“Stealth Omicron” Invades Russia. Quick, Inject the Children!

Not the stealth-omicron! Anything but stealth-omicron!

Come here, kiddos.

Source: Edward Slavsquat

The virus scam never dies. It just becomes more humiliating:

Children and teenagers are often infected with the stealth-omicron variant of the omicron strain of coronavirus, so it is important for them to get vaccinated against Covid to protect them. This was announced to journalists by the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko on Wednesday.

“Stealth omicron often affects children and adolescents. Already today we have an effective tool for their protection—the safe Sputnik M vaccine,” he said.

Murashko also said that the transferred omicron does not provide reliable protection against the stealth-omicron.

“According to the available scientific and clinical data, people who have been vaccinated and revaccinated against a new coronavirus infection have a significantly lower risk of getting sick and transmitting the stealth omicron. Moreover, even a past illness caused by the omicron does not provide reliable protection against stealth-omicron, as opposed to vaccination and timely revaccination. Moreover, according to a number of studies, there were no cases of stealth-omicron in the observation groups who underwent booster vaccination,” the Minister of Health said.


Sputnik-M, the “kid” version of Russia’s unproven genetic slurry, is a dangerous and unnecessary medical experiment that uses children as lab rats.

Dr. Alexander Redko, who described Sputnik V as a “socioeconomic experiment on the Russian population,” is even less impressed by Sputnik-Kiddo:

Your humble Moscow correspondent has written several articles about this insult to science and basic dignity. It’s worse than you think:

— Russia to start injecting kids with untested drug they don’t need

— The Russian government will soon begin injecting children. Why?

In early February, State Duma Deputy Nina Ostanina said the total lack of accountability and transparency surrounding Sputnik-M meant Russia was gambling its future and could suffer unprecedented “demographic damage.”

What a worrywart! Doesn’t she understand the existential danger posed by “stealth omicron”? Or “nuclear war omicron”?

Of course.

They really care about us. No matter where you live, your government is working around the clock to keep you safe and healthy.

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  2. guest says


    “The Heads of State (Xi & Putin) positively assess the effective interaction between Russia and China in the bilateral and multilateral formats focusing on the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, protection of life and health of the population of the two countries and the peoples of the world. They will further increase cooperation in the development and manufacture of vaccines against the new coronavirus infection, as well as medical drugs for its treatment, and enhance collaboration in public health and modern medicine.”

    “The Russian side confirms its readiness to continue working on the China-proposed Global Development Initiative, including participation in the activities of the Group of Friends of the Global Development Initiative under the UN auspices. In order to accelerate the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the sides call on the international community to take practical steps in key areas of cooperation such as poverty reduction, food security, vaccines and epidemics control, financing for development, climate change, sustainable development, including green development, industrialization, digital economy, and infrastructure connectivity.”

  3. GMC says

    Well Edward – you’re on the money on this one too, and since we all know now, that the WHO would have definitely had to sign off on those BioWeapons in Ukraine, why is Russia letting them or any other big Pharma hang around ? They are Nazis and some of those big Pharma companies and their research can even be traced back to old 3rd Reich. Things aren’t making much sense these days. Spacibo

  4. coronistan.blogspot.com says

    “The virus scam never dies.” The world is too stupid to understand that there no virus at all.

  5. fresnoman4man says

    I wonder why President Putin is backing this potential mass murder of the children of Russia under the pretext of fake vaccines? I thought he was on a crusade to rescue Russians endangered by a NATO and EU conspiracy.

    1. Mr. Evans says

      Precisely . . . What’s His Game Or Long Game ?

  6. anon says

    Yes… well surely this s the acid test for what is really going on..

    Wouldn’t you agree?

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