Study Finds Virus the Direct Cause of Death in Just 15% of Deaths With COVID

And a contributory, but not the main cause, in 70% of deaths

Just how many people have died of Covid-19, as opposed to having died with the virus? It is a poignant question, especially after it was revealed that Public Health England had been counting a Covid death as anyone who died after testing positive for the virus, even if they swiftly recovered and went on to die of some other cause, like under a proverbial bus. A study by the health authorities in the Östergötland region of south-eastern Sweden aims to answer the question.

The study looks at the cases of 122 people who have died in the region outside of a hospital setting – either at home or in accommodation for the elderly – and whose deaths were attributed to Covid-19. Half of this group were aged 88 or over. Of the 122 cases, 111 were judged to have extensive comorbidities (the presence of one or more additional conditions) and 11 had moderate comorbidities. Not one of those who died, in other words, were in good health. In only 15 per cent of cases was Covid-19 judged to be the direct cause of death. Covid-19 was a contributory cause in 70 per cent of cases, and in the remaining 15 per cent death was judged to have been caused by another underlying cause – most often heart disease. The study can be read here, in Swedish.

Debate continues to rage over the rights and wrongs of the Swedish approach to Covid-19 – whether the refusal to lock down helped stave off economic disaster, or whether it led to thousands of needless deaths; whether it helped Swedes gain a degree of herd immunity to Covid-19, or whether the country remains as exposed to a second wave of the disease as any other nation. The analysis in Östergötland covers a small sample of people but provides some enlightenment on the nature of the deaths recorded by Sweden during the epidemic. It confirms what has been evident elsewhere: many of those recorded as dying of the virus already had short life expectancies due to underlying health conditions, and a small percentage of those deaths had nothing to do with Covid at all – the death would have occurred anyway from another illness, whether the deceased had contracted the virus or not.

Source: The Spectator

  1. cechas vodobenikov says


  2. ke4ram says

    The virus has never been purified / isolated. Scientifically then it doesn’t exist.

    The PCR test is notorious for false positives.

    Has anyone spelled out exactly what the test is looking for?

    A person not sick, virus not replicating but is positive? Sure, we breath in viruses and other germs all day long but don’t get sick because our immune system handles it. So just because a virus is found in our airway does NOT mean it’s a case in the “original meaning” To be a case you had to be sick!

    So these people take unproven data and create even more unproven data?

    Scotty beam me up.

    1. Raptar Driver says

      Exactly, what virus? They have no clue, they’re lying to everybody.

  3. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

    There have been no replicated studies that prove that the COVID has caused a single death.
    All of the deaths that have been attributed to COVID have been caused by its exacerbation of existing comorbidities.

  4. Mike says

    The problem with the death rate is that no one can give an exact real number. Many doctors did videos stating how they were asked to label all deaths as Covid. Many of them appeared on YouTube and were deleted within 12 hours.
    The CDC stated that all those who were tested and were positive and dies, Covid will be the reason for his or her death. In other words, you tested positive, get hit by a bus a month later, Covid will be on the death certificate. You died of cancer but since you tested positive weeks before, Covid was the culprit. The old influenza got the best of you, it was Covid. By the way, where are the numbers for people who died from a flu? Good luck with that one. How many people died due to lock downs? How many people died because they refused to go to a hospital for their cancer treatments?

    Here’s something interesting…you will find the exact same rules in most countries. Doctors in the US, England, France, Germany and many others, stated that they were told to label deaths as Covid. Fishy, fishy!

    How is it possible that the vast majority of populations are asymptomatic? Absolutely no symptoms whatsoever but they are a threat to others? You are either sick or not. In fact, WHO declared that asymptomatic spread is very rare and was immediately attacked for it as it went against the narrative of those pushing the lies.

    How is it possible to declare people asymptomatic based on a test that does not work? Why is it that the test itself was never tested? For example, take 1000 people, some sick and others are not and test them once a day for 5 days. They will never do that as the results would be inconclusive. When the NHL decided to re-start the season this past July, some players tested positive but the next day, negative, then positive again followed by negative. CLEARLY, that alone proves that the test is
    completely worthless.

    Better yet, how is it possible that once the WHO declared a pandemic last March, people immediately started to die everywhere? Why is it that hospitals all over the world used intubation to help covid patients? Who recommended such an invasive treatment that actually ended up killing most patients?

    Covid is a huge scam to eventually force vaccines which are not for the virus itself.

    1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

      The exact number is based on Medicare reimbursements of claimed COVID cases.

    2. glimmer says

      a huge scam but it’s about much more than forced vaccines (which is very disturbing) it’s a collection of things. there was an article here the other day about how this has enriched all the super billionaires Walmart, Amazon, Supermarkets etc. they locked down small business’s & are funneling everything including relief money back up to these monsters cause it’s the monsters products people who can’t earn a living are spending their money on.

      1. Steve Struthers says

        I always thought it was odd how the authorities deemed it was safe to shop at a big-box store like Walmart, but not a small business with much less floor space.

        Supposedly, one’s chances of becoming infected with the virus go up considerably in small, enclosed and poorly ventilated spaces, yet I’ve seen only two articles that simply suggest, but do not confirm this.

        In other words, we were never told the exact reason why small businesses had to close, nor shown any proof.

        In the area where I live, the government first shut down any business they deemed to be non-essential, and this included big-box hardware stores and similar retailers. Walmart remained open only because it had a grocery section. For a while, capacity restrictions were imposed on the stores that could remain open, meaning that you had to line up to get into a pharmacy, a grocery store or a big-box store like Walmart.
        The requirement to line up has more or less fallen away since masks were mandated a few weeks ago, and most of the time, the stores aren’t that busy anyway.

        Since then, restrictions have relaxed considerably. You can dine indoors at a small restaurant, but the restaurant has to observe capacity restrictions and tables have to be spaced out to ensure patrons aren’t seated too closely to one another. Movie theatres can open, but they’re limited to just 50 patrons per show, social distancing has to be observed, and everything has to be sanitzed between shows.

        Case rates in my neck of the woods have dropped dramatically, and we’ve seen no new deaths since early June. All this suggests that the pandemic is almost over.
        We’re just waiting now to see if the dreaded second wave hits as the kids go back to school and people go back to work and infections ramp up.

    3. Ron Ronery says

      Better yet, how is it possible that once the WHO declared a pandemic
      last March, people immediately started to die everywhere? Why is it
      that hospitals all over the world used intubation to help covid
      patients? Who recommended such an invasive treatment that actually
      ended up killing most patients?

      In the USA, insurance paid hospitals $13,000 for Covid deaths and $39,000 for Covid deaths with an incubator. Always follow the money…

      1. disqus_3BrONUAJno says

        You should ask the WHO’s new owner, Bill Gates.

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