Syrian Army Retakes Town Lost to Jihadi Counter-Attack, Russian Spetsnaz Filmed on the Front

As rebels conference with AQ leader the US has a $10 million reward out on — yet the US is telling Russia to stop the offensive

Sunday Syrian army retook the town of Kafr Nabuda it had lost 96 hours prior to a rebel counterstroke. Rebel resistance was relatively light and broken quickly, as their main force had evacuated before the army attack in the face of constant artillery and airstrikes.

The loss moved the rebels to hold a war council with leaders of all of the bigger factions attending, which placed supposed moderates in the same room with the most powerful of them — Abu Mohammad al-Julani, the leader of Nusra/JFS/HTS which is a spinoff from ISIS and pledges allegiance to al-Qaeda. (Julani is the one with the red-white cloth on his head.)

The US has a $10 million reward out on Julani and has bombed his group in the past, most notably Obama did so with B-52s in January 2017 just as he was leaving office:

And yet the US Special Envoy to Syria will tell you the US is supporting the opposition and pressuring the Russians to stop the current offensive.

“We are working closely [with the UN Secretary General] to put pressure on Russia. That was a major purpose of the trip last week and I think it is having some effect.”

“Generally they [Turks] support the opposition as do we.”

It is also threatening to perhaps once again cruise missile the Syrians if al-Qaeda and friends deliver a servicable casus belli.

Meanwhile Russian special forces have been filmed on the front lines vs al-Qaeda:

A video footage was published by the Russian News-Front TV channel shows several soldiers of the Russian special forces being deployed to the front-lines in al-Ghab Plain in northern Hama countryside.

The Russian soldiers were seen walking alongside Syrian troops just 300m away from militants’ positions in al-Ghab Plain.

They are tasked with monitoring and observing jihadist rebels movements and positions in bid to coordinate attacks with the Russian air force.

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    USA = Israhell.
    Israhell = ISIS
    Any questions?

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