Syria Looks Exactly the Way It Would If a Giant Offensive on Al-Qaeda Was Coming

With the US preoccupied with Venezuela this would also be precisely the time to strike

For over a week now Syrian and Russian air forces keep pounding the southern end of the mainly al-Qaeda-held “Greater Idlib” enclave, there are constant reports of a Syrian army troop build up, and civilians are getting out of the way. Is a Syrian army offensive coming? I don’t know. But if it was coming, this is exactly how it would look like:

Al Masdar and Muraselon both claim local sources who say the offensive is coming, albeit some of them caution it will aim at chipping away only one portion of the enclave rather sweeping the whole of it.

The Syrian army has long wanted to restore control of Idlib to the government, and has the strength to do it, but the last time it was poised to advance into it the Turkish military and American threats came in the way.

However, at the moment the Americans are preoccupied with Venezuela.

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  2. Séamus Ó Néill says

    Sooner , rather than later the Americans have to be confronted. They are an illegal mercenary army occupying 1/3 of Syria , including the vital oil fields. As a ground force army they are useless as has been proven many time before. They are excellent at carpet bombing ensuring maximum civilian death….something they are infamous for , but a S-400 properly positioned would negate that advantage. Turkey is a fly in the ointment and I don’t think they should or could be trusted….but I’m sure Putin and his generals and the SAA are well aware of this.

  3. Mikhail Garchenko says

    It´s time to get rid of the f***ing bugs, once and for all..!
    Viva Siria..!!!

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