Steve Forbes: End the Lockdowns Right Now

"Were supposed to be a short-term solution to avoid overwhelming our hospitals. Yet here we are"

The sweeping lockdowns imposed a little over a year ago, during the world’s worst pandemic since the Spanish flu of 1918-20, were supposed to be a short-term solution to avoid overwhelming our hospitals. Yet here we are, over a year later, with restrictions of varying degrees still with us. They’re being lifted, but at a pace that’s far too slow, which is doing unnecessary damage to schoolkids in particular and the economy in general.

Soon, almost anyone who wants a vaccine will be able to get one. Moreover, for months we’ve had highly effective therapeutics with which to fight the disease when someone who contracts a severe case of Covid-19 is hospitalized.

This is why the lockdowns should be ended right away. 

It was clear by late spring of last year that the best approach was to focus efforts on the most vulnerable parts of our population—that is, the elderly and those with serious preexisting conditions. However, instead of following the science, too many politicians and health officials imposed—and continue to impose—sweeping restrictions that have been useless, capricious or counterproductive. 

The country has paid and—this is outrageous—continues to pay a fearsome price. Low-income households have been disproportionately harmed, as parents haven’t been able to work because they’ve had to stay home to take care of kids who couldn’t go to school.

The biggest scandal has been the way that teachers’ unions have kept public schools closed or on a hybrid system long past the time when facts showed that kids were the least vulnerable to Covid-19 and the least likely to transmit the disease. Private schools, with proper precautions, have been open for months, with virtually no ill effects.

The numbers for various forms of depression and addiction are way up, as are those for suicides and deaths from overdoses.

Compare the statistics in states that took an enlightened, scientific approach, such as Florida, with those that didn’t, such as New York. Florida, completely open today, has always been less restrictive after the initial lockdowns than New York. The Sunshine State has a lower death rate than the Empire State, even with its larger population of older people. Florida’s economy is booming, while New York’s is still struggling.

This is the blunt truth: The states that are more open are doing better in terms of health and economic performance than those that are more restrictive.

All of which makes perverse President Biden’s comment during his nationwide address in March, when he said that maybe on the Fourth of July—months from now—small family gatherings might be safe. C’mon, Mr. President: They’re safe—today! 

The president should urge state governors to immediately cease these unnecessary restrictions and fully reopen their schools and economies. The general health of the nation would be immensely better off for it.

Source: Forbes

  1. ken says

    Well Stevie,,, you are apparently are missing the whole point of what these lockdowns are for. Hint- Not for anybodies health. You’re a smart rich boy… I’ll bet you could figure it out if you think about it real hard!

    And the schrools being shutdown is the best thing coming out of this deplorable disaster. No more indoctrination for the poor little creatures. They could barely read and sign their names after twelve years of being programmed to hate everything about the nation.

    Anyone sending their offspring to one of these torturous brain washing day care camps should be put in prison for child abuse along with those things that call themselves teachers.

    1. Rick says

      Partly true about the schools but upsetting the overall basic plan of school attendance to learn and upgrade skills is foolish. Rather than shut down schools, why not upgrad the curriculum and expose the errors schools are making? Overall, your comment is wrong. Schools need to be open. Curriculum can change.

  2. Winston says

    Where were you a year ago? Better late than never. You sick rich bastards having second thoughts abt going to hell?

    thank god

    1. Rick says

      I don’t think Steve Forbes is a bastard by definition– and even if he were, it wouldn’t make him a bad person. Your first point about where he was a year ago is a good one however. I had the same though.

  3. Bob says

    Is the U.S.A. the only country that has a living corpse for a president? I realize how tough it is to realize how a corpse could still be alive, but Biden is definitely a corpse, AND, yet, he seems still to be alive. Of course, it could also mean that death is not actually death… Science ought to check into this and make a definitive ruling…

    1. Rick says

      The more interesting aspect to the Biden “thing” is that there is a body double. You can differentiate them by checking for attached vs. free hanging earlobe. This is being widely discussed by people who watch for body doubles.

  4. Marcus says Media is corrupt otherwise they would regularly inform people about the great resistance from scientists to the unpleasant, tyrannical and unwise management of this disease.

    1. Rick says

      Thanks for posting that link. I’d heard of the GBD… but never read it as thoroughly as via your link. This will be posted in my own forum now that I have a handle on it.

    2. Nobody U Know says

      The poor management of the pandemic is deliberate. The lockdowns and other restrictions serve an agenda we’re not supposed to know anything about, not public health and safety.

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