Sweden Won’t Share Nord Stream Investigation Findings With Germany

Evidence from the seabed won't be shared

We want to but our “security classification is too high”

Source: Spiegel

Machine translated from German.

Unlike planned, Sweden , Denmark and Germany will not form a joint investigation team to investigate the leaks at the Nord Stream pipelines. According to SPIEGEL information, Sweden has rejected the establishment of an international Joint Investigation Team (JIT). According to information from security circles, Sweden is said to have justified the refusal by saying that the security classification of its investigation results was too high to share them with other countries.

Shortly after the sabotage operation at the end of September, the federal government decided that German investigators should take part in the investigation. Federal police and army sent two military boats to one of the damaged areas last week. A »Sea Cat« underwater drone was launched there. Sweden had previously inspected the crime scene south-east of the Baltic Sea island and also secured evidence on the seabed.

  1. Agarwal says

    My money is on NS1/2 being a Ukrainian job. Biden’s MO is respecting important allies like Germany (at least by American standards). This would also explain the silence. If the Americans did this, there would be a ready made story. Instead I think the N Europeans are shocked that the Ukrainians would do this and don’t know which direction to take the excuses. They want to ultimately blame everything on Russia but are generally angry at Ukraine for this. That’s my conspiracy theory anyway.

    I also get the sense that the West has been pulling the leash tighter on Ukraine recently. Elon Musk acting out without any pushback from the American government is a good example. The Ukrainians are letting their successes get to their heads and are becoming increasingly hard to manage.

    1. pepa65 says

      All the recent actions of the US are targetted against Europe, and particularly against German industry. The Ukraine would be keen to do anything bad against Russia, but they don’t really have assets in the Baltic. It’s the US, and that’s why nobody dares say it out loud. Tectonic shifts in allegiance need to happen.

  2. Arraya says

    Nordtream 2 is still operational. Luck would have it that is the one Russia was demanding they approve as he had one shut one off.

    Russia said take 2 or nothing!

    Germany said we’ll never take 2, give us 1!


    2 still works …

    “hiding” evidence of what?

    We know it exploded. Did the CIA leave an ID ?

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