in Afghan affairs.

That is certainly the direction the talks have been going, but US military spokesman Col. Dave Butler denied that any such deal was made, saying that “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.”

But the basic framework has always been a US withdrawal and the Taliban keeping ISIS and al-Qaeda out of Afghanistan. Further details may need to be worked out to finalize everything, and it’s not clear where they are in that process.

Still, for the US to completely deny that a deal is agreed to seems dishonest, even if technically it isn’t finalized. The US likely just isn’t ready to make this part of the deal official, because of the backlash from Congressional hawks who want to keep troops in Afghanistan forever.

Source: Antiwar.com

  1. Augustus says

    No matter how this is disguised or how much lipstick is put on this pig it looks like a major Military Defeat. After all the money, sweat, blood and tears …..after tearing Afghanistan apart with multi million dollar weaponry the Afghans wearing two dollar sandals have beaten the vaunted U.S. military to a draw….a defeat really. It has taken years after George Bush and Dick Cheney thought they were going to rule the World, by felling first Afghanistan and then Iraq, but now it has all come to naught. America is being shoved out of Asia….like it or not.

  2. Andrew Nathan-Nahu says

    TaLIban will not negotiate with US refuse to speak with infidels, they will never surrender will fight on forever until US & co, pack up there crap & leave!

  3. thomas malthaus says

    In case a Taliban representative is reading these posts, historical precedence does not bode well for the US honoring agreements or treaties.

  4. cap960 says

    The Yanks aren’t living the area…Iran is just next door.

  5. John C Carleton says

    I wonder if the Taliban is aware the USA/WASHINGTON DC, has never, not once, lived up to the terms of an agreement or treaty?

    Liars lie!
    Thats what liars do.

    1. Ilya says

      They cry wolf, but Afghanistan turned out to be a bit of a wolf! Better hide and cower in that case!

      1. John C Carleton says

        Any half butted military man would have understood, Afghanistan is best left to the Afghans.
        It is not called the graveyard of the empires for nothing.

        Add to that, Afghanistan had nothing to do with 9-11.

        Israhell did 9-11, WASHINGTON DC collaborated, Saudi financed.

        SO USA attacks Afghanistan while making political whoopee with the two war criminal countries which along with the USA, attacked America.

        Hell of a way to run a railroad.

        1. DarkEyes says

          Invading of Afghanistan by US Military due to 9-11 (Bush the Lier said 9-11 was the reason) had been used as the right opportunity to expand the Bush-Drugs-Emperium.

          The poppy fields were the best protected and guarded places in Afghanistan by the Boys and Girls of the US Military which is the graveyaard of all empires as proven thru history, indeed.

          If this indeed is true the US Military is going home, it is an enormous step forward for peace in Central Eurasia.

          What will come up front when US is gone, are the “Al Qaida” gangsters, the actual palast guards of AIPAC Government and Zio-General Dictator BiBi of zio-Israhell.

          Hopefully the Taliban have still some RPG grenades left and ready to fire.

          God bless the people of Afghanistan and their country.

          The big question now, immediately, must be:
          who is clearing the landmines to prevent further killings of people?

          1. John C Carleton says

            Won’t be Israhell or their lap dog, the USA.

            Think natural resources, rare earths.
            At first they wanted to run a pipeline through Afghanistan, and the Taliban would not allow that, unless the Afghan people got a share of the oil, for their use.

            The Rats refused, invaded.
            Been a whole lot cheaper to allow the Afghans to use some oil.
            Then they would have gotten the pipe line through.

            China does business with countries to get their way in the countries.
            The RATs attack and kill.
            But then, the Rat’s have a very angry war god who demands human sacrifices / blood, and lots of both.

    2. The Globalist says

      You have a gift for perceiving the obvious, John.

      I think the whole world now is catching onto the American game. US foreign policy is such a disaster. Better get out while they can.

      I suspect Russia, Iran, Turkey, China all talking to the Taliban has made it start to look like the Americans better announce victory before someone else finalizes a deal with the Taliban. Regards.

    3. cap960 says

      It’s an American thing…they even train to lie. Pompeo said so.

      1. John C Carleton says

        It is a USA thing.

        America is occupied by the USA, which is not America, but a foreign sub corporation of the evil of the Ratschild run British Empire.
        Israhell is the RothsRats British Empire military outpost in the Middle East.

        My country, the Occupied Republic of Texas, has been militarily occupied by this foreign to America corporation, for 154 years and counting.

        ‘Some Thoughts On The Republic of Texas, Occupied’

        1. DarkEyes says

          America is occupied by the US. US is not equal to America.
          Not only Texas but the forty nine other countries of the United States of America unincorporated have been occupied since 1863. IMO, as I understand the history, after the “Regime Change” in 1863, the Military did not give up its regained powers.
          Looked like a permanent military supervision/suppression over the Federation.

          Ref. http://www.annavonreitz.com/

          1. John C Carleton says

            There occupied by force militarily, 47 States, 2 Republics, and one Polynesian Kingdom.

        2. KOLIN Thumbadoo says

          That’s Mexico right your occupied republic of Texas?

        3. The Globalist says

          John, Thank on your Republic of Texas. It was fun to read.

  6. Undecider says

    If the U.S. is leaving, it’s because they got the Taliban to work for them.

  7. CHUCKMAN says

    It’s an extremely qualified statement.

    Nothing to get too excited about, as we could be talking many years in the future

    1. Marko Marjanović says

      However it is negotiating on terms it would not accept from Germany or Japan.

      1. CHUCKMAN says


        Of course those were “real wars” in America’s eyes.

        Afghanistan has alway been a peculiar situation, never quite defined even as to purpose.

        1. silver749 says

          Peculiar. 9 Saudi’s attacked the WT centers but the US attacked Afghanistan. The Logic of a 2 year old. Choses on which name or color he likes.

      2. JustPassingThrough says

        yes, like who is in charge of the poppy fields, the cia or….

        1. DarkEyes says

          Bush Kartel Inc. is in charge of the poppy fields together with their CIA friends.

    2. DarkEyes says

      On the other hand a presidential election, also for Mr. Trump, is approaching.

  8. Nick Rhynes says

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this materializes as tRump could use the ‘victory’ of bringing troops home from at least one of our stupid foreign weapons testing grounds

  9. JustPassingThrough says

    Here is what the u.s. has won in Afghanistan.

    “The cost of veterans’ medical and disability payments over the next 40 years will be more than $1 trillion, according to Linda Bilmes, a senior lecturer in public finance at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. The cost of caring for war veterans typically peaks in the three or four decades after a conflict, she said.

    More than 320,000 soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq have traumatic brain injuries that cause disorientation and confusion, as of 2018. Of those, more than 8,000 suffered severe or invasive brain injuries, and more than 1,600 soldiers lost all or part of a limb. More than 138,000 have post-traumatic stress disorder. They experience flashbacks, hypervigilance, and difficulty sleeping.”

    On average, 20 veterans commit suicide each day according to a 2016 VA study.​ The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America found that 47% of its members know of someone who has attempted suicide after returning from active duty. The group considers veteran suicide to be its top issue.”


    …and the idiots are still joining because “it won’t happen to me, mom.”

    1. Edward A. Vazquez says

      🎵 Nineteen, nineteen, na na na na na na nineteen. 🎵

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