Study Confirms Plexiglass Barriers Are Worse Than Useless, Good Thing Their Real Function Was to Signal COVID Piety

Newsflash: barriers prevent circulation, make the outdoor indoor


Eateries have adapted to COVID in countless ways. Hostesses take our temperatures upon entry. We scan QR codes instead of reading paper menus. We are served by masked waiters. In some cities, unsightly plexiglass barriers have appeared between tables and bar seats.

Restaurants should be given broad latitude to adapt how they see fit, to best protect their workers and return a degree of confidence to their customers. But some of these adaptations verge on hygiene theater. When those plexiglass barriers are used in classrooms, they “might be making things worse by blocking ventilation,” to quote Zeynep Tufekci, who then points to a new study in Science.

For a virus that spreads via airborne transmission of aerosols—something scientists have known for many months, though it took the World Health Organization until the end of April to update its guidance—these plastic barriers between diners were always a confusing addition. Think of the particles that disperse through the air when someone smokes a cigarette. A plastic barrier wouldn’t prevent you from smelling that cigarette and breathing some of that same air.

It would be one thing if this form of hygiene theater was limited to restaurants.But school districts across the country have forced children to try to learn while encased in plexiglass desk dividers—that is, if they’ve allowed kids to return to full-time in-person schooling at all.

Not only does this make it harder for children to connect with their friends and teachers, but forcing them to learn this way may lead them to speak up louder to be heard—an act that increases aerosol production and is more likely to spread COVID than speaking at a quieter volume. Given the incredibly low risk of death to children posed by COVID, and the mounting evidence that Plexiglass barriers do not make people safer, it’s past time to remove them; a kindergarten classroom shouldn’t be filled with thick, see-through partitions like a convenience store in a bad part of town.

Some might counter that if they make people feel safer, that ought to be reason enough to keep plexiglass barriers in place. But this is misguided. Hygiene theater gives people a false understanding of how this virus actually works and which preventative measures to take. Pervasive COVID anxiety should not be used to justify silly rituals, especially when there’s good evidence a ritual may hurt us in the end.

Source: Reason

  1. Ultrafart the Brave says

    Pervasive COVID anxiety should not be used to justify silly rituals, especially when there’s good evidence a ritual may hurt us in the end.

    This is back to front – it’s the silly mandatory rituals dreamed up and then enforced by our authorities that are being used to generate the anxiety, fear and hysteria which is being used to herd everyone into line for their injections.

    Corona Chan is just the means to an end – they really really REALLY want to inject EVERYONE with the untested experimental Corona Chan “vaccines”.

    Yes, even youngsters including school children, all the way down to toddlers and 6 month old babies.

    That’s what Uncle Klaus, creepy Bill and his Mini-Me Fauci want, and that’s what they’ll get, even if they have to kill everyone on the planet.

    Funny how they can kill anyone they want and laugh about it, yet they can appear on TV and in public without a single care in the world.

  2. ken says

    Human stupidity knows no bounds. They did the same when they had smoking and no smoking sections in restaurants. Anyone remember that working?

    Looking at human history two things stick out. There was always a ‘medicine man’ and a ‘spiritual man’. Sometimes the two were one person. Whenever a problem came up those two were summoned by the Chief. It was either bad medicine or the gods were angry,,, usually both. People were actually killed (sacrificed) to placate the angry gods. Rituals (masks, barriers) were performed,,, potions (medicines, vaccines) handed out. After time the problem(s) would pass. Many times the problems were ‘made up’ especially if the herd was starting to stray.

    This is still the power scheme only better hidden. Those wanting power get together with the spiritual and medical men of the day to create a problem that only the medical and or spiritual folks can handle with the governments watchful eye overseeing it.

    This is as old as Mankind itself and is what is in play today. Just like back in the day it’s a psysop complete with medicine men and spiritual men,,, combined, called witch doctors,,, and power hungry Chiefs.

    One must abide by their dictates and take their medicines by order of Chiefs or face the consequences. They were usually killed by the ‘angry gods’. This no doubt, really got the rest to fall in line.

    Today it is slightly different but essentially the same. The Medicine man is the medical nazis (CDC WHO and big Pharma),,, the spiritual man would be Pope Fauci. The Chiefs would be the WEF, Gates, Soros overseeing it all using governments as their proxy.

    Maybe someone can say it better than I but me thinks its the same today as it was thousands of years ago,,, only a bit more refined.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      ROFLOL.. Kneeling to the Racaille ! Or correctly said, The Scums …

    2. loongtip says

      It appears that you have covered all the salient points in this faked plandemic! Well done.

    3. Ultrafart the Brave says

      “Looking at human history two things stick out. There was always a ‘medicine man’ and a ‘spiritual man’.”

      I’d put my money 100:1 on the medicine man over the clowns we have calling the shots today.

  3. yuri says

    paranoid puritanical amerikans despise freedom—a nation of anti-smoking nazis—in US consuming alcohol in public illegal

  4. xgen says

    All that plexiglass will be in a landfill someday. Lol.

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