Staying Cozy Inside the “Russophile Media” Whale

The Kremlin fan fiction factory loves being cozy and hates being bothered by reality

By Riley Waggaman, a Moscow-based American writer & former RT “senior editor”

It’s time to address the elephant in the room: on a scale of 1-10, how handsome and wise is Vladimir Putin?

The liveliest intellects of our time have quarreled for decades over the correct answer to this pressing question, as if the fate of the world depends on how many flattering things you can say about Russia’s president.

As civilization as we know it continues to be fed through the woodchipper, Putin has shown himself to be a man of unequal clarity and common sense: he wants to use central banks to weed out global inequities and completely rebuild the global economy—what some have called “building back better”; he desires more COVID vaccinations and testing for everyone, everywhere; he is excited about adolescents becoming eligible to receive the disastrously unproven and unnecessary kid-version of Sputnik V and is looking forward to injecting toddlers.

But most impressive is Vladimir Putin’s demand for nationwide digital cattle tags, which will vastly improve public health and also severely checkmate NATO.

Globalists flee in terror!

Putin has a blackbelt in parkour so he knows how to jump from one building to another while filming it on YouTube; what we are trying to say is that he is highly intelligent and crafty like a fox.

So when he supports digital cattle tags, you know it’s for a good reason. This is what the Russian people don’t understand as they thoughtlessly spread 2-dimensional hate speech about how QR codes are “unconstitutional” and “extremely retarded.”

For example, here is a poll from an unofficial Vladimir Putin page on that only has 10k followers:

VK users issue appeal to fake Putin account 

360,000 individuals shared their views on nationwide digital cattle tags and only 20,000 voiced support. 91% of respondents oppose the use of QR codes in public places.

There are numerous polls on this issue showing nearly identical results.

1.4 million votes. 92% against QR codes.

Please take a moment and consider what is happening here.

These digital passes—which will be required for all aspects of normal life and will never go away once implemented—will radically change Russian society. We’re standing at a civilization-transforming crossroads. The overwhelming majority of Russians oppose these absurd and anti-human “health” IDs. Putin demands them.

Naturally, 99% of Incredulous Pro-Russia Experts With WordPress Blogs & Patreon Accounts have remained completely silent on this issue. In practical terms it simply does not exist in the English language, or any language really, aside from Russian—but obviously Russian speakers who live in Russia don’t know what they’re talking about and are just over-reacting. The most important thing right now is to show solidarity with Vladimir Putin, who is protecting Russian QR codes from NATO QR codes.

This naturally begs the question: what is the exact purpose of the so-called “Russophile media”? More and more we have no idea why it even exists, aside from giving the Kremlin lavish foot massages.

Please don’t take anything we just typed personally. We are not directing this at anyone in particular. We consider ourselves among the most guilty of mindless Russophile media crimes.

For many years we toiled to defend the honor of the Russian government, which is so often maligned by unbalanced Reuters wires and jerks on Twitter. Unfortunately there is simply no way to defend what the Russian government is currently doing to its own people and it would be wrong and depraved to accept rubles to pretend otherwise.

Things are getting weird

We said earlier that this internet article wasn’t directed at anyone in particular; that was a lie. Unfortunately we are going to need to provide an extreme example of just how bad Russophile Media has become. Show, don’t tell—very important in writing.

Dmitry Orlov is a good candidate because he’s very successful and well-known (so we can’t be accused of punching down), and also he blocks anyone who criticizes him—making him immune to criticism.


In mid-November Orlov penned what we consider to be the crème de la crème of Kremlin Fan Fiction. When you read this article, you realize Klaus Schwab’s impending cyber pandemic will be an act of mercy.

In “The Tripartite World Order and the Hybrid World War,” Orlov argues Russia and China are running circles around the West—which tried (but failed) to murder Russians with Big Pharma shots.

Before Orlov dives into COVID and the vaccines, he praises Russia’s alleged hybrid war strategy, the “Gerasimov Doctrine”—which doesn’t exist.

There is no Gerasimov Doctrine. The guy who coined the term even admitted that it doesn’t exist. It’s a 100% fake NATO meme. Tellingly, the Saker (via SouthFront)—where Orlov’s masterpiece was republished—reported in April 2019 that the Gerasimov Doctrine was “wholly made up” and used by Western media to “obscure” the “real work” being done to ensure Russia’s national security.

Saker 2019: “The Gerasimov Doctrine isn’t real”; Saker 2021: “CHECKMATE”

Maybe Orlov knows something we don’t. Maybe he has the inside scoop on Gerasimov and his doctrines. But as far as we can tell, he’s just regurgitating a fake NATO meme to make Russia sound cool and hybrid. Which is an odd thing to do.

On the vax issue, Orlov claims Russia protected itself from western clot-shots by developing Sputnik V, which has been “proven safe and effective and has been turned into a major profit center by being exported to 71 countries and earning Russia more export revenue than arms exports.”

Where to begin?

The talking points used to sell Sputnik V as a “time-tested” and “proven” drug are blatant fabrications.

Data suggests Sputnik V has no noticeable epidemiological benefit. In fact, there appears to be a close correlation between the increase in vaccination and the increase in morbidity and mortality from COVID in Russia.

There’s no VAERS in Russia and the government continues to withhold statistics on post-vaccination complications. So how can Orlov say with certainty that Sputnik V is safe? Especially when there is mounting evidence that the exact opposite is true.

Meanwhile, doctors and activists calling for greater transparency have been labeled “enemies of the people” by state media.

As for Sputnik V allegedly raking in more rubles than Russian arms exports: no, not quite.

Russian Arms Sales and Defense Industry

It’s not even close.

Orlov is recycling Kremlin press releases boasting about all the countries that approved the Russian shot. What he doesn’t mention is that only a handful of these nations actually ended up using Sputnik V.

Then Orlov goes on to mock the Big Pharma clot-shots, noting how Pfizer and Moderna are far less effective than originally marketed. Western authorities are now “requiring everyone to get vaccinated again and again” he gleefully notes.

Yeah but… Russia is also making people get vaccinated again and again?

After promising lifelong immunity, Sputnik V’s head developer recently announced people should get a new booster shot every six months for the rest of their lives.

It’s the same scam, Orlov. It’s fairly obvious. And we didn’t even touch on the insane Sputnik-Pfizer links.

We’re talking about mind-blowing disregard for basic reality at a time when people really need to be discussing—openly and without non-stop lying—what is going on in Russia.

Inside the whale

We were recently thinking about what the heck is going on here—why so many otherwise intelligent people are shilling Russia’s totally unproven, useless and probably dangerous vaccine, and why so many have remained completely silent as the Russian government marches to the same Great Reset tune as the West. This deafening silence and denial—it’s genuinely weird.

Then we remembered an essay by George Orwell. It’s called Inside the Whale.

The essay has nothing to do with Russia and only mentions whales a few times. But he makes a very interesting observation about human nature. Namely, people love being cozy and hate being bothered by reality:

The creature that swallowed Jonah was a fish, and was so described in the Bible (Jonah i. 17), but children naturally confuse it with a whale, and this fragment of baby-talk is habitually carried into later life—a sign, perhaps, of the hold that the Jonah myth has upon our imaginations.

The fact is that being inside a whale is a very comfortable, cozy, homelike thought. The historical Jonah, if he can be so called, was glad enough to escape, but in imagination, in day-dream, countless people have envied him.

It is, of course, quite obvious why. The whale’s belly is simply a womb big enough for an adult. There you are, in the dark, cushioned spaced that exactly fits you, with yards of blubber between yourself and reality, able to keep up an attitude of the completest indifference, no matter what happens.

A storm that would sink all the battleships in the world would hardly reach you as an echo. Even the whale’s own movements would probably be imperceptible to you… Short of being dead, it is the final, unsurpassable stage of irresponsibility.

We really like this metaphor. We think it perfectly describes Russophile Media, which provides a cozy adult-sized womb for people to cheer the downfall of the West (which deserves to collapse, frankly) without having to think seriously about what is actually happening. What is actually happening is that everyone is totally fucked. Sorry for the curse word but seriously, people.

There they lie, comfy in their blubber blanket, totally oblivious to the fact that everything they purportedly stand against is happening in Russia. Or, if they are aware of this troubling reality, they simply choose to pretend it’s not so—or it’s even good. Who’s going to stop them? They’re cradled in yards and yards of the finest whale blubber.

Again, we are as guilty as the most guilty. But isn’t it time to leave the blubber-womb?

Orlov, Birdman (sorry, “The Saker”)—these guys are True Believers and we don’t expect anything from them. They’ve spent their whole lives insisting the Russian government is playing 50D chess against the Anglo-Zionists. They will go down with the ship. You don’t want to go down with that ship. It’s a very sad ship.

That’s all we wanted to say.

Source: Edward Slavsquat

  1. Maiasta says

    And…this is why we love Anti Empire.

  2. Jean-Francois says

    Xavier Moreau (based in Moscow) seems to be a semi-exception to this. Normally a staunch supporter of Putin, he has lashed out at Putin and especially the people around him regarding this issue. However, his reasoning (that Russia wouldn’t want to harm its population because of the money given to boost birth rates) has a flaw; he only denounce the corruption of Big Pharma without seeing who is behind sputnik V and their connexions with the West

  3. ken says

    The fake virus is a worldwide thing. Everybody with any reach has been paid off. When one can print trillions of dollars,,, rubles, (where do you think the inflation is coming from in even in Russia?), it is no problem paying off everyone. It’s a huge conspiracy,,, I’ll bet over half the planet is involved. Seriously! All these war articles? Possibly a diversion from their beloved QR vaxxpass like they did back in WWI with the passport although they could happen to instill even more fear.

    In the early 1900s they created the passports we use today using the wars they started as a excuse. Same thing today except they’re using the fictional virus. You can bet if they are successful with this vaxxpass it will become a digital passport used to move anywhere,,, even to the next town. Remember,,, in a global society there are no nations.

    The only way to stop them is by force. They don’t care about your peaceful protests… notice this is having no effect what so ever on their plans. In the US they are trudging along a little slower due to people being armed. They are sort of tippy toeing,,, one state at a time. If they ever get the notion these armed people are wusses it’ll be Katie Bar The Door. California, Washington, Oregon and New York are creating some sort of vaxxpass as we speak because those people are cowards and many are actually for this tyranny as they think they’ll get something from it.

    Read Solzenitsyn to see how he thought tyranny in Russia could have been handled. Instead they acted like cattle… and were treated like cattle, just like today.

  4. EstibenDelMar says

    why use nukes and destroy vital infraestructure and natural resources when you can kill them with “vaccines”??? so this article closes the long lasting discussion about putin being an employee of the same employers of the zio-atlanticists. Now that we know this, we should start prepping ourselves, getting together to start mass resisting. With some luck, big numbers of the vaxxed ppl will fall soon, police and armed forces among them. We’ll probably have the numbers advantage but they will have the hypersonic guns…

  5. GMC says

    Each Russian citizen and resident needs to look at this Q R – BS on their own . Just like the Americans need to. When the people tell those trying to enforce this code to screw off , then we will see. The Russians are much more hard headed than the Americans are. Russia/ US already know everything about me, so there are no surprises in my Q R code – I’m old, sanctioned and never wanted to live in another Super Power country, but shit { Kiev } happens.

    The Russian Government is part of the Globalist World. they have to be in order to sell their natural resources, agri products, weapons, Sputnik,and such. So, in turn they have to use the Central Banking System . Putin has to juggle everyone in order to make it work, and since the West just won’t back off, his top priorities aren’t the Code, at this stage. Maybe the reason is that he allocated the domestic part of the Russian affairs to – too many pro western unelected agency heads and he is letting them run with the ball – untill they run into the 91 %. I try not to look at bad things Putin does lately, because he pulled Russia up from the western wolves , so I look at things I disagree with. It’s up to the Russian people to fight for what they want but They do need a media with some balls – RT and Sputnik aren’t those types, if we are talking mostly english known media outlets. Even the TV talk shows don’t get into much else, other than Nato/US and Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine – lol Spacibo Ed.

  6. Zhanna says

    A loser on parcels, who was pushed out of the editorial office for squabbles and intrigues, pretends to be a senior editor… he takes revenge for the offense, collecting all the dirt and turns events around. Is this pathological hatred of Russia for the fact that the Russians did not kneel before the Anglo-Saxons?

    1. EstibenDelMar says

      your statement falls under the classification of phallacy “ad hominem”. So it’s not worth wasting attention on it. Putin is not the russian Federation and RF is bigger than Putin. Although limited, i have been able to confirm some info. just hope putin changes his mind.

      1. Zhanna says

        Oh, you’re a fan of tagging! Your limitations, which will not help you to confirm something, are sad! a half-truth cannot be called the truth.

    2. Edward Slavsquat says

      I wasn’t pushed out of RT. I quit because they are cowards and wouldn’t let me apply the same standards to Russia that they used for the rest of the world when reporting on COVID restrictions.

      1. Zhanna says

        you only had one brilliant article, and you probably wrote the rest without leaving your chair. did the easy victory turn your head?

        1. Edward Slavsquat says

          how would you know? RT doesn’t give bylines in the newsroom. maybe all my articles were crap!
          or maybe you have some inside scoops? please share.

          1. Zhanna says

            No, it was a great article. you probably hoped that your “exploits” would remain under the cloth and that we live in a dead information field? and by the way, why don’t you write about the mobilization of women under 60 in Ukraine and fines for refusal?

            1. Edward Slavsquat says

              what are you even talking about? lol. I worked for almost 4 years in the newsroom as a “senior editor” (that was my actual job title). if you are referring to op-eds I wrote for RT, yes there was only 1 — because i was not an op-ed writer. sorry?

  7. Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist says

    You know what, Putin should have retired in, oh, 2008. He should have given the presidency to Medvedev and just quit. Russia was already well on the way to recovery by then and if Medvedev wasn’t up to the job then Zyuganov or Zhirinovskii would’ve taken over in 2012 and either would have been, I daresay, competent if not exceptional. I am less than impressed with Putin’s performance 2014-date, starting with his amazing failure to scotch the Ukranazi coup in Kiev in 2014 and his stopping the Donbass armies from liberating Mariupol in 2015 despite being at the gates of the vitally important port city with the nazis on the run. His wooing of Erdoğan in Syria isn’t exactly winning Russia any fans either. Ship up, Vasya, or ship out. Big talk has limits.

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