Sweden Is Recording ‘Died of Covid-19’ and ‘Died With Covid-19’ Figures Separately. Why Isn’t Everyone?

Why keep attributing deaths differently than for every other infectious disease out there?

A bit about how Sweden is making sure its citizens have access to correct and meaningful data on covid-19 infections in their country:

Hospital data is published all the time, so Sweden’s “experiment” is being conducted in the open. Every time a patient is admitted, the data is updated on a Covid live website in striking detail. Average age: 60. Those with diabetes: 26 per cent. With cardiovascular or lung disease: 24 per cent. With at least one other underlying health condition: 77 per cent.

Sweden is also updating its statistics to say if someone died from Covid, or of something else – but with Covid. This might reduce the “death” figure by two thirds.

Yay. Not recording Covid-19 deaths in a way that is not true of any other infection out there. How novel!

How novel that you would keep the same method, allowing you to actually compare covid-19 records with those for other infectious diseases and drawing meaningful conclusions from them.

Sweden is recording ‘died of COVID-19’ and ‘died with COVID-19’ figures separately. Why isn’t everyone? Is it because it just makes too much sense?


  1. Vijay Vallamudi says

    I see Marko the Moron is still at it harping only on mortality rates versus not understanding that if an exponential virus – whether it be the common cold or Ebola – that puts up to 20% of those infected in hospitals (including around 50% of those below 60 in NYC and seems like elsewhere), eventually hospitals will run out of capacity so that what’s a treatable disease can become untreatable and mortality will rise.

    For example if you’re under 60, and you’re one of the 8-10% who’s hospitalized, your chance of survival is pretty high…IF you get good hospital care. At the height of the crisis in Wuhan, 6/7 critically ill patients were dying. Now only 1/7 are. Reason. There are 0 new cases coming in, and teams of experienced doctors are able to focus on individual patients vs triaging.

    So for any disease, whether the common cold to the flu to COVID-19 to Ebola, it’s not just “natural” mortality rate – how many would naturally die if hospitals were able to treat the worst affected, which may vary from 0.000001% to 60% – but what the EFFECTIVE mortality rate is if hospital care was swamped.

    I do blame media for not demanding that net hospitalizations – which actually are buried in the statistics – are not given more prominence. An exponential net hospitalization growth will swamp any heathcare system unless stopped. This is precisely the problem faced at the hotspots – and the fear elsewhere.

    Once you understand the danger of overwhelming hospitals, the MEANS of how to stop it differ on whether you can contain it at the individual or cluster level or whether it’s out of control and widely spread. South Korea and Singapore did an excellent job containing at the cluster level and taking basic precautions (including wearing masks) were able to avoid the widespread lockdowns in countries which allowed the virus to spread too far.

    Not that I expect Marko to get any of this. Apparently everyone from the Chinese Govt – which ALREADY has a surveillance system that can track what every citizen is doing and doesn’t need an excuse to create one – to the Iranians to the Russians to the Indians to the West, with varying opposing ideologies and systems of Government ALL followed the same advice and deliberately crashed their economies because they are morons advices by the same Evil doctors.

    1. XRGRSF says

      Your post is an excellent exercise is obfuscation, but entirely too long to be effective. The reality is simple: COVID-19 is a sham panic designed to cover for a financial, and political restructuring of the planet. Either you’re incredibly obtuse or you’re just doing your job.

  2. Joni Niemelä says

    In Latvia still only 1 dead of 542 diagnosed by now. 0,185% Death rate. Horrible!

  3. Saji Hameed says

    Can someone provide a link to Sweden’s COVID data website? I tried, but could not find this data.

  4. ke4ram says

    Good for them,,, at least they can enjoy themselves, go shopping without standing in line for an hour waiting for someone to leave. 5 per 1000 sq foot is the general rule in the Land of the Free!

  5. Undecider says

    Now they can separate out the crimes committed by native Swedes versus non-ethnic invaders.

    1. Joni Niemelä says

      No, it would be too much

  6. stevek9 says

    Sweden is the hope of proving that the ‘lockdown’ was unnecessary and in fact incredibly destructive. Too bad they are a small country. If you want absolute proof:


    And the previous videos by Andrew Mather.

  7. kpevt12 . says

    This entire farce is a “Scamdemic” . Actual World Health Organization numbers as of April 6th, 2020 …
    Active infected cases … 897,000 / 7,700,000,000 world population equals 0.0001 %
    Deaths worldwide … 70,400 / 7,700,000,000 world population equals 0.000009 %

    These numbers indicate … “Scamdemic”

    As the USA Surgeon General said yesterday on FOX NEWS … more people will die from cigarette smoking in 2020 than from Covid-19. His words, not mine.

  8. hvaiallverden says

    Well, its an pitty Sweds are drowing is Battshit and shinnola and been lead astray with an PC-infested Gov and establishment, I like Sweden, and plans to go there this summer, I hope, in this insane times.
    There are regions in the north that is for an outdoor man like me, spectaculare.
    Witch incl wolfs and bears, and an hell of an lot moscitos.

    So, AE. I will give you an Video witch explains everything in laymans terms, witch again to me, is an sign of knowledge, and explaining this so everybody getts it, and I like that, where they show you the differences, between CPR tests and RT-CPR testing, to what Anti-bodys etc, etc are and what this shit is about, and how it works, and to what can induse this problem.
    And I also will give you One line that explains this, but I recomend to watch the entire Video,once you have, everything clicks into place, since this eh… pendemic is indeed an hoax, and why it is so, and why I use the term Hoax.
    I have taken my time to see some videos, but this one, is really good and thats why I link it.

    Qoute: Viruses are solvents created by the body to clean toxicity and venomous ‘agents’ around cell environment.
    Do you get that and I underline, the word Toixic, because that the key word to this eh..epidemic.
    And then the video:
    Take care.


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