Stoltenberg: All NATO Allies Have Made Clear They Strongly Condemn “the Lukashenko Regime”

As Tsikhanouskaya urges EU parliament to ramp up sanctions

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and President Andrzej Duda of Poland met at NATO Headquarters on Thursday to address current security challenges.

The Secretary General highlighted Poland’s commitment to the Alliance, with its many contributions to NATO missions and operations. Mr Stoltenberg also underlined NATO’s strong deterrent presence in Poland, including a multinational battlegroup. “Poland stands with NATO, and NATO stands with Poland”, he said.

The two leaders discussed Russia’s continued military build-up near Ukraine and the situation on the border between Belarus and Poland, Latvia and Lithuania. On Belarus, the Secretary General said: “All NATO Allies have made clear that they strongly condemn the Lukashenko regime’s exploitation of vulnerable people to pressure neighbouring countries.  This is inhumane and cynical, and we stand in full solidarity with the Allies affected.”

Mr Stoltenberg said that Russia should use its influence over Belarus to end the situation on the border and that its support for Lukashenko regime is part of a broader pattern of concern.

Source: NATO

In an address to the European Parliament on November 24, Tsikhanouskaya urged the bloc to slap more sanctions on the regime of longtime authoritarian leader Alyaksandr Lukashenka.

Speaking to Current Time after her speech, Tsikhanouskaya praised the bloc for its “very courageous” efforts to punish Lukashenka, but called sanctions so far imposed “leaky.”

She urged the EU to take “more decisive actions” to increase pressure “on the enterprises that have been monopolized by Lukashenka and his family,” and step up assistance to civil society in Belarus.

Tsikhanouskaya said that if the EU chooses to “avoid confrontation with a bully, it will only make the inevitable showdown much more costly and dangerous.”

She cautioned the West about the continued threat that the Lukashenka regime would pose to the rest of Europe even in case the migrant crisis is being somehow resolved.

“But do you really suppose it will stop there? We are already seeing how dangerous a regime like this can be to its neighbors. Lithuania and Poland are facing the biggest test of their border security… Supposing this abuse of migrants is somehow stopped, do you really believe the regime’s threats beyond its borders will end there? Increases in the flow of smuggled drugs and other contraband? A military provocation?…None of this is just my imagination. These are threats that the regime itself has made. Whatever it takes to get what it wants.”

She criticized Western media outlets such as Deutsche Welle and BBC for calling Lukashenka “president.”

Speaking to Current Time, the opposition leader said that her understanding of the fifth round of EU sanctions currently under discussion won’t include measures against “those enterprises that provide real assistance to the regime inside the country,” adding, “It remains to be seen.”

She declined to name individual companies but cited “oil factories, potash-fertilizer factories, nitrogen factories, transport companies, wood-processing.”

Tsikhanouskaya also said she was “extremely surprised” by German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s calls with Lukashenka over the border crisis and at Lukashenka’s claim, unchallenged by Berlin, that Merkel had addressed him as “Mr. President.”

She said she “understood why this had been done from her point of view.”

“But from my point of…this [phone call] was something incomprehensible, because for more than a year now, the European Union has been pursuing the policy of nonrecognition of Lukashenka as legitimate, and they have not stepped back from their strategy.”

“Well, such a phone call was very unexpected and strange,” she said.

Source: Radio Free Europe

  1. Mr Reynard says

    Stolenburger ! All NATO Allies Have Made Clear They Strongly Condemn “the Lukashenko Regime”
    Poor Lukashenko, lost his sleep over this ??

  2. edwardi says

    How do these people even take themselves seriously, they must realize what a horse’s behind they appear to be to the International community. Perhaps they should just admit the migrants/people, issue them all a one way Jet liner ticket to the USA, and let the country that is instigating all the problems all over the world that are largely responsible for such human tragedy, deal with them. Let the US reap what it has sown.

    1. steve kastl says

      I think they are all mentally ill. Most Western leaders are half wits like Johnson, Macron, Biden,…. The billionaires want idiots because it’s easier to tell them what to do. No morals, no conscience, no courage, and no brain = Western leaders. Similar to the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, and Scarecrow all rolled into one.

    2. Eddy says

      Ah, but it wasn’t the U.S. alone that caused this situation. Everyone of these European nations, via NATO stood side by side with the Americans to DESTROY these people’s countries/homes and infrastructure. In fact it’s still ongoing especially in Syria where the U.S. AND other NATO nations are ILLEGALY on Syrian soil busily stealing Syrian resources and attacking their people. Therefore, it’s only JUST, that the Europeans provide these displaced people with what they had before their actions destroyed it.

  3. William White says

    BFD! Luke don’t think much a them either and Big Brother Vlad is watching so Na Na Na Na Na.

  4. Cap960 says

    Tsikhanouskaya wants to be the leader of Belarus. Yet… she is asking EU to impose sanctions on the people she wants to lead. What am I missing here?

    1. Eddy says

      Same as the quasi leader appointed by the U.S. for Venezuela, wants the U.S. to attack and murder his own people. Nothing new here, as for this latest woman, her comments alone, tell us where her interests lie and it’s most certainly NOT with the people of Belarus.

  5. Weniger Gottquatsch says

    Her name is actually Juanita Guaidóskaya

    1. jim says

      She needs to be hunted down and put out of this world. I hope somebody finds her and eliminates her ASAP.

    2. Mr Reynard says

      Ohhh.. One from the Light Upon Nations ??

  6. ken says

    Check out the masks. That alone shows the intelligence level of these so called “leaders”.

    So the chunky wicked witch takes off her mask to speak. Of course the virus knows this is a important speech, much like those BLM and Anitfa protests, and so stands down.

    This isn’t about ‘migrants’,,, it’s about that fake disease and the restrictions Lukashenko refuses to unleash on his people (yet) like those kindly demockracies in the EU.

  7. Helga Weber says

    Here we go again, another patsy for the western oligarchs. Is there something to steal from Belarus what we the West want?

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Yupp their young women for the brothels of the west & Israhell …

    2. Eddy says

      YEP, they want to install their military bases right on Russia’s doorstep.

  8. XSFRGR says

    Why do I envision her in a leather thong, and holding an enema bag ???

  9. Jasonovich says

    Evil always like to masquerade as a caring liberal, hearing and seeing these vile vessels of humanity, I am reminded that not all creatures deserve your empathy and thus I can only suggest for the greater good of this fragile planet, we line them up against the wall and blast them with elephant shit.

  10. Curmudgeon says

    exploitation of vulnerable people to pressure neighbouring countries.

    So, it appears that exploiting vulnerable people for bombing and drone practice is OK, because it’s not pressuring neighbouring countries. Exploiting those now displaced vulnerable people, by using them for mass immigration, that lowers local wages and working conditions while increasing living costs and taxes and opportunity for the wealthy to cash in, is OK because it’s not pressuring neighbouring countries.
    Thank Gawd none of these people have a brain, if they did, we’d be in real trouble.

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