Susan Rice Blames Russia for George Floyd Riots: ‘Right out of the Russian Playbook’

So then is CNN Russian-run??

Editor’s note: So is CNN’s Chris Cuomo (of the it’s-illegal-to-read-Wikileaks fame) Russian?

Former Obama adviser Susan Rice has blamed the violent protests that rocked major American cities over the weekend on “foreign actors,” and even suggested that Russia could be involved in stirring them up.

“I’m not reading the intelligence today, or these days — but based on my experience, this is right out of the Russian playbook,” Rice, who served as national-security adviser to president Obama, said in a CNN interview on Sunday.

“But we cannot allow the extremists, the foreign actors, to distract from the real problems we have in this country that are longstanding, centuries old, and need to be addressed responsibly.”

Anchor Wolf Blitzer responded, “you’re absolutely right on the foreign interference.” Blitzer then asked Rice if she thought the Russians were attempting to “embarrass” the U.S. by “promoting the racial divide in our country.”

“Well we see it all the time, we’ve seen it for years, including on social media where they take any divisive, painful issue . . . and they play on both sides,” Rice said. “I would not be surprised to learn that they have fomented some of these extremists on both sides on social media . . . [or] that they’re funding it in some way, shape, or form.”

Meanwhile, current national-security adviser Robert O’Brien on Sunday pointed to a number of countries that were attempting to foment unrest via social media. Chief among those countries is China, however O’Brien also mentioned Iran, Russia, and Zimbabwe as possibly using social media to enflame tensions in the U.S.

The protests were sparked by the death of Minneapolis, Minn., resident George Floyd during his arrest on May 25 by former officer Derek Chauvin. Chauvin, who is white, has since been charged with third-degree murder in the death of Floyd, who is African American.

Source: National Review

  1. Al Carbone says

    susan “wild brown” rice should be chained to a glacier in the north pole

    1. Mychal Arnold says

      Why are you being nice?

      1. Al Carbone says

        because I am a gentleman. cant yo tell

        1. Mychal Arnold says


        2. Mychal Arnold says

          Lol okay

    2. Eileen Kuch says

      Al Carbone, I second the motion;D

  2. Earl Thomas Wadhams says

    Cuomo the homo has brain-farts, yes, he is that stupid. It runs in the family, his brother is equally stupid.

  3. Mike S says

    I got a flat tire, how did that darned Putin give me a flat tire without me noticing???

    1. Mychal Arnold says

      He has his ways! Evil just plain evil knows no bounds with Putin my heart goes out to you. May he rott in hell for his egregious attack upon your innocent tire! Evil I say just evil.

  4. L Garou says

    Susan and Valerie sitting in a tree, S-P-Y-I-N-G
    (and baby Barry makes three)

  5. Natural_Texan says

    Powers and Rice flanking Obama.. the heads of the ugly hydra (or medusa) that was and is the dangerous Russia is coming, Russia did it, Russia gate Hoax’. Missing is Hillary Clinton, likely the heart of the criminal deceptions. She’s off given advice to Biden when she’s not still giving speeches!

    1. Eileen Kuch says


    2. abinico says

      That’s a keeper.

  6. Charles Homer says

    Here is an article that looks at how the misuse of deadly force by American police forces can be solved:

    Unfortunately, decades of police “military-style corporate culture” and the “blue wall of silence” means that meaningful changes to the policies regarding the use of deadly force will continue to be ignored despite the fact that an average of three Americans die at the hands of police officers every day.

  7. Jimbo Mcgee says

    Rice may be right for the wrong reasons. I can’t imagine foreign actors are NOT part of the info war trying to bring down the USA.

  8. Mychal Arnold says

    So, it was the Russians who killed Floyd too, just so they can incite riots in the good ole ussa. She must think we are really stupid.

    1. Mike S says

      That sounds right, these people are so arrogant they think we’ll swallow any garbage they push.

  9. thomas malthaus says

    “Editor’s note: So is CNN’s Chris Cuomo (of the it’s-illegal-to-read-Wikileaks fame) Russian?”

    If anything, perhaps a Chinese operative. I’m told Chinese money in Washington is greeted with wide-open arms.

    The Russians have hypersonic missiles, energy and agricultural self-sufficiency, and in due time a stronger ruble versus dollar ratio.

    They would probably prefer Washington to foster global peace.
    Anyone think Mr. Putin will attend a G-7 meeting?

    In a global existential crisis that conjoins oil, freedom, and the Palestinians’ right to their own state, I don’t think the president will achieve much in that agenda as long as Jared Kushner is running roughshod over Israel-Palestinian-Iran issues.

    Tehran will likely never export oil to America.

  10. commonsenseadvocate says

    Rice and her cronies keep on beating a dead dog.

  11. abinico says

    Wouldn’t it be easier to just list what Russia is NOT responsible for.

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