Taliban Declare Do Not Want American Help in Fighting ISIS — Afghan Civilians Breathe a Sigh of Relief

Probably a lot safer for Afghan civilians this way

On Friday, a Taliban official said the group doesn’t need help from the US or any other countries to fight terrorism in Afghanistan.

“We are fully ready to ensure the security of the country on our own,” said Anaamullah Samangani, a member of the Taliban’s cultural commission, according to TOLO News. “We don’t need the US or other countries’ support in this respect.”

Samangani’s comments came after Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said it was “possible” the US could cooperate with the Taliban in the future against Afghanistan’s ISIS affiliate, known as ISIS-K. The US has previously provided air support for the Taliban against ISIS-K.

After the suicide bombing at the Kabul airport, the US carried out two airstrikes in Afghanistan against targets they claimed were ISIS-K, but one of the strikes killed 10 civilians. The US claims the other strike killed “ISIS-K planners,” but no names or any other details have been released.

These airstrikes were launched from outside of Afghanistan, which means they can continue, and Biden has threatened to launch more. But without the cooperation of the Taliban, more airstrikes would violate the sovereignty of the new Afghan government. So further airstrikes are dependant on how the US chooses to engage the Taliban-led government.

Source: Antiwar.com

  1. Jasonovich says

    ISIS-K inspired by the Delta variant is Zogmerican proxy army, to invite their help would be like the green light for arming the terrorist. The Taliban should learn the lessons from Syria.

    1. GMC says

      There is only one country I would invite to kill the US/Israel backed Isis and al Qaeda – Russia.
      But after the US left all those tens of billions of dollars worth of weapons – I wouldn’t trust the Taliban and the Americans – period.

      1. Raptar Driver says

        At this point I wouldn’t even trust Russia.
        The Covid conspiracy clearly shows you that the Russian government is part of the world government.

  2. ken says

    Lots of laughs! They’re (Taliban) not as stupid as many make them out to be!

  3. Raptar Driver says

    It must be apparent by now that Isis is a construct of western intelligence agencies.
    If you don’t understand that cut back on the fluoride.

    1. Kieran says

      ISIS-K is a CIA construct to keep the military industrial complex running otherwise those stocks of Raytheon, Lockheed Martin et al are going to tank, You may vacate Afghanistan but you can’t stop dropping the bombs

  4. Helga Weber says

    This was a war Goliath against David, 330 Mill. people against 38 Mill. One has to put that into perspective.

  5. yuri says

    machiavelli observed that corrupted people (from the inception of amerika it has been informed by ubiquitous sleeze and hustling”. Walter MacDougal), the more they required incompetent leaders—trumpy, and the senile veg biden..expected in a decayed empire near collapse
    “amerika requires a stupefied population”. C Lasch

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