Syrian Army Takes the First Town in the Idlib Offensive, Al-Qaeda Hits Back With Suicide Car Bomb

After a 15-month pause in major operations on the Idlib front Damascus back to making real gains

So far all on schedule

Launched on Monday, took over a pair of strategic hills (and no man’s land villages), the Syrian-Russian Idlib offensive moved into Kafr Nabudah, a rural town of 15,000 people before the war and took it over after hours of fighting. The battle:

The outcome so far:

(Watan is pro-government but consistently reliable.)

(Qalaat is pro-rebel so his confirmation of a government win is worth double.)

This is a small win in the grand scheme of things, but important as an early sign of the strength of the two sides and chances of the offensive.

The army and the rebels have not faced off in a major battle since mid 2018, and in “Greater Idlib” for well over a year since February 2018. If Kafr Nabudah is a sign of things to come the Syrian army has not forgotten how to win in the mean time.

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    finish it, this time.
    move on to ghetto-land.

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