Streets of French Rage: Govt Offices Stormed, Weasel Cops Flee as Nationwide Protests Spit on Macron’s Covid Regime

You love to see it

Good luck, Macron

Smarmy GILF-hunter Emmanuel Macron is likely begging Klaus Schwab for a new strain of coronavirus (the “please don’t guillotine me” variant) after cities and towns across France rose up on Saturday against his openly degenerate regime. There was much exciting action reported in all corners of the country.

It appears the Resistance has taken over at least one government office. They reportedly even defaced a portrait of their beloved leader:

There was also singing and merrymaking, very important when dismantling Dictatorship:


In Paris, the police fled for their lives upon realizing they were vastly outnumbered:


The humiliated cops retaliated by carpet bombing the city’s main boulevard with tear gas and trotting out the water cannons:

More videos of the rebellion-in-progress below. We expect much more of this. The French will not quietly submit to Macron’s attempt to turn them into QR-coded chattel:



  1. Mark says

    Surrender Monkeys? How many demonstrations were taking place in the USA?

    1. Jerry Hood says

      Zero! The goyim there are lost for ever! Just fat lardy,obese hamburger chewers with no necks, just arse strait attached to their large pumpkin heads!!!

    2. ken says

      In the US it is likely they will demonstrate for tyranny and universal income checks. It is for sure no longer a nation of freedom lovers which will cause the eventual breakup.

    3. Mr Reynard says

      Did asked that question ?? Where are the American Yellow Vests ??

      1. Juan says

        Freedom loving americans moved to red states like Texas and Florida, where tyranny is (for now) kept in check.

        1. Jerry Hood says

          You fucking liar! The is more accurate than your goy frozen jello= brain!!!

          1. Jerry Hood says

            Juan, you fg goy, I follow, too, and you are just suige canal….

    4. Juan says

      “Surrender monkeys” is just another “black legend” by perfidious brits. The reality is, the english ran away like rats all the way to the channel, using the french as safety buffer… they “fought until the last french soldier”. Hitler should’ve kill them all cowards at Dunkirk. But nooo, he HAD to offer the perfidious brits peace!

      1. Jerry Hood says

        English goyim are heavily judaised scum-bags, I have no respect for!!!

      2. Eddy says

        Hafta agree with you on that one, Juan.

    5. Raptar Driver says

      There is no need to in my state.
      We have no restrictions here.
      Since the start of this I have been traveling at will and going in to establishments without a mask.

      1. Malecon says

        What State?

  2. Jerry Hood says

    The French showing to all of us some bravery!!! My heart and mind is with the Yellow wests and French patriots!!!

  3. Terje M says

    On 12 July 2021 the WHO quietly issued new recommendations on human genome editing “for the advancement of public health”. 

    The recommendations focus on “systems-level improvements needed to build capacity in all countries to ensure that human genome editing is used safely, effectively, and ethically,” while admitting that “some risks exist, for example, with germline and heritable human genome editing, which alter the genome of human embryos and could be passed on to subsequent generations, modifying descendants’ traits”.

    The consultation process, which spanned over two years, involved hundreds of participants representing diverse perspectives from around the world, including scientists and researchers, patient groups, faith leaders and indigenous peoples. 

    No doubt quite a few of those are sock puppets for the Gates Foundation&co…

  4. Jeeky says

    Too many French flags for my liking, we need to tone that down, Nationalism is not LIBERTY.

    1. Jerry Hood says

      USrael’s lardy necks and severe obesity is ” liberty” you f…g goy!!!

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